Q & A for bitch-boy

I frequently get requests for bitch-boy’s thoughts and feelings to be included in my journals/diaries. I have experimented with drafting this. I have interrogated him after events and then I find that attempts to add his thoughts and feelings into a journal entry disrupt the flow of the entry in an unacceptable way.  And adding them at the end is disjointed. So I am setting up a new blog page. Q & A’s for bitch-boy. (see above menu). If there are any questions you would like to put to him, leave a comment on this page. I will allow him to answer those I consider should be answered. Often I receive questions about how did bitch-boy feel when ………….. I am afraid the answer will often be the same. Along the lines of, ‘helpless, deeply upset and fearful!‘ However I will run the page and see how it goes. I will not allow him to waste time (which could be spent serving me!) answering a question which has been asked before, so you may need to read through the published Q & A’s before asking a question. There are two current readers’ comments full of such questions which I will respond to in this way.

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8 Responses to Q & A for bitch-boy

  1. gwalton2013 says:

    Question for bitch-boy : When was the last time you enjoyed an unrestricted, pleasurable orgasm? And when was the last time you were allowed penetrative sex with a woman? Do you miss being allowed to cum whenever you please or have you truly come to understand that your chastity is a gift?

    • I have no records. I guess the last unrestricted, pleasurable orgasm was around two years ago. The last penetrative sex was at least 8 years ago. I absolutely understand that enforced chastity is one essential ingredient for satisfying my submissive soul.

  2. slave05 says:

    Of course You have a good point.
    on fetlife. people make comments that slave was gonna make..so say nothing..plus You may have more followers / slaves than You think:-)
    Plus for the new slaves with no experience.
    even they read lot..nothing like the real experience. n much better questions.

  3. burke lang says:

    Here’s a question for Bitch Boy: How much of your day is spent coping with chronic pain and frustration from Your enforced chastity and from the tortures that Miss Scarlet magnanimously grants you? Does your lifestyle interfere with your ability to work in your career?

    • There is no pain from the chastity tube unless I try to become erect. his does not happen often as I seem to have become conditioned when wearing the tube. The frustration is huge when I am confronted with any stimulation – even a brief TV advert featuring a fit, scantily clad woman can cause me truly intense frustration and a reminder that I am controlled by another.

      It does not interfere as I run my own business and so am flexible.

  4. fluffy says:

    awesome and brilliant – thank you so much Ms Scarlet!!
    respect fluffy

  5. westfalen says:

    Question for bitch-boy:

    ‘ before your relationship with MsScarlet, had you submitted in any prior relationships?, or was this your first time with a Domme/Mistress?’.

    …. as it certainly has developed into one in the deep end of things!:)

    • I once had a brief relationship with a woman who was a switch. I mostly dominated her for brief sessions, she dominated me a few times briefly and I was very affected by those times.

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