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Can last weekend be topped?

Bank holiday last weekend was a joy! (For me anyway.) I don’t know if I can top it this weekend. bitch-boy spent some considerable time on rotary clothes line duty on two consecutive days. His total time must have topped two hours while I sat in the conservatory and read the weekend paper supplements. I did break up his blindfolded tedium for him a bit, every twenty minutes or so, by caning his arse as a motivation to keep on moving.

I also played with his boy’s bits on each of the three consecutive days for an hour a time – it takes an hour to watch an episode of the latest sub-titled foreign language detective series box-set I am watching.

He also spent at least two hours each day playing with his dollies. Board games, reading to them and colouring-in. (I have two new colouring-in books, The Girls’ Princess Colouring Book (Buster Activity), The Girls’ Fairy Colouring Book  recommended to me, they are so detailed – it takes him ages to colour a single page in. And, of course, he gets caned hard if he goes over the lines at all, so extra time is required to be careful not to do so.

He spent a minimum of an hour and half each day in Total Sensory deprivation bondage. Sometimes enjoying a semen/water ice chunk, sometimes a urine ice block, and either nettles, or Deep Heat Muscle rub, on his poor little clitty – which did keep getting stiff and hard when I played with it – so what else could I do? On the last day I did let him have a very powerful orgasm at the end of the TSD bondage session. But I made it very clear the purpose was for me to prepare a semen/water mix ice block for the following weekend. (I wonder if that takes the shine off the experience for him?)

Despite all of the above, he still had time for his chores and for prepping all the delicious food and cocktails I consumed. And there was still time for me to have 5 or 6 massive orgasms each day.

I do apologise that there was nothing new for me to report on, but I just have these favourite things to do.


Men genuinely crying or pleading

So much femdom photographic or video porn misrepresents the desires of real domes. I can imagine many women seeing it who may have thought about  becoming a Domme being completely put-off. This rubbish porn is either aimed at men or is simply produced and directed by people who have no idea what a REAL DOMME likes to do. I guess a further problem is the professional Dominatrix where the client has a safe-word. I imagine the interaction cannot work without this, but for me, the male is in control (not the Dominatrix)  – when the male can halt proceedings whenever he chooses.  I can’t imagine what the male gets from this and I have always assumed they are masochists and not submissive. (A distasteful thought for me is that the main kick they get, buy the end of a session, is feeling proud of themselves over just how much they could take before they used the safe word.) There are some Dominatrix who manage somehow to work around the safe-word issue, I know – and more power to them. And more power to all professional dominatrix while I am on the subject! I respect them all – a valuable and positive part of society.

On one aspect of BDSM porn – a genuinely crying or pleading submissive. There appears to be no shortage of BDSM porn with a female sub who is genuinely crying or pleading, but finding porn where a male is sub is genuinely crying or pleading is very difficult. YET,  I consider that is an essential ingredient in real domination! There is some available:- The Balkan Brat, Barefoot Princess, Mikaela – (Shepunishes), Governess X,  Mistress Jo, Sadobitch, Goddess Whiskey – (Cruel Stepsister), Sadista, Cruel Sara.

A long list you may think. And I have no doubt that I have missed a good number out. But I would estimate the femdom material that hits the mark is perhaps less than 1% of the femdom material online. How can this be?

Anyway, RANT OVER. One thing I can happily say is that bitch-boy will be genuinely crying and genuinely pleading a good number of times over this bank holiday weekend – and I will be very happy and contented.


More extreme and more satisfied

I have posted a new string of correspondence between myself and a couple in a real FEMDOM relationship in my ADVICE section. The delightful couple have made a step change in their relationship as a result of reading my published journals and my blogs. The Mistress, Mistress Serena is wonderfully sadistic and exploiting. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction when I hear that I have assisted another woman in increasing the pleasure, amusement and ease in her life in some small way through dominance over a male.

Its all true

I know some readers of my blog and journals doubt the whole truth that this life, as described, is actually led by bitch-boy and I. This does bother me a bit because I want all women to know just how relaxing and exhilarating a life with a real sub can be, when you adopt it and then ensure it  evolves fully over the years. Below I evaluate some of the doubts that have been expressed to me. I always welcome these doubts so that I get a chance to address them. (Keep them coming.)

Too much for one man to take. Firstly, bitch-boy did not go from zero subjugation to where we are today. I evolved, and my lifestyle became more extreme over – coming up for – 15 years. So, much like how – if you slowly heat a pot of water to boiling point with a frog in it, the frog never jumps out – bitch-boy has been conditioned to just take more and more, his evolution of deepening acquiescence following my evolution of ever greater control and cruelty. Secondly, he is deeply, deeply submissive to women and has been since before he was 11 years old. So when faced with say, me and my two sisters for the first time taking utter control of him – three, tall, attractive, highly intelligent, very dominant women – his submissiveness overwhelmed all other traits in him and despite the terrible humiliation on that day, he was a deeply submissive rabbit caught in the headlights of intractable female dominance. (And having submitted once, the future led only one way.) Thirdly, he has managed to compartmentalise, mentally, the different aspects of his life. Within half an hour of the most terrible humiliations, he is able to, just about, deal with a business call. He can switch either way with only a little duration of transition. Fourthly, there are our practical lifestyle arrangements. He is awake for an average of 122 hours per week. Running his business takes only about an average of 22 hours per week, most weeks, (he works from home for 90% of that), leaving him 100 hours. Chores, garden and yard work take about 21 hours per week. This leaves 79 hours per week – when I am not at work, to use and abuse him. Deducted from that is vanilla interactions with family and friends about one weekend in four. So, it is not too much for one man to take. And I know of real Dommes, some of whom I have met, who have a lifestyle considerably more extreme than mine!

It is fantasy that you would have the sisters you do and meet the women you have met. Practical matters. (A) In the world, there are millions of families that consist of  a mother, father and several daughters. It is a statistical certainty that a percentage of these families will be led by a dominant mother who raises very dominant daughters. My family is one – even if such families are rare. (B) The children have all flown the nest and live some distance away. We moved to the countryside leaving all our family members and friends some distance away, we also have only a cordial nodding relationship with our few neighbours. This all means we never have people simply drop in to see us. All visitors are by appointment. (C) See above, bitch-boy runs his own business, works from home 90% of the time, and we both earn very good money. (D) In nearly 15 years, I have met only a handful of women who have wished to join me in my life with bitch-boy. Some moving in with us for a while, (one at a time! over the years) – most visiting regularly for a while. (Plus my sisters and Akesha).  Life is change. The women move away or abroad with work, they move for family reasons, they meet a sub of their own and stop visiting – so these are transient relationships. Over such a number of years, is this small number unbelievable? Given I have been on a number of BDSM contact sites and I visit fetish fairs and fetish clubs such as Club Pedestal. (And yet again, here is an invitation to any woman who wishes to join me in the use of abuse of bitch-boy (without bringing a man with them) although I am happy to have them come to me alone and then, me go to them alone, if they would like to double-domme any sub they own. (This is just how I like to take pleasure – a single male the absolute centre of attention! – Its my thing – I don’t know why.)

Equipment and apparel. Look on the internet or in the high street. All equipment I use is out there and most of it (not including BDSM beds) is quite low cost.

 So in conclusion. My life is real. Ladies who have a sub as a partner – try it. Ladies who have no partner – find a sub and try it. (There are 100 male subs looking for each Domme!)