The bells, the bells

I like to add to bitch-boys humiliations with the use of small bells. He has a pink leather collar with bells at two inch intervals, he has pink and white lace and satin, elasticated wrist adornments  and each has 3 bells sewn on and I had him sew bells to the hem of his Summer little girl’s dress. Lately he has to wear a pair of bells hanging on very thin pink ribbon from the frenum piercing in his clitty. They hang from 3 inch long (7.5cm) ribbons. Here’s the thing – I have learned/realised that hanging them on a length of very thin ribbon means they swing and they make far more tinkling noise than those on collar or hem or wrist adornments. Much more! Which bitch-boy hates. I am thinking I will have him remove the bells currently sewn to the hem of his Summer little girls dress and sew them back on, but this time, hanging on three inch lengths of very thin pink ribbon. So if you are a Mistress thinking of adding bells to a sissy’s dress, my suggestion is have them hanging on little lengths of ribbon.

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10 Responses to The bells, the bells

  1. housework boy says:

    Ms Scarlet

    What a wonderful imagination you have, continuing to develop bb humiliation outfits, all for your amusement and his embarrassment. Looks like lots of sewing for bb.

    May I ask does bb do any sewing for you or your sisters.

  2. some people says:

    Some people (who shall be nameless) have a leather strap round the scrotum, with a big thin metal ring attached to the clasp – and strung round this metal ring are a cluster of “Christmas” bells. They jingle as he walks around doing his house work ,wearing no panties. This means she can hear him wherever he is in the house.

  3. Alexis says:

    Amazing Mistress, my own Mistress likes me fitted with bells too, as she says I creep around in my maids outfit and make her jump!

  4. M King says:

    OMG! How humiliating and wonderful! Love it!

    I assume he’s in trouble if the bells stop sounding when he’s supposed to be working; or if they starting sounding when he’s supposed to be still?

  5. Fluffy says:

    Awesome humiliation!
    Do you bell BB up for his rotary monotony duties to add fear of discovery on top of the humiliating chimes?

    • No, perhaps strangely, I like him to be silent. Like a machine. Just a utility silently operating, around and around and around, for my satisfaction and amusement.

  6. jen smith says:

    Hello Ms Scarlet,

    This is such a great idea! I will have to mention this to my Mistress. She loves finding new ways to embarrass and humiliate.

    And thank you for a wonderful blog. It is very interesting 🙂


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