Volume 7 Published

Volume 7 is now published on Lulu.com.  The events detailed within are actually all from the first 6 months of 2014. This gives testament to the fact that after dominating bitch-boy for over 13 years, I have recently evolved to desire extreme domination and torment sessions on an at least weekly basis. Previous time consuming pastimes of mine, like long walks in the country, have been forfeited in favour of serious blocks of time spent on serious domination. I don’t know if this is a good thing for journal content but it is where I am – so that is that. Enjoy!

Amazon V7 copy


LINK Paperback

LINK Epub version


I will post again when it is available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, etc.


14 thoughts on “Volume 7 Published

  1. On another note. The sewing chair for one. Looks much too comfortable. Also I was thinking of Bitch Boy , as I often do, thinking perhaps a humbler being applied while being told to sew in that chair would offer some fantastic amusement. I am assuming his knees are well well above his hips?

      1. Oh! I’m sure the coir matting on that little sewing chair whilst bitchboy sits on it for extended periods with a well caned bare bottom must be miserable! I’m sure this makes him a much better slave, for which he no doubt thanks You!


        sissy jamieanne

  2. Mistress Scarlet – it is so good to see that you have released Volume 7 of your wonderful diaries, apart from your amazing lifestyle you are a great wordsmith and I have read all your previous journals virtually non stop. My question is a simple one – do you know when it is likely to be available via I Tunes/Books? I cant wait to read it and congratulations on all of the others,

      1. OK, thank you Mistress Scarlet. It will be a long wait, but well worth it. You are a natural writer. Every best wish for the future and I look forward to Volume 8!

  3. Good news Mistress Scarlet – I have just found Volume 7 on iTunes and downloaded it. That’s my reading sorted for a few days! And even better news – or maybe not so for the recipient of your attentions and those of your wicked female visitors – that Volume 8 is well under way! I have huge admiration for you both and for your lifestyle, some of us live in a fantasy world but you have made it all come to life. More power to your elbow and may your wonderful writings continue unabated! Best wishes.

  4. Hi Mistress Scarlet – I have now finished reading Journal 7, it took me nearly 3 days but only because I had a conference for 1 of the days! And what a superb journal and account of your astonishing life. I thought all the others were good but you just get better and better and you seem to have become ever more inventive and creative in your ministrations of pain, suffering and humiliation for BB which in turn produces even greater pleasure for you. Is that what they call a vicious circle?! I also love the attention to detail such as the blinkers! Congratulations and please hurry with Volume 8!!

  5. I’ve just started volume 7, Ma’am…I’m thoroughly enjoying it thus far…in little, delicious sips…delightful!

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