Blogs similar to mine?

I am seeking some assistance. I am always on the lookout for new things to do to further enhance my lifestyle and provide new torments, humiliations or default rules for bitch-boy. My favourite sources are correspondence or blogs by other dominant women like myself. By like myself, I mean – 100% in control of a male (or female) who is not allowed to set any limits or boundaries and has to accept anything the Domme imposes especially if they genuinely do not like, at all, what is being imposed.  Real – not fantasy.

There are so many blogs on fem Dom and so few which meet the criterion I set out above.

So, by way of comments to this post, I would be truly grateful if readers could provide me with links to suitable blogs and sites that I could follow.

I am afraid asking submissive males for ideas is so rarely helpful because the ideas are almost always fantasy and not practical reality. I have been sent ideas such as – ‘stick his cock in a red ants nest’. True, this sounds right up my street, but – how do I bind him helplessly at the site, where do I find a red ants nest in a private place, how do stop the ants covering his stomach and legs, how do I stop the ants stinging me, etc. etc!

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38 Responses to Blogs similar to mine?

  1. fluffy says:

    well for starters your blog stands out as one of a kind Ms Scarlet, but some links that might help give your ideas are as follows: – though a maledom – pic site -good for ideas with what to do or how to treat a slave of either sex

    so not many – ultimately you are the Gold Standard Ms Scarlet for which BB and use should be very grateful

    respect fluffy

  2. notbeinfringed85 says:

    After having read your blog for a while, I am fairly certain you are one of a kind. Sometimes I am very envious of bitch-boy, while other times I feel for him. You truly have absolute power. Your bitch-boy is an amazing sub. Thanks for sharing this bit of your life.

  3. Lady M says:

    MsScarlet, you sound like me! I love talking with other dominant ladies/men (as well as some subs… once in awhile I get a good one willing to describe realistic fantasies). I’d love to chat and share ideas and come up with some together! Please email me (you’ll find the link on my contact page)

  4. r says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    Perhaps one of the reasons you are so popular is BECAUSE you seem to have quite a unique blog? 🙂 I’m sure your army of readers will find something useful for you, but until then have you explored FetLife? Open, friendly, a good few UK members and a lot of dominant women who are members. If you can’t find a specific group there that caters to your needs then hopefully you will be able to find some like-minded women who might be able to help…..


    *retreats silently*

  5. bitch boi violet says:

    Dear Misstress Scarlet,
    i am a submissive bitch-boi to my owner Mistress Teresa,24/7-but it didnt start out that way,i was always Dominant,and the Females sub,until Miss Teresa,we were “playing” one evening 7 years ago,and i “allowed” her to switch,and She is a natural born Domme,pure and simple!!!
    i have been at Her feet,greeting her perfect bottom every day with a big kiss and inhale,and baturally,doing all the chores,and waiting on Ma’am hand and foot.Mistress has a cruel and sadistic streak in her,and she also loves humiliating her pet,one day i mouthed off,and naturally i was expecting severe mouth washing followed by severe paddling and other abuse,but Mistress just gave me a stern look,told me she has had enough of my mouth otherthen using it for her pleasure,ordered me to have the chores completed by the time she returned and be waiting to properly greet her when she got home.then she stormed out slamming the door.i knew i was in for it when she got home,so i did all the chores plus tried to think of anything extra i could do to make her happy,i also,took out all of the paddles,crops,whips and restraints as well as the icy hot and the bar of soap,and had them all waiting for her while i kneeled by the door waiting for her arrival. well Mistress didnt return for hours,when she finally did return,she was not alone,my head was down but i clearly saw four feet in heels,and also heard the giggle of someone not my Mistress,once the door closed,Mistress lifted her skirt and offered her bare bottom for my greeting,and even though i adore ma’ams bottom and love the honor of kissing and smelling it,i was kind of embarrassed to have to do it in front of someone,after”Greeting” my Mistress,ma’am grabbed my hair,and forced me into a position to now greet the person with her,and when this person who i assummed was one of Ma’ams girlfriends lifted her skirt and spread her legs and bent deeply,my heart exploded and i started to panic,because under the ass i was about to kiss and greet,was a set of huge balls hanging,i tried to pul away in fear but Mistress laughed,kicked my ass hard,and shoved my face into that ass ordering me to kiss and greet her!!!i was panicing all over,even sobbing as my face was pushed into this ass with a huge set of balls dangling,after Ma’am had her fun,i was shoved back into a kneeling position,as Mistress explained that this was “sissy melissa” a sissy Mistress has been seeing and training for over six months behind my back,and i was now to address her as “Miss Melissa”,that Ma’ams plans were for us both to eventually serve Mistress together,but Mistress enoyed Melissa’s bigger cockette and much larger balls,and she told me that i was now going to show Miss Melissa why Mistress has kept me around so long,that she has been telling miss melissa of my oral skills,but it was now time to prove it to her in person—i started crying,begging,pleading,even once tried to act manly and stand up to stop it all,but was quickly put back downm by the both of them,one even kicked me hard in my locked up tiny tessies,afteer catching my breath,i was again forced to my knees,and came face to face for the first time,with Miss Melissa’s cock,i was ordered to first lick,smell,and kiss it softly,then Mistress knelt next to me,grabbed my tiny balls,squeezed them,and told me that the reason i am about to become a cocksucker and eat her sissy lovers cream,was because i cannot control my mouth,and as ma’am scolded me and melissa moaned in pleassure and giggled at me as she called me names,Mistress forced me to take my first cock in my mouth,Meli9ssa came rather quickly,and Ma’am ordered me to hold it,gargle,and swish it around as they both called me humiliating names,then i was ordered to eat my “daily” feed!!!i was so humiliated,embarrassed and ashamed,and also heart broken now knowing that my beautiful qQueen,my Mistress,had been cheating on me form months—but i now know and understand that it isnt cheating,and its my duty to service anyone i am forced to my knees in front of,if it amuses my Mistress then it is my honor to perform!after playing with me and abusing me all night,the both of them,Miss Melissa really enjoys spanking me hard and making me cry with just her hand,she also enjoys smothering me as much as Mistress Teresa does,but i love Mistress Teresa’s pussy and ass,and hate when Miss Melissa sits on my face,her cock and balls hangingm on me and dripping pre cum as i am forced to service her back hole with my mouth!after abusing me all night,Mistress had one final humiliation in store for me,i was placed on my hands and knees,my little cockette still locked up in its pink chastity device,and i was told by Mistress that Melissa was an expert at “milking” fagots,i again started to panic,as Mistress knelt and held my face,looking at me deviantly,as i felt melissa’s finger penetrating my bottom hole,and because Mistress Teresa only allows me an orgasm every 6-8 weeks if i earned it,i was completely ful of nasty bitch boi yuckies!!! as Mistress held my face and made fun of me for crying as her sissy fingered me,melissa found my walnut shaped prostate and began manipulating it like a pro,within minutes i was drooling yuckies out of my clitty,Mistress Teresa was actually surprised at thye amount that kept drooling and drooling out non stop,and now understood why melissa placed a bowl under my little thing,at first Mistress laughed and said that is not needed bitch boi only dribbles a tiny little bit,not like you melissa,you shoot real loads like real men,bitch boi dribbles tiny disgusting little messes,but was actually laughing and gasping at the amount melissa was able to “milk” out of her pet,Mistress made fun of me,also called me really bad names,told me howm pathetic i was,and also told me i must be a true fagot seeing how i only dribble tiny little messes when she touches my tiny thing,but a sissy fingers my boi pussy and i drool gallons ,both Mistress and melissa laughed and made fun of me the entire time,and when i wass totally drained,i was of course forced to kneel up,and lap my messes out of my bowl as both Mistress and Miss Melissa sat on the sofa cuddling and carressing each other,then i was tied to the outside of the bedroom door,as Mistress took her sissy lover to her bed,and i was forced to listen thru the door as they played and had sex all night,naturally i cried,and cried all night,and was so ashamed of myself that i wasnt enough to pleasure my Mistress,she had to takew on other submissive lovers,especially a sissy who had a much larger cock and balls then i do,i also wondered if Mistress had any real Men lovers i dont know about,but i have learned my lesson to keep my mouth shutr unless it is being used now that Melissa lives with us,and uses me as often if not more then Mistress does,it is NOT my place to ask Mistress about HER personal business,it is only my place to serve and be happy Mistress puts up with me!!!my point is Ma’am,if your bitch boy gets out of control or mouthy ever,make him suck a cock,it will shame him back into his proper position,or just tell him you have lovers,he will cry all night,and i9f you learn to “properly Milk” a submissive male,and he spills thru his soft cockette,he will never ever forget it,and it is definately the most humiliating thing i have been forced to do as of yet,i still feel ashamed of spilling my yuckies thru a soft cockette just by being fin gered,to this day i still tear upv when they make fun of me,and it wasnt the last time i have been milked,just the first,trust me,it doesnt get any easier,i still cry,and i still cannot look into my Mistress’ beautiful eyes without knowing all she is thinking is what a pathetic fagot bitch she owns!!! Sincerelyand in complete submission, bitch boi fagot violet!

  6. gwalton2013 says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    Perhaps You might be interested in the musings of SylviaK. She seems particularly harsh in Her treatment of male slaves and certainly does not allow them to set their own limits:

  7. Jack says:

    You might try this one:

    This woman denies all orgasms of her sub husband except for 3 or 4 weeks a year as well as frequently putting him in total sensory deprivation punishment.

  8. tomilina says:

    Mistress Scarlet, please allow me to offer two ideas: #1 Figging (ginger root) And #2 Although primarily designed for her “pay pigs” a close examination of her pages will reveal access to her diaries, filled with her activities both public and private. She makes no bones about hating men, and using them as human ATMs. But you will have to look long and hard to find one so intelligent and inventive! And one who loves her work! I hope these suggestions will be of some help, Mistress Scarlet.

  9. tomilina says:

    Thank You, Mistress Scarlet. Did you ever consider making bitch boi do such things as animal impressions?

  10. zoe domme says:

    Our lives and blog do have some similarities, but some differences as well. The similarities are that we are a real life femdom couple, we live this as a lifestyle 24/7 and think of it in terms of a Female Led relationship. We differ in that we discuss and communicate a lot and although I love to stretch Paul’s boundaries and he suffers a lot, it is all consensual.

    We have been together a long time, over 14 years and have a business and kids. For us, communication is the key to making this work as a lifestyle rather than a male fantasy.

    We both like your blog though and please do take a look at ours

    all the Best

    Zoe x

    • Thank you Zoe. I will look through your blog with interest. I read the post entitles ‘Housework’. Fantastic!

      (BTW I used to have bitch-boy in a CB until I had him get the frenum piercing. He found using Johnsons Baby Oil Gel around the large ring, when putting it on and after each shower prevented any chafing.)

  11. lilsub says:

    Here’s a blog you might enjoy, Ms Scarlet!

  12. Cats slave says:

    i don’t know if You are a smoker but Mistress has recently taken to stubbing out Her cigarettes on my backside. It is psychologically devastating, being made to stand, back to Her, listening to Her drag and not knowing when the intense pain will come

    • I do not smoke but when it comes to bitch-boy, I wish I did. Can I ask, surely having them stubbed out on you leaves permanent life time scars?

      I love the degradations with ash Sandra puts bitch-boy through (detailed in my journals) and I have had other Dommes visit who have used bitch-boy as an ashtray which I loved.

      I think serious life time scars level of burns may be too far to go. But having said that, I love leaving marks on his little clitty which can last a couple of weeks. I think I could enjoy scarring his little clitty for life. Perhaps I should talk to Sandra about that!

      I think I would love the company of your Mistress!

      • Cats slave says:

        I know the two of You spoke briefly but it is not for me to question why She didn’t carry on Your conversations further, all i can do is apologise. i raised the question of scarring but She didn’t seem too concerned about permanently damaging Her property. i also have a large C branded on my right butt cheek

  13. Gareth says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    Your request for assistance is a bright reminder that your own lifestyle and style of domination is quite rare, and some aspects of it may be considered unique – which is all to your credit.

    At times, my beloved and I have come close to the ecstatic and perfect fulfilment that comes from the true expression of her dominance and my submission. The combination of courage, communication and day-to-day dedication required to maintain the rituals of a femdom marriage are demanding and I have to confess that the combination of distractions (including children) and our own lack of engagement have meant we have not always been able to pursue our dreams.
    My beautiful life and Mistress shares your own athletic slim form and, although gentle and lovely in daily routine, has an intense and humorous cruelty when the situation is right, and especially so when away from the home and with another Mistress. She loves to sit and watch her sissified slave punished harshly, humiliated and tortured for her amusement. She has enjoyed your books (as have I) and I hope that we will continue on a path that leads us close to the intense intimacy you share with bitch-boy.

    My only suggestion for your own bitch-boy is to tell him that you have decided he should be granted the privilege of a regular oral pleasuring, but that this will be given to him by another sissy kneeling before him. Despite a dread of receiving oral from a male, it will not be long before he is eagerly anticipating these encounters which will be exquisitely confusing for him and another source of power for you.

    After several months of this treat, it may be interesting (but by no means essential if you both feel this is a hard limit) to play with the idea of the privilege being withdrawn unless he is willing to return the favour. I have already corresponded with you once on this topic and continue to believe that it is the ultimate submission, especially for a straight male who adores everything about women.

    Meanwhile, thank you for your wonderful and inspiring blog.


  14. scott Kelly says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    I don’t know if we measure up or not. We suit ourselves and are in it for the long haul… 23 years and counting. We’ve gone through various incarnation but always Femdom. I stay home, do the chores, cooking, etc. I took her name when we married. She controls the money and gives me a weekly allowance. Chastity, caging, corporal punishment, cuckolding. We’ve done it so long it hardly seems kinky anymore. For the moment, I’m sort of on half duties as I have a hip problem and will need a hip replacement soon.


    scott Kelly
    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  15. burke lang says: I don’t know if this is real, but it is intriguing.

  16. burke lang says:

    Thanks. This one takes a lighter approach that may be accessible to beginners: . Their writing is almost as good as yours.

  17. Zork says:

    Mistress Scarlet:

    I too have been looking for other sites and blogs like yours. There aren’t many, unfortunately.

    To your point, most of the information I find online is relatively unrealistic, and also often blatantly focused on the desires of the sub, rather then something a true dominant female would want her sub to do.

    To that end, my I offer a suggestion for your bitch-boy?

    Rather then you having to research, find and weed through various sites on the Internet for inspiration, why not turn the tables on bitch-boy and make a game of it. Here is what I thought of:

    Each week (or month, or whatever you desire) bitch-boy is instructed to come-up with 5 new torments, humiliations, or default rules. He can research them online if he wants, or he can think of them himself. But at a given point, he must present these new ideas to you (formally).

    Now naturally, he will only pick things that he would want to do or that he gets some sort of kick out of. But this is where you make it interesting.

    You grade his recommendations. If you don’t like any of them, or if you feel like they are all softballs, he gets demerits which result in punishment. You set the scale and severity as you see fit.

    If he hits on 1 that you like, the demerits are less. If he gets 3 out of 5 you like, he doesn’t get punished. And if you like all 5, there might even be a small reward.

    Can you imagine the horror of having to pitch humiliating ideas to your Mistress with the fear that if she does not think they are bad enough you will get punished? And even worse – if she likes them, you will have to do them at some point?


    Anyway – something to think about.

    • Thank you for your idea. Something with similarities is already happening. Each week, I set bitch-boy a target number of images to find on Tumbler sites and re-blog to my Tumbler site. If any image fails to reflect the style of femdom I like, or fails to meet with my approval, then he is punished and the image has to be removed. He has to do his Tumbler chore while in his penis restraint and he is just about always feeling sexually frustrated because he does not get to cum often. So it is a torture for him as all the images of erotica and beautiful bodies flash before him. Obviously some of the images give me ideas to try out.

  18. Sai says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    You maybe be interested in this account I stumbled upon, it’s very severe and perhaps the authenticity could be debated; nonetheless it may be of interest to you.

  19. sissy jamieanne says:

    This was a great post! I know it was for Your benefit, Ma’am…but I found some gems here as well! Of course, NO blog will compare to Yours!!!

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