Evolving creeps up on you

During the weekend just gone, I realised I had evolved in one specific way in my mean treatment of bitch-boy without even noticing. In what way? Well, in the early days and perhaps right into early 2013, (I can’t really remember when the change happened), I used to edge his little cock throughout a full day or long evening of my domination of him. He would not get to cum, but perhaps once each hour or two, I would bring him to erection, bring him close to cumming two or three times, and then return him to his chores or humiliations. I realised this weekend just gone, that I do not do that anymore. Now, he is put into a sissy maids outfit, or schoolgirl outfit or little girl outfit and either his restraint tube is already on or I padlock his pin-lined leather strap around his little clitty and then he gets on with his chores or undergoes his humiliating rituals, or both! No contact with his little clitty and no sexual arousal. I of course, have lots of orgasms, at my whim as I always have done.

I realised that now, the only time he gets touched and brought to erection, ever, is if I am indulging in one of the many forms of dickie-discipline I employ. Or I have decided to allow a rare sexual relief, (which is always preceded by dickie-discipline anyway.)

I think, (perhaps even if it was only subconscious), in the early days I thought he needed some recurring moments of sexual stimulation to help him cope with and balance out his chores and suffering. Now however, he must be clear in his own mind that his genitalia  are always locked away because it amuses me and only released for dickie-discipline – and he must be equally clear in his mind that I am comfortable to put him through hours and hours of chores and or pain and or humiliation without any sexual stimulation for him at all.

I am sure many people will consider I am simply too cruel and unfair on this issue.  However, bitch-boy has a deeply submissive soul and I can imagine the current regime really cements to him, (even if only subconsciously), how profoundly real his helplessness to my tyranny is, and how cruel and heartless I am.  This equation feeds and satisfies his submissive soul.

Not that I need to justify how I behave. I am comfortable with that regardless!


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18 Responses to Evolving creeps up on you

  1. Greg says:

    It does amaze me how thoroughly you control him, but as you said, it feeds his submissive soul. And, I suspect it feeds your dominant soul as well.

  2. slave05 says:

    love Your blog.
    Your r wright in the treatment of Your slave. bet it asked to be Your slave as this slave would so their for am Your slave in all. way You ask for. am their to please YOU not for my enjoyment.
    Guess that why they say becareful what one wishes for. Wish this slave had Mistress like You.

    thanks for the blog

  3. tomilina says:

    I wonder, if I may, if his humiliation in front of You and Your Friends wouldn’t be greatly hightened if he were allowed (or forced) to have relief BEFORE his activities begin?

    • I can see the principle you are suggesting. I don’t think it is valid as far as humiliation goes. He has never found that a turn on and there is zero eroticism in it for him. In the old days, the principle would have held true before a long caning or similar where he would feel some eroticism, TO BEGIN WITH! I do not rule out experimenting with this however. Perhaps I do not know him as well as I think, and it could worsen humiliation and punishment if he were to cum just before such things. It is possible.

  4. George Walton says:

    The only thing that matters is your pleasure and satisfaction. Surely bitch-boy appreciates this and desires nothing else. If it pleases You to deny him sexual stimulation than he must be thankful to be able to please You in this manner. i think he is a very lucky boy indeed!

  5. armando says:

    Do you ever worry that his life becomes so hard that he ends up seriously depressed? I know you will absolutely take care of him, but I wonder how much that aspect of his well being is part of your thinking.


    • I can understand why, reading my blog, you might ask this question but it made me laugh because it is so wrong.

      Firstly, bitch-boy has a deeply submissive soul and can remember strong submissive feelings to women before he was 11 years old. He would certainly be depressed if he was not strictly controlled. (I accept I have gone way past his fantasies but one outcome is that his submissive core is satisfied – he sleeps well.)

      Secondly, he has much more in his life than his ‘sex’ life. He runs a very ethical and successful business and gains huge self esteem from that. He is full of pride when he has his much younger wife, with a perfect body, on his arm at functions and events and on holidays. He has a very pleasant extended family grouping – his side and my side (apart from when my sisters dominate him in private times!) He enjoys being healthy and very fit for his age. He enjoys all but one of our holidays each year – we travel a lot. (I admit he certainly does not enjoy our Southern Mediterranean holiday in the secluded farmhouse for two weeks each year!)

      I could go on. He takes great pleasure and self esteem from a great deal of life, just not from my severe use and abuse of him – but even that feeds his submissive soul. He would I suppose like his submissive soul fed but with a great deal less suffering and drudgery and humiliation and sexual denial and be allowed to fuck me – but he can’t have everything can he!

      • Rick says:

        I am very happy to see this reply. I have followed your blog for a while now and purchased some of your journals. IN that time I have often found myself wondering who you and BB are outside of the D/s aspect of your sexual relationship. While I am sure you still maintain firm control of things, I often wondered what BB and you had outside of the “bedroom” so to speak. I think a lot of people (specially submissive males) tend to build a huge fantasy of what 24/7 TPE is about without really considering the implications of how a life that includes work, family, and the like, still have to work.

        I am sure a great many of your readers will find the fact that BB lives a rather full and enjoyable life outside of the D/s a bit saddening, but I for one was actually relieved to see that BB is a vital part of your relationship. I know that the subject of your blog is about your dominance of BB, and I must admit a certain… thrill at the idea of suffering at your hands, but I really appreciate this look inside the whole aspect of your life together. I feel that quite often people forget that any D/s relationship, no matter how deep it goes, at its core is still a relationship between two people. If this is not held in esteem or taken care of it will eventually wither and die.

        On the subject of the original post: I find it interesting that you have evolved to a point where you really don’t seek in any way to sexually stimulate BB other than his rare releases. I have seen (and experienced) this occur in a great number of D/s relationships where the dominant grows les concerned with the submissive’s pleasure over time. I wonder if there is just a natrual “evolution” in the realm of D/s that slowly changes everyone involved on a serious note? In my opinion there very well is.

        I also wonder if BB doesn’t still recieve sexual stimulation from the mere power you hold over him. I know from personal experience that once you attain a certain level of submission to an individual, the fact that you are owned and under their power is provides a strange and constant sense of well being and at times euphoria. Just as you have naturally evolved in your dominance of BB, he by nature must be evolving in his submission. I don’t know how you and he work, but I wonder if you might gain not only some insight, but also some satisfaction by asking him about his feelings on occasion.

        One of your readers made a comment about why you even bother to give BB any release at all. I half wonder if they have a fantasy of being told they will never cum again. I have found this fantasy common through a great deal of submissive’s and actually shared it at one time myself. IN fact I would often cum over the idea of not being allowed to cum ever again which kind of shows just how… divergent the fantasy of a sub can be from the reality. I find myself in fulll agreement with your reasoning and belief’s behind allowing BB the occasional release.

        I do appologize for the length of this reply and hope it was not to onerous a task to read through it. May you and BB both continue to find this journey amazing.

  6. George Walton says:

    I also think it is quite interesting that it took You a year to realize that You had ceased allowing bitch-boy to experience sexual stimulation except when being subjected to dickie-discipline. Is his pleasure so meaningless and pointless that it just never occurred to You that things had changed?

  7. Jack says:

    I have been thinking of how your treatment of BB has evolved over the past years. How you no longer find it necessary to provide him stimulation or release outside of his discipline sessions. It seems that there is a logical progression to his treatment. No orgasms, No releases ever. You don’t get much of any satisfaction from providing him release, it is simply the continuation of something you have always granted him. But if you do not achieve enjoyment from making him cum, why should it continue? Why should he be allowed to cum? Many men are permanently denied orgasms!

    You could ease BB into this by extending the intervals between releases. First a month, then 2, then 4, 6, etc. You could keep him healthy by milking him, which by the way would produce more semen for his ice cubes. Eventually, BB would never be allowed an orgasm again.

    You could extensively edge him during and after his discipline sessions before laughing and locking him back in his tube. I assume you would get much pleasure out of this while denying BB any!

    Anyway, I pose the question to you: As an admitted sadist, why do you allow BB any enjoyment of orgasms at all? Why allow your slave the chance, the hope and the enjoyment of an orgasm, ever?

    • Normally I like bitch-boy to orgasm about every ten days to two weeks because then he gets to be reminded often of what he is missing all the time I have him locked up. Obviously sometimes he goes far longer, and sometimes his orgasms are spoiled. I normally make his orgasms as huge as possible however because,
      1) he then knows what I can award him if he behaves and remains under my power and,
      2) he knows just what a wonderful feeling I am denying him day after day after day, and ,
      3) it makes me feel very powerful that I do that for him at my whim, and could stop doing so there and then, or at any time.

      I imagine that a permanently denied slave pretty much comes to terms with the situation. I think it is far crueller to be able to dangle a delicious, wonderful carrot, day after day, and pull the carrot just out of reach whenever it gets really close!

  8. tiffanymaid says:

    Ms Scarlet *curtsy*
    As Serena (my MistressWife) and i explore Your blog further, W/we continue to be both impressed and inspired by the content.
    On the subject of this post You may be interested to know of O/our scenario.
    Serena has kept me in chastity for over twelve years. ( A CB3000, followed by a CB6000s ) She made it clear when She cuckolded me, that my days of lovemaking and specifically masturbation were over.
    Being kept chaste has made me more respectful, more obedient, and much more keen to obey Her and carry out my duties (housework, servitude and submission).
    She allows me relief every 10-12 weeks as deemed fit.
    The CB6000s i wear is efficient as it is only 2.5″ and prevents sufficient arousal. It is also a vast improvement on the old CB3000 as it is much healthier and easy to maintain.
    i suspect i am of a very similar ilk to bitch-boy, as i too crave to satisfy my deep submissive nature (which i can recall starting when i was 8 years old, and can remember specific events that back this up ).
    Your blog has been a godsend as it has highlighted many, many similarities in what we seek to achieve. W/we have purchased the required items to experiment with the TSD bondage and Serena is keen to start a new chapter in O/our lifestyle.
    Thank You
    Serena & tiffany

  9. westfalen says:

    Love that concept dynamic of you both feeding each others sub and Domme souls…..with his of course requiring more severe attention to bring it to satisfaction and sound sleeping for him as you say.

  10. Bruce says:

    A picture of he school uniform would be nice. Does she have to swallow her sperm, god big laod sof it too\/

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  12. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You for sharing this Mistress Scarlet! I think this evolving is a natural and wonderful thing…You have become more strict with him as time goes on…and thus are feeding his submissive soul. As I read this, I was reminded of a couple of things I’ve read from other dominant Women…one is…”Cumming and orgasms are wants and desires…not needs or necessity”…and finally…”A true submissive exists to serve his Mistress…FULL STOP…his orgasm is of little concern”!

    Always in respect,

    sissy jamieanne

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