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Oh and I forgot to mention…….

Regarding the post below: – On each day of last weekend, his lunch was a yoghurt, spooned a bit of a time by me onto the white porcelain of the toilet rim. His hands were bound behind his back while … Continue reading

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Can last weekend be topped?

Bank holiday last weekend was a joy! (For me anyway.) I don’t know if I can top it this weekend. bitch-boy spent some considerable time on rotary clothes line duty on two consecutive days. His total time must have topped two hours … Continue reading

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Men genuinely crying or pleading

So much femdom photographic or video porn misrepresents the desires of real domes. I can imagine many women seeing it who may have thought about  becoming a Domme being completely put-off. This rubbish porn is either aimed at men or is … Continue reading

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More extreme and more satisfied

I have posted a new string of correspondence between myself and a couple in a real FEMDOM relationship in my ADVICE section. The delightful couple have made a step change in their relationship as a result of reading my published journals … Continue reading

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Volume 7 in the Apple iStore and on Barnes & Noble

Volume 7 of my journals is now available for Apple devices. Much quicker than expected. It is also now on the Barnes & Noble site. Link here, for further outlets/formats.

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Its all true

I know some readers of my blog and journals doubt the whole truth that this life, as described, is actually led by bitch-boy and I. This does bother me a bit because I want all women to know just how … Continue reading

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