Oh Yes!

Wonderful. The stinging nettles have shown themselves. Lovely stems already nine inches high and ready to use. And my research says that from this time, right up until the flowers are pollinated, the stings are their stingiest! (Which makes sense – protecting the plant until procreation has been concluded.)

My spare sunglasses pouch will be in use this weekend.

zzz 0000000000000 sorazora_nettle  0481 copy


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17 Responses to Oh Yes!

  1. housework boy says:

    Ms Scarlet Wow that will be painful bitch boy. Remember to wear your leather gloves, you wouldn’t want those nettles stinging your perfectly manicured hands.

    • So true. I actually have a large collection of leather gloves. My favourites for nettle fun are my scarlet gauntlets pictured on the cover of my short stores volume.

  2. Fluffy says:

    Woohoo for you (mostly) and Bitch Boy!
    How lovely you can share such intimate moments together again 🙂
    Please, please could we possibly see a picture of the results Ms Scarlet?
    Respect from

  3. Fluffy says:

    Does BB know what’s in store for the w/e or is it a surprise?
    Respect from

    • Yes he knows. I always give him advance notice of what is in store for him so he has maximum time for fretting. No surprises for bitch-boy!

      • Fluffy says:

        How considerate you are Ms Scarlet, after a seasonal break, I cam imagine BB frets a lot about each years 1st intimate encounter with stinging nettles.
        Respect from

  4. slave peter says:

    Ms Scarlet what a wonderful time for you and bitchboy it is perfectly correct that he suffers this way as any male should around it,s useless genitals.

  5. fluffy says:

    wonders what extended fun BB and his nettle patch have been having over the 4 day weekend.
    this slave is pretty sure you have put the days to good use Ms Scarlet?

    respect from

  6. wonderfull way of torture – natural and even good for health 🙂

  7. tiffany says:

    2015……nettles emerge.

    MsScarlet…. i am sure it hasnt missed Your attention, but the Stinging Nettles have in the past fortnight put on significant growth. Mistress Serena has already planned an evening of TSD Bondage & punishment with nettles & pouch taking due prominance.
    This will be my first spring experience of the nettles, and whilst i adore my submissive role to my Mistress, i shudder at the prospect of forthcoming session.
    Yours respectfully, tiffanymaid

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  9. gimpboy-pink says:

    Some good pouches on eBay search sissy satin pouches, can be made to order with different colours, these pouches are a good fit and properly ideal for nettles

  10. sissy jamieanne says:

    A very lovely harvest, Mistress Scarlet! And may i humbly say…Your research into the most effective use of nettles once again impresses this sissy as to Your amazingness! You obviously want bitchboy’s pain and suffering to be to the highest level…no mediocrity for You!!!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

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