The Sports Section

Below is an extract from the soon to be published Volume 7 of my journals. Probably in the next 3 weeks. It details a weekly momentary routine of mine which I enjoy very much.


………….  I was leafing through the pile of supplements that constituted a weekend paper. I pulled out the sports section.

                ‘Pansy-piece, look at this, the sports section. There is no value in that being in this house is there? I suppose a real man would want to read it if there was one here, but there is just the two of us. Me, a woman, and you, a pathetic little sissy. No real man here, so no need of the sports section is there?’ He looked very downcast. I held the sports section out towards him and spoke with some venom.

                 ‘Is there!’ He stared at the floor and whispered.

                ‘No Mithdreth.’ I smiled.

                 ‘Go and put it in the recycling pile then pansy, as we have no need of it in this house.’ It was a very sullen bitch-boy who obeyed my instruction. I chuckled as he left the room which hurt him some more. (The sports section ‘discussion’ has now become a weekend routine – so amusing!)

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9 Responses to The Sports Section

  1. housework boy says:

    My Mistress will forbid me to watch football or sports at times, instead making me watch the shopping channels QVC, Ideal World etc. Apparently it does me good to watch and listen to the Ladies talking.

  2. slave peter says:

    i so look forward to your next issue i wish more Females would adopt this lifestyle it is both correct and proper for the weak male

  3. slave peter says:

    only by your efforts and other efforts of superior Females will the world change to finally accept the complete dominant role the Female should and will have

  4. armando says:

    Volume 7 in three weeks!!! Squee!!!

  5. Fluffy says:

    Poor bb. Any chance to remind him of his status!
    Would he read the sports section if permitted and not so busy doing his chores or sewing or playing with his dolls?

    Respect from fluffy

  6. Real Man says:

    God ….this is pathetic (bitch boy that is) how do you even live with him Ms. Scarlett? On the suggestion that Dominant Females will rule the world…hilarious..

  7. sissy jamieanne says:

    A lovely reminder for bitchboy of his status! I’ve just started volume 7 and haven’t yet gotten to this chapter, but I’m sure I’ll love it!

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