From ice cubes to ice chunks

A number of blog readers thought my use of special ice cubes in bitch-boy’s funnel gag was a nifty idea. Special because they are made either of my urine, or bitch-boy’s semen mixed with water. So he gets the drip-drip taste when in total sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or three with no further effort or visits on my part. Well I have evolved the principle and I don’t think I have mentioned this evolution.

The cubes seemed to last about twenty minutes. Not long enough. The solution was simple. I have a range of plastic food containers. Some are the size of a pack of playing cards. I now use these to form a special ice chunk. These large slabs of special ice fit snuggly into the funnel gag but do not block it and they last over an hour. Delightful!

While I sit downstairs relaxing and sipping a very pleasant glass of wine, I think of poor, poor bitch-boy upstairs, blindfolded, ear-plugged, funnel gagged, completely immobile head, neck, arms and legs and the constant drips of a special flavour.

32 thoughts on “From ice cubes to ice chunks

  1. Forgive me, but doesn’t this mean that he gets to cum more often now, in order to produce the larger “cubes?”

  2. Curious if you have taken to catching all of the semen you allow BB to expel for either immediate consumption or for use at a later date? It would be fun to capture a larger quantity for him to consume from a glass, but you allow him to expel so little, that might take a while.

  3. why not, after collecting a few ”doses” in some condoms from a few of your ‘stud’ lovers’ spunk, use that as a mix BB doesn’t Ever cum

  4. Apologies Scarlet, my ‘hubby’ jumped the gun. He replied without knowing your lesbian leanings

    Always so so predictable Still ,I can’t help laughing; as I’m writing this HE is in total and absolute bondage as you describe.

    And ME?
    I am relishing it , he’s mine All mine my plaything LOL. he is in the depths of yearning and HE brought it All on himself LOL

    But YES I DO have a ‘Stable’ of regular lovers male And Female

    1. I’m glad to see that you have corrected him. I find it distasteful when people comment without fully reading or understanding the subject matter. He put ‘stud lovers’ in quotes! As though that were a phrase she uses on this blog.

      This is one of the best sites on the internet dealing with true female domination. I hate to see incongruous comments.

  5. If I may, Mistress, have you ever considered taking a non-flavored gelatin pack, then using fresh urine in place of the hot water?

  6. Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*
    Well, after many, many years of being a sissy maid to my MistressWife, Serena, tomorrow will see a fresh renewal and approach thanks to Your influence.
    tiffany will become more a sissy boi, similiar in role to bitch boy. Mistress Serena has acquired all the items neccessary for TSD bondage ( with one differential….a spreader bar will have to suffice instead of stirrups). W/we had a trial run today and all fell into place so tomorrow my renewed training will commence.
    She intends applying a real “introduction” punishment (as suggested in Advice to a Domme. Nov2013), followed by a 3 hour TSD bondage session. i have seen the Deep Heat Max Strength on Her dresser, and have noted the suitably filled ice cube tray in freezer. i look forward to morning with a mix of excitement and fear.
    Among the many ideas You have given Her, is the idea of short skirts and dresses with nothing beneath ( i have almost always worn panties and knickers ), She has informed me that this will become commonplace in future.
    As commented elsewhere, i have been chaste for well over ten years and have not been allowed penetrative sex in that time. She has a lover for that purpose.
    She intends to continue using me as Her maid, in addition to sissy girl & baby as the mood takes Her.
    Your blog has been a great boost to O/our ongoing relationship and W/we are both most grateful

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Mistress Serena sounds like someone I would love to be in the company of. I would love to hear more about your forthcoming experiences of the fresh approach. lease leave further comments.

  7. Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*
    Thank You for showing interest in O/our fresh approach, i hope my reports do suitable justice.
    Sunday arrived, and i awoke early, spent some time pottering in the garden to work off nervous energy. After a regular start i was then set to task, preparing for the day ahead.
    i prepared the relevant items and dressed as Serena had commanded, in panties, corset and stockings. I then spent an hour in the corner while Mistress Serena prepared Herself.
    At 10am She entered the room in confident attire and a mood to match. Ordered to crawl before Her , She addressed me on the matter of O/our new regime based on “Mistress Scarlets Blog”.
    Inspired, She informed me that it would be a much more demanding and painful scenario than anything W/we had previously ventured upon. i was given the opportunity to choose whether to continue or decline. Of course i selected to continue.
    She then presented me with a new pink Italian Leather collar, which now represents Her ownership of Her sissy boi.
    Freshly shaven, She removed my panties and CB6000s and had me clean myself. Following further instruction i was soon placed in semi bondage, ass raised and gagged awaiting my “real” punishment. Well, Mistress Scarlet, She has indeed taken note of Your blog and advice. The 25 strokes i was expecting turned out to be 25 strokes of Her paddle, followed by 40 strict strokes of Her crop.
    So to the TSD bondage. Mistress Serena had no problem whatsoever replicating the same setting as You do Mistress, with the exception of stirrups, a firmly fixed spreader bar was used instead. I was soon flat on bed, dressed in stockings and corset. my head held in a head harness (ball gag harness minus the gag) a funnel connected to the harness. Blindfolded with both a rubber and leather blindfold, hands firmly cuffed inside leather mittens and attached to a belt around my waist, ankles cuffed to the spreader bar. Ear plugs and ear protectors all but deafened the sound. She replaced my collar for a Posture Collar. (It is an excellent form of bondage for many occaision and uses)
    Mistress Serena then amazed me, taking the funnel from harness, She immediately took Her pleasure, which caused me to arouse, though it wasn’t long before my tongue ached and i was struggling. To no avail She continued until satisfied, She then teased my sissy clit, and moments later the Heat Rub Max Strength was applied ! Whilst i tried to struggle with the burning She left the room and returned with Her “special” ice cubes. Funnel replaced, two or three cubes were placed within.
    For three hours i suffered as Your bitch boy does. Occaisionally She slapped my clitty and balls with a wooden spatchelor. The Heat Rub and the ice cubes were constantly renewed throughout. The only minor adjustment throughout was Mistress was forced to tighten my belt as it slid lower and i all but managed to touch my clitty, but this was soon halted and a slapping persued.
    After three hours, Serena released my aching body, and immediately replaced my chastity cage, and gave me a further 12 strokes of Her crop…”to keep me keen”.
    From 2pm until 10pm i attended house chores throughout, in a pink noisy rustly nylon house coat , collar and pink mop cap (no panties). Punishments came frequently for minor infringements, and i was very sore, and very tired by bedtime.
    i was put in Punishment panties (hessian) and bra overnight.
    Mistress Serena has certainly take heed of Your advice Mistress Scarlet, and W/we have yet to fully peruse the blog, or purchase Your journals.
    It may be of interest (and amusement) to know Mistress Serena has today set off for a short break with Her lover. I was set the task of transplanting several stinging nettle plants from a friends garden into pots and inevitably managed to get stung several times, some of which still linger as i write this 4 hours later. Oh how i dread their forthcoming growth, and how on earth will i cope with them in a clitty pouch !
    i have lots more to report, but suspect this is already way too long. Suffice to say Mistress Scarlet Your suggestions and advice are not being ignored!

    1. I cannot pretend that I do not love that another Mistress is following some of my favourite past times. Mistress Serena appears more cruel than me – you should be very grateful! As I commented before, I think she and I would greatly enjoy time together. I very much enjoyed hearing of your session/day. Please let me know of further developments.

  8. As the saying goes, birds of a feather … this case two lovely Mistresses who know what is best for both them and their slaves:)

    1. Thank you westfalen. I shall ensure my sissy bitch maintains her posts, as long as Scarlet approves.

  9. A Week On…… and all is progressing well. Mistress Serena has been away with Her lover for part of that period. However, She has most definitely engaged in Her renewed approach. She is more strict, more demanding and more actively involved. In turn, i am doing more housework, chores and work, i am attending Mistress as She demands and doing my utmost to make Her life more enjoyable.
    She has welded Her cane, paddle and crop frequently, but i am responding positively and She is, dare i say, very pleased with O/our progress.
    She has planned my second TSD bondage session for later today, after i spend the bulk of Sunday (today) doing further chores.
    ( Mistress Scarlet…i wish to send You a personal message and possibly photos as evidence of O/our progress, but am unsure how to connect with You )

  10. The penny drops…. Sunday progressed very much as planned, with a welcome afternoon break when Mistress suggested a couple of hours walking and enjoying the sunshine. All too soon i was back at my chores prior to a three hour TSD Bondage. This was followed by a caning and paddling.
    During my time in bondage Mistress applied frequent doses of Max strength Heat Rub and constant supply of golden nectar ice cubes. It was during my time suffering, yes…suffering this treatment, that the “penny dropped”. Being made to suffer and experience such control makes me feel so much more submissive and adoring of my Mistress. i cannot quite understand why, but it has had a massive effect on my respect and obedience, and whilst i do find the experience painful and uncomfortable, i appreciate it immensely.
    In turn, Mistress Serena has found that being more cruel and firm has had extreemly pleasing and positive results .
    W/we are building up rules, rituals and observations as W/we progress, and shall keep posting.
    PS. the transplanted nettles are slowly settling in and showing signs of growth.

  11. MsScarlet, or, if I may, Scarlet. My (and tiffany’s ) new regime is progressing well, and I continue to use your blog and Journals for inspiration.
    The nettles tiffany transplanted are now looking mature and healthy, so I think this weekend will see them put to use for the first time. I have all relevent items and a pair of pink sunglass pouches in reddiness, and here I need a little advice. Are fresh nettles essential? Do I apply stems with leaves attached, or just leaves? How many stems/leaves in pouch, and for how long on average should I leave tiffany to endure? Shall I refresh the leaves?
    The poor sissy bitch knows what I have planned, and he/she is most subdued as she continues to attend to her chores, almost to perfection, hoping I may change my mind !
    Please excuse my ignorance but I dont want tiffany to feel she is missing out on the experience !
    Thank you.

    1. It is a pleasure to offer my experience for what it is worth. It sounds like you are a perfect strict and cruel Mistress.
      You can keep stems of nettle leaves in a vase of water for about four days. If they dry out however, they are no good.
      As it is the delicate hairs on the leaves and stems that deliver the sting, they have to be handled very carefully whenever possible.
      The good thing about the pouch treatment is that it offers so much opportunity for future escalation. If tiffany is like bb, he will be petrified of the first time, (and quite rightly) so I suggest just putting three stems in, cut to two thirds the length of the pouch with one or more leaves attached to each stem. If possible when handling them do not hold the portions that will be going into the pouch in order to protect the lovely hairs. Make tiffiny’s little cock nice and hard before slipping it into the pouch.

      If you put too many leaves into the pouch, then they form into a ball and the little cock just pushes them all to the end of the pouch.

      I suggest leaving the pouch in place for about a minute to start with. But obviously you can experiment. Not just with duration, but also with squeezing the pouch, using rubber bands, etc. Given the stings can last for four hours after the pouch is removed, you have plenty of flexibility. It can be left on during extended periods of sensory deprivation bondage, of course.

      There is one issue around how much sting a nettle has depending on its maturity. Nettles which have not yet flowered or are in flower, appear to sting much more strongly than those that have finished flowering and turned to seed.

      Have fun and please let me know about the results.

  12. Third time lucky (or unlucky for some ! )…. Scarlet, once again thank you for your advice, much appreciated. At the end of a busy week for us both, I put tiffany through a thorough TSD bondage session, and my, how she (he) whimpered and cried !
    The most surprising aspect was her reaction to the Muscle Rescue cream….. judging by her cries it is much, much more potent to the Extra Stength Muscle Rub. I prepared her clitty with a good cleaning and brushing prior to application, I am sure that helped. After three hours of varied attentions, including my golden nectar ice cubes and nipple pegs, etc, I gave her clitty a good hot wash prior to the nettles. Her reaction to the nettles was intriguing, whilst it obvious scared her to death, her reaction was less intense than to that of the cream. I applied the pouch as directed, and left in place for about three minutes. She did squeal and gasp somewhat, but not as much as earlier. Still, this all helps and next time I shall leave the pouch in place much longer…. 15, 30 minutes, or more ?
    Post session, she was most obedient, attentative and subdued. Wonderful.
    PS. I do extend the cream to tiffanys sissy balls (sissy peas) and feel this is of equal importance to tormenting her clitty

    1. Thank you so much for the interesting update. I do believe you are far crueller than me – respect for that. As a general rule, I only use enough of the Muscle Rescue cream to ensure some sobbing. I only apply it liberally on special occasions. Also, I only use it on the penis and not on the balls. (This just happens to relate to a thing in my head that I want bitch-boy to feel its his little cock and nothing else that is the target of punishment – perhaps to make him feel it is the root of all his woes and problems. I know that’s weird – its just me.)

      It may be that the nettles had already flowered and turned to seed as these do not sting as much as pre-flowering nettles.

      I do love hearing of your current regime and exploits – please keep updating me.

  13. Yet another lovely example of the obvious difference in Your position and status vs bitchboys! You relax downstairs with a delightful glass of wine whilst he suffers upstairs enjoying his own cocktail of urine or semen…a pair of “drinks” I’m guessing would never, ever pass Mistress Scarlet’s lips!

    In awe as always,

    sissy jamieanne

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