Involuntarily drops to his knees

In the comments section I received a question which having answered it, I thought it worthy of a blog post. It is below.

mistress Scarlet…
out of curiosity has bb ever broke into tears during any of your torments to him and begged at your feet for mercy , if so what made him break down and what was your reaction towards him.
Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and i am looking forward to your reply

Yes on a good number of occasions. The two which recur and come to mind are:

In the early days of having a dominant female visitor (or two) come to our house. I would dress him up in a ridiculous, shaming outfit at least an hour before the planned arrival time. I would then have him just stand in the middle of the room, doing nothing, other than thinking ahead to the arrival of the other female(s) and watch him fret and fret. On these occasions, in the early years, he would inevitably drop to his knees, sobbing and kiss my footwear while he begged and begged for me to cancel the visitor(s). This gave me great pleasure and a power rush as did, my response to him, that I had no intention of cancelling and his utter mortification and misery was precisely the point of the exercise.

The other recurring occasions are when he has been sexually denied for over three weeks and I put on a little sexy show for him. Naked in heels, or in a tiny mini skirt and heels, rubbing my hands up and down my body. He inevitably drops to his knees, sobbing and kissing my footwear while begging and pleading and crying that he just can’t take it anymore – really, really can’t take it. My response – he can take it and I will prove that to him because he will not be cumming today or tomorrow and perhaps not for weeks yet.


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33 Responses to Involuntarily drops to his knees

  1. Cats slave says:

    Wow! And that really is what us true subs really want, our Mistress to be completely heartless and merciless. What’s the point otherwise?

  2. tomilina says:

    Doesn’t the boy know how much pleasure it gives you to parade him in front of visitors? Seems a bit selfish that he tries to deny you that.pleasure. More visitor stories, PLEASE!

  3. tomilina says:

    Mistress Scarlet, if I may ask, have you ever thought of other things to use for his ice cube or popsicles? Such as Spittle (yours and other women’ s), cigarette ash/water, juice from the can of corn he so hates?

  4. armando says:

    I feel so sorry for bitch-boy sometimes!

  5. zacary says:

    mistress Scarlet….
    My deep thanks and gratitude for your response, bb is really fortunate to be owned by a real lady like you ( hope he realizes how lucky he is that he is your personal slave) and the more i read your blog posts the more i wish that i was in his place.

  6. Prince Corwin says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I have read all your journals and your volume of short stories. I find myself considering the possibility that your journals, amazing though they are, could be works of fiction.Is there any way you could put my mind at rest?

  7. westfalen says:

    The chastity denial episode would understandably bring tears to any sub male’s eyes just from scouting the partial pic of you on your covers seen here!

    • Yes, having been blessed with the body I have, I do work very hard at my exercise regime to keep it in good shape because I know what a tremendous source of power it is over a locked up male. And a source of sadistic pleasure for me when it causes suffering in poor bitch-boy. This link is to a post which has a favourite picture of me. The typical sight denied bitch-boy enjoys/endures during summer lunch times. I love being topless when wearing tiny shorts.

  8. tomilina says:

    <Mistress Scarlet, if I may,
    I do see how some people might think that some postings are exaggerations. It does seem like too much for one man to take. I also wonder how You manage to do all this to him while he still has housework to do, visitors to entertain and a full time job too! But more power to you!

    I have a couple more ice cube selections for your consideration: vinegar, a little dirt from where he pees outside, sour milk, hot sauces.

    Finally, I would like to implore you to detail more of bb's "Girl's Night In" activities. The absolute best reading in your journals is. in my opinion, those where is is exposed to strangers, your family and friends. How delicious! Thank You for yur consideration,

    • I really appreciate hearing what attributes of my life people find hard to believe. I have posted a blog entry on yours in response.

      I am afraid on this occasion, I have to reject each of your ice chunk ideas for the following reasons: (Please keep them coming though.)

      Vinegar and hot sauces may be difficult to endure but they lack the degrading aspect I achieve with my piss, or his semen mixed with a little water.

      Dirt from where he urinates outside or sour milk could cause illness. I need bb to be fully fit to meet my many needs of him.

  9. tomilina says:

    Thank You, Mistress Scarlet. I offer the following for your consideration regarding ice cubes:
    His own urine? Your used bathwater (soapy?), The toothpaste you spit out after brushing? Dishwater?

    • Thank you.
      I don’t think his own urine is as humiliating as mine or another woman’s.
      Used bathwater I will certainly consider.
      I think the toothpaste will probably be too refreshingly minty. I don’t want him enjoying a pleasant flavour during his hours of sensorially deprived tedium!
      Dishwater – again, the potential for causing illness – so that’s a no.

  10. tomilina says:

    Forgive me please, Mistress Scarlet. Perhaps once a month you (and your Sisters etc) would have something from which red liquid could be “distilled”, frozen and given to bb for contemplation?

  11. tomilina says:

    Mistress Scarlet. It is indeed difficult to come up with ideas for ice cubes that are practical and degrading enough for you to use on bb. If you have someone in your inner circle who is nursing, that milk could be used. It might be fun for you to find a woman who will co operate without him knowing who she is. He could write his thank you letter to a woman he does not know, wondering every time he sees a woman. Other items would include baby food he hates (e.g.beets) or clear gelatin made with urine instead of water.,

    • I think nursing milk would be much better used if bb was dressed as, and being treated as a very little girl, sitting on the floor with a dolly and being fed the milk from a baby’s bottle while three or four women were laughing at him and making very spiteful comments about his baby-girl status.
      Any form of food could cause choking.
      I cannot see how gelatin made with urine adds to the degradation of straight forward frozen urine.

      Thank you for the suggestions. Perhaps though, taking account of safety, nothing tops the use of frozen urine or frozen semen topped up with water. Perhaps you could turn your creativity to another aspect of bb’s use and abuse?

  12. tomilina says:

    Thank You, Mistress Scarlet. I believe I have a few ideas for Your use of bb that You may find amusing:
    Have him dig a hole then get in, filling it in as much as possibly by himself, You and Your Friends could each add a shovelful or two so that he is buried uo to the neck. Of course it must alow him enough room to breathe. Then he could be left there in his humiliation, being “watered” as You see fit.

    Tie his hands above his head outdoors (to the clothes rack or tree limb. Give him several feet of slack. Then You and Your Friends throw spoiled food, mud or anything else at him. His job is to avoid being hit with anything. For amusement, blindfold him. Of course he cleans up the mess he made.

    Have 4 bowls filled with urine (or whatever you like) two next to each other, then two on the other side of the lawn. In one ball in each pair there is a sponge, the other bowl just the urine. His duty is to pickup one sponge using only his mouth, then crawl across the lawn to the other set of bowls. He carefully puts the sponge in his mouth into the bowl without a sponge (NO splashing). Then he picks up the sponge that had been waiting and carries it back to the first pair of bowls. Can be made to do this with witnesses, alone as you read or chat, hobbled some way etc. For as long as you like. Can be done in a basement of garage too. Wouldn’t watching him do this pointless task, say in the rain, be amusing?

    Finally, one last food suggestion. Have him purchase one of those devices that scrapes off dead skin of the heels (Here in the U.S. “Ped-Egg” is one brand. What is left in the cup after using it, is a pile of shaved skin, looking somewhat like grated cheese. There would be many uses, such as sprinkling onto his food, mixed into some of your ice cubes, even mix with water (or some oil) to make it into a paste like substance and feed it to him.

    These are some ides that you can hopefully incorporate into bb’s training. I will gladly provide more if you enjoy any or all of thesre. Thank You,

    • Not taken with having a big hole dug in my garden. Not taken with throwing stuff – not ladylike.
      I like the urine bowls and sponge idea. I cannot see the need for more than two bowls, one on each end of his relay route. He starts with the sponge in his mouth, drops it into the first bowl, immediately picks it back out with his lips, crawls to the other bowl, drops it in, immediately picks it back out with his lips, crawls back to the first bowl. Repeat, repeat, repeat. While I am sunbathing would be great. He could be blindfolded.
      I prefer to use cuttings form my toe nails for edible ‘sprinkles’.

      So, one excellent idea, thank you.

      • sissy jamieanne says:

        I confess…I don’t usually try to add to other slave’s misery, but this sponge idea seems amazing…humiliating, and good exercise to boot!

  13. westfalen says:

    While you are certainly a happy Sadist with your Bb MsScarlet, it is also heartening to read how you are so careful with his health as that certainly is an important accompaniment to being such a Dominant Sadist to him which i am sure he appreciates.

    • He has become a very precious item given all his attributes and the hundreds and hundreds of hours of training and conditioning I have invested in him. I want him healthy for many, many, many years!

  14. westfalen says:

    Yes as you deserve to reap the rewards of all that training of him:)

  15. tomilina says:

    More suggestions for bitch boy activities, if i may;
    Have him jump on a trampoline, or old mattresses so that each new landing causes fresh pain (if nettles work that way)
    Teach him to pole dance
    Play the childhood game “Simon Says” (Simone Says”
    Renew your wedding vows
    Make him write new greetings for him to use when meeting Dommes, Self-humiliating, of course.
    Hand write invitations by him to those attending “Girls Night IN” or similar humiliation days. He could hand deliver if practical and wait for the response. Same would work fo thank you notes after the event.
    Use rubber bands to fire at his dicklette, while he compliments you on a good hit!

    I willl write more should you wish me to continue doing so. Incidentally, the “doggy game” played with sponges and urine was offered with four bowls so that up to 4 Women could play at once. As always, thank You for your consideration,

    • I prefer little girl dances or nursery rhymes with actions, to pole dancing or the trampoline. Renew the wedding vows is a good one. He already has to write little welcome speeches for guests when the mood takes me. He already sends a thank you email when a Domme has visited and abused him. Rubber bands sounds a bit inconsistent in effectiveness and hard work. Not sure I recall the doggy game. Keep them coming.

  16. sissy jamieanne says:

    Your utter cruelty and sadism never cease to amaze me, Ma’am! It’s little wonder that bb is so in awe of You! And the fact that his crying and begging get him nowhere reinforces that You are without doubt so very real in Your total domination of him…the world should be populated by Women like You!

    In respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  17. westfalen says:

    Toe nail cuttings as edible sprinkles are not deleterious to b-b’s health-?……just wondering as have never seen that before used with a slave for his ingestion…..suppose they would just pass through his system a -ok……

  18. darkhorsesub says:

    I’ve no clue how I ended up on this post, but I did and it prompts me to ask; have you ever been lenient as a result of bb’s begging and grovelling? We’ve heard about it a fair number of times in the journals and on the blog, and I wondered whether, if he’s never successful, does he still bother?

  19. westfalen says:

    Yes for a male sub, giving heartfelt pleading and begging, and having it denied just reiterates the power disparity between you two:)

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