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Blogs similar to mine?

I am seeking some assistance. I am always on the lookout for new things to do to further enhance my lifestyle and provide new torments, humiliations or default rules for bitch-boy. My favourite sources are correspondence or blogs by other dominant women like myself. By like myself, I mean – 100% in control of a male (or female) who is not allowed to set any limits or boundaries and has to accept anything the Domme imposes especially if they genuinely do not like, at all, what is being imposed.  Real – not fantasy.

There are so many blogs on fem Dom and so few which meet the criterion I set out above.

So, by way of comments to this post, I would be truly grateful if readers could provide me with links to suitable blogs and sites that I could follow.

I am afraid asking submissive males for ideas is so rarely helpful because the ideas are almost always fantasy and not practical reality. I have been sent ideas such as – ‘stick his cock in a red ants nest’. True, this sounds right up my street, but – how do I bind him helplessly at the site, where do I find a red ants nest in a private place, how do stop the ants covering his stomach and legs, how do I stop the ants stinging me, etc. etc!

Sewing Chair

During our south Mediterranean holiday this year in a remote farmhouse, the most perfect chair for bitch-boy’s hours of sewing was helpfully provided. I provide a picture.

IMG_9726 copvy

You can see how low it is compared to a normal chair. The photo shows it facing the corner where bitch-boy spent many hours sewing – dressed in a sissy maid’s outfit or his schoolgirl outfit. Among other sewing, he sewed huge pink ribbons onto some new knickers and he sewed some extra bells onto the hems and sleeves of various sissy garments. I generally sat in a comfortable arm chair reading and keeping an eye on him although sometimes I set up the video baby monitor and sunbathed outside while he sewed. Oh, he so hates sewing!

Q & A for bitch-boy

I frequently get requests for bitch-boy’s thoughts and feelings to be included in my journals/diaries. I have experimented with drafting this. I have interrogated him after events and then I find that attempts to add his thoughts and feelings into a journal entry disrupt the flow of the entry in an unacceptable way.  And adding them at the end is disjointed. So I am setting up a new blog page. Q & A’s for bitch-boy. (see above menu). If there are any questions you would like to put to him, leave a comment on this page. I will allow him to answer those I consider should be answered. Often I receive questions about how did bitch-boy feel when ………….. I am afraid the answer will often be the same. Along the lines of, ‘helpless, deeply upset and fearful!‘ However I will run the page and see how it goes. I will not allow him to waste time (which could be spent serving me!) answering a question which has been asked before, so you may need to read through the published Q & A’s before asking a question. There are two current readers’ comments full of such questions which I will respond to in this way.

Wannabe 24/7 submissive men

I receive a lot of comments from submissive men who want to be in a 24/7 relationship with a dominant woman and cannot make it happen. Although I am poorly qualified to give it, possessing almost no scientifically derived data, nonetheless – here is some advice.

Some research I did read many years ago estimated that, because of society’s stereotyping, there are between 10 and 100 submissive men to each dominant woman. Wonderful (smug) for us Dommes, a problem for male subs. But there it is. So it is a competitive situation. As a male sub you may be competing with between 9 and 99 other sub men to secure your spot in 24/7 enslavement. How do you win the competition? What follows are my suggestions – obviously they may not be right for all other Dommes.

Learn to be excellent at housework, ironing and laundry. Learn to be an excellent cook. Perhaps learn about wine and cocktail making, giving pedicures, massages, get good computer skills. Get good at yard work and gardening, at decorating and DIY. If you are excellent at some or all of these things remain very humble about that!

Learn to talk less and listen more. Get physically fit. This does not mean become a muscle man. Some Dommes do like a muscle man but many, like me, do not want to see big muscles. However we are unlikely to want to see obesity and much more importantly, you have to be able to run up a few flights of stairs without getting out of breath. Good sexual oral skills and being content giving far more sexual pleasure than you receive  is important. Earn a decent wage. If you do not, go to college, get some more qualifications, get a better job. This takes time so you will have to spend less time reading blogs like mine! So if I have already put you off – you probably are not going to win the competition. If you take the advice so far, but still fail to win, well you will be a better, and probably happier person anyway – as a side-effect.

You may be married or in a serious relationship and hope to ‘turn’ your woman into a dominant. Do not show her extreme things from the internet. Start off by waiting on her hand and foot (with some dignity – not cringeworthy creepiness) – cook, clean, buy flowers, give compliments, give much more than you receive in the bedroom. You may reach a point whereby she would miss all this lovely attention and graft if it stopped. You might at this point subtly talk about being submissive to women.

WARNING – All of the above may not result in what you want. For a woman to become seriously dominant and cruel she either has to be very brave (as in my case) to go against all of society’s rules and morals and traditions, (particularly overt sadism as well as the female being in charge rather than the male),  or has to be the sort of woman who does not give a damn about society’s rules and morals and traditions. Many, many woman are not brave enough and do very much give a damn, so will never become seriously dominant and cruel. DO NO RESENT THEM! It is how they are made and you chose them. Deal with it with good grace.

I would love to hear from other Dommes who could provide advice and I will amend this post with any I receive.

Please, male subs note – I have a sub (bitch-boy) who I have been training and subjugating for over a decade. I do not need another sub and I have no intention of replacing bitch-boy, so there really is no point in asking if you can be my sub, although it is flattering to be asked.