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The stinging nettles fun begins

So last weekend, after all bitch-boy’s chores were done, his reward was a delightful session on the  BDSM bed. (Delightful for me – not sure for him!) Blindfold and funnel gag, four inch rigid posture collar, head harness secured to the chain that runs tightly across the bed, hands in leather mittens secured at tip and wrist to the tight belt around his waist, thighs and ankles secured into the gynaecological stirrups so his legs were up and wide apart.  So vulnerable. 14 days since he had last cum.

He knew I was going to use stinging nettles, (he had pointlessly begged a lot earlier in the day), but he became rock hard as soon as my long cool fingers began gently working on his sensitive shaved genitals. I had already put three stems of bushy leaves into the sunglasses pouch (see post below). Once he was rock hard, I carefully brought the open end of the pouch to the target – that pointless tube of very sensitive flesh. He began to make frantic panicky begging noises when he sensed what was happening – very funny! I pulled the pouch over the full length of his clitty and tightly pulled the drawstring tight while he was sobbing and making generally very unhappy noises. So neat and tidy. What a fuss he was making. I had to sit in the bedroom chair and satisfy the arousal that had quickly risen up within me.

Once recovered, he was still making silly noises but a little more subdued than before. I squeezed the pouch a couple of times and the panicky begging noises resumed to full emotional volume. So funny! The video baby monitor was already set up. I walked from the room.

In the mid evening when I finally released him after quite a bit of more fun, I promised him that this weekend coming I would be replicating the experimental approach my sister Sarah had invented – which I detailed fully in my Journal No. 1 –  31 March 2007 entry. I am so looking forward to that – probably nearly as much as bitch-boy is dreading it.