Monthly Archives: May 2014

Partially Ignoring

I have realised that I have a particular predilection for ‘partially ignoring’ which I do not see written about much, but is often the subject of femdom photos. What I mean is having the soles of my footwear licked clean while I read a newspaper or book, or having a deaf, mute, blind, bound, human statue in my peripheral vision while I watch TV. Or a shame faced sissy, facing the wall and forced to play with his dolly while I watch a subtitled DVD. There are many scenarios. Perhaps every 10 minutes or so, bitch-boy will receive a very mocking glance from me or a derisive single word aimed at him, ‘pathetic!‘ and I return to my primary amusement.  I get a huge power rush in these scenarios and paradoxically a calm sense of total, (albeit wicked and perverted), contentment. Given ‘partially ignoring’ is so rarely written about, I wonder if I am alone or if other Dommes take such pleasure from the phenomenon.

The bells, the bells

I like to add to bitch-boys humiliations with the use of small bells. He has a pink leather collar with bells at two inch intervals, he has pink and white lace and satin, elasticated wrist adornments  and each has 3 bells sewn on and I had him sew bells to the hem of his Summer little girl’s dress. Lately he has to wear a pair of bells hanging on very thin pink ribbon from the frenum piercing in his clitty. They hang from 3 inch long (7.5cm) ribbons. Here’s the thing – I have learned/realised that hanging them on a length of very thin ribbon means they swing and they make far more tinkling noise than those on collar or hem or wrist adornments. Much more! Which bitch-boy hates. I am thinking I will have him remove the bells currently sewn to the hem of his Summer little girls dress and sew them back on, but this time, hanging on three inch lengths of very thin pink ribbon. So if you are a Mistress thinking of adding bells to a sissy’s dress, my suggestion is have them hanging on little lengths of ribbon.

Evolving creeps up on you

During the weekend just gone, I realised I had evolved in one specific way in my mean treatment of bitch-boy without even noticing. In what way? Well, in the early days and perhaps right into early 2013, (I can’t really remember when the change happened), I used to edge his little cock throughout a full day or long evening of my domination of him. He would not get to cum, but perhaps once each hour or two, I would bring him to erection, bring him close to cumming two or three times, and then return him to his chores or humiliations. I realised this weekend just gone, that I do not do that anymore. Now, he is put into a sissy maids outfit, or schoolgirl outfit or little girl outfit and either his restraint tube is already on or I padlock his pin-lined leather strap around his little clitty and then he gets on with his chores or undergoes his humiliating rituals, or both! No contact with his little clitty and no sexual arousal. I of course, have lots of orgasms, at my whim as I always have done.

I realised that now, the only time he gets touched and brought to erection, ever, is if I am indulging in one of the many forms of dickie-discipline I employ. Or I have decided to allow a rare sexual relief, (which is always preceded by dickie-discipline anyway.)

I think, (perhaps even if it was only subconscious), in the early days I thought he needed some recurring moments of sexual stimulation to help him cope with and balance out his chores and suffering. Now however, he must be clear in his own mind that his genitalia  are always locked away because it amuses me and only released for dickie-discipline – and he must be equally clear in his mind that I am comfortable to put him through hours and hours of chores and or pain and or humiliation without any sexual stimulation for him at all.

I am sure many people will consider I am simply too cruel and unfair on this issue.  However, bitch-boy has a deeply submissive soul and I can imagine the current regime really cements to him, (even if only subconsciously), how profoundly real his helplessness to my tyranny is, and how cruel and heartless I am.  This equation feeds and satisfies his submissive soul.

Not that I need to justify how I behave. I am comfortable with that regardless!


From ice cubes to ice chunks

A number of blog readers thought my use of special ice cubes in bitch-boy’s funnel gag was a nifty idea. Special because they are made either of my urine, or bitch-boy’s semen mixed with water. So he gets the drip-drip taste when in total sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or three with no further effort or visits on my part. Well I have evolved the principle and I don’t think I have mentioned this evolution.

The cubes seemed to last about twenty minutes. Not long enough. The solution was simple. I have a range of plastic food containers. Some are the size of a pack of playing cards. I now use these to form a special ice chunk. These large slabs of special ice fit snuggly into the funnel gag but do not block it and they last over an hour. Delightful!

While I sit downstairs relaxing and sipping a very pleasant glass of wine, I think of poor, poor bitch-boy upstairs, blindfolded, ear-plugged, funnel gagged, completely immobile head, neck, arms and legs and the constant drips of a special flavour.