More extreme and more satisfied

I have posted a new string of correspondence between myself and a couple in a real FEMDOM relationship in my ADVICE section. The delightful couple have made a step change in their relationship as a result of reading my published journals and my blogs. The Mistress, Mistress Serena is wonderfully sadistic and exploiting. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction when I hear that I have assisted another woman in increasing the pleasure, amusement and ease in her life in some small way through dominance over a male.

5 thoughts on “More extreme and more satisfied

  1. Dear Scarlet
    I read volume 7 today, you are one of a kind. Thank you soo much. I have a question, well you be dressing bb up in diapers and rubber pants and maybe some force feeding of creamy corn and other nasty food in volume 8?

  2. Dear Scarlet,
    I am certain you are embracing the bank holiday weekend with bitch-boy. I must apologise for tiffany’s (written) absence, I am keeping her busy….very busy !

    1. It makes me smile thinking of how you are keeping tiffany busy. Just as it should be. My bank holiday was wonderful. I am not sure bitch-boy would say his was wonderful. I am sure he would agree though that it was very affecting for him.

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