Partially Ignoring

I have realised that I have a particular predilection for ‘partially ignoring’ which I do not see written about much, but is often the subject of femdom photos. What I mean is having the soles of my footwear licked clean while I read a newspaper or book, or having a deaf, mute, blind, bound, human statue in my peripheral vision while I watch TV. Or a shame faced sissy, facing the wall and forced to play with his dolly while I watch a subtitled DVD. There are many scenarios. Perhaps every 10 minutes or so, bitch-boy will receive a very mocking glance from me or a derisive single word aimed at him, ‘pathetic!‘ and I return to my primary amusement.  I get a huge power rush in these scenarios and paradoxically a calm sense of total, (albeit wicked and perverted), contentment. Given ‘partially ignoring’ is so rarely written about, I wonder if I am alone or if other Dommes take such pleasure from the phenomenon.

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10 Responses to Partially Ignoring

  1. housework boy says:

    Ms Scarlet

    Your imagination is amazing, how frustrating for him and satisfying for you. If it amuses you a Mistress one made me do knitting all afternoon once, at which I’m hopeless while She too ignored me apart from the occasional scornful comment.

  2. You are definitely not alone in this kinky. For me the “partially ignorance” is part of the foundations of the power process. Having your sub accepting to be left aside, ignored, disregarded with full compliance before your urge changes to perhaps a more overwhelming possession. You are not alone 😉

  3. westfalen says:

    As a male sub, i have always enjoyed being subject to this treatment as it works so well with my fav kink of bondage…..i have always referred to it as passive torment as it requires no effort from the Domme.

  4. Redlipslady says:

    Hello Mistress, I would like to ask what are your thoughts about far away D/s relationship. I’ve had a slave for sometime now and we both enjoy this lifestyle but we are living in different countries now. I would love to hear from you. Email me if possible x

  5. slave4u says:

    I have read your blogs and I really envy your sub and I am searching a full time Mistress who is in your mould Mistress. Hope your relationship goes from strength to strength

  6. Fluffy says:

    Hello Ms Scarlet
    This slave was reading some older posts and discovered that in the past on occasion, you had let BB answer some questions, which was very interesting. Would with all your evolutions of how you treat him whether it be continued use of stinging nettles, humiliations before your sisters, larger blocks ice, extra bells that tinkle more loudly and less sexual relief – would you consider allowing your readers and fans to hear his side of things again or even an extra Journal release that details BBs thoughts and feelings? It would be a fascinating companion to your own journals.
    Anyway just a thought/hope
    Respect fluffy

    • Are there specific questions?

      • Fluffy says:

        We’ll It would be great to hear his side of things on:

        How much do you dread the Nettles and interdental brushes? How painful are they? Do you get permitted a recovery period?
        Has the nettle treatments got any easier to deal with over the years?
        How much do you hate the bells?
        What do you dread most?
        What are the the things you get to do in serving that you like?
        What goes through your mind when you are immobile in the stirrups and a blindfolded and you know the nettles are coming?
        If you could what’s the one thing you would change?
        What’s been your most humiliating tasks or ordeals?
        Has it got any easier to deal with to be dressed as a girl, learning nursery rhymes?
        What goes through your mind when you are immobile in the stirrups and a blindfolded and a new chunk of ice is deposited in your funnel gag and you await to discover the flavour today?
        Describe the fear you have of Ms Sarah?
        What’s it like coming so infrequently and when you do with your inflatable sheep girlfriend?
        As you were a sub before all the wonderful things Ms Scarlet has done to you, did you ever imagine experiencing such ordeals?

        How’s that for a starter for 10?

        Respect from

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