Can last weekend be topped?

Bank holiday last weekend was a joy! (For me anyway.) I don’t know if I can top it this weekend. bitch-boy spent some considerable time on rotary clothes line duty on two consecutive days. His total time must have topped two hours while I sat in the conservatory and read the weekend paper supplements. I did break up his blindfolded tedium for him a bit, every twenty minutes or so, by caning his arse as a motivation to keep on moving.

I also played with his boy’s bits on each of the three consecutive days for an hour a time – it takes an hour to watch an episode of the latest sub-titled foreign language detective series box-set I am watching.

He also spent at least two hours each day playing with his dollies. Board games, reading to them and colouring-in. (I have two new colouring-in books, The Girls’ Princess Colouring Book (Buster Activity), The Girls’ Fairy Colouring Book  recommended to me, they are so detailed – it takes him ages to colour a single page in. And, of course, he gets caned hard if he goes over the lines at all, so extra time is required to be careful not to do so.

He spent a minimum of an hour and half each day in Total Sensory deprivation bondage. Sometimes enjoying a semen/water ice chunk, sometimes a urine ice block, and either nettles, or Deep Heat Muscle rub, on his poor little clitty – which did keep getting stiff and hard when I played with it – so what else could I do? On the last day I did let him have a very powerful orgasm at the end of the TSD bondage session. But I made it very clear the purpose was for me to prepare a semen/water mix ice block for the following weekend. (I wonder if that takes the shine off the experience for him?)

Despite all of the above, he still had time for his chores and for prepping all the delicious food and cocktails I consumed. And there was still time for me to have 5 or 6 massive orgasms each day.

I do apologise that there was nothing new for me to report on, but I just have these favourite things to do.


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16 Responses to Can last weekend be topped?

  1. Serena says:

    Congratulations. Sounds like a weekend well spent Scarlet. Sadly most of my weekend, and tiffanys for that matter, was spent working. However, I hope to correct that in forthcoming weeks.
    Take care, and enjoy.

  2. fluffy says:

    So happy you are enjoying yourself so much, with such delightful things Ms Scarlet 🙂
    If you are looking for new things to add to your intoxicating mix, have you considered or tried out any of the following with BB?

    – use of a slim sliver of fresh root ginger (causes an intense burning sensation) where you normally place the interdental brushes?
    – using a dead wasp to sting his small little clitty (
    – stripping him naked and painting him him all over
    – piercing his septum so he can have a nose ring with a bell that can chime for times when he is permitted to enjoy his girlfriend in front of you and Ms Sarah

    respect from

    • The ginger urethra torment is on my to do list. I may try using ginger for figging first.

      Dead wasp is not accurate or certain enough for me compared to what I already use.

      I paint his cock head with nail varnish from time to time. Very funny! I think getting the paint off after painting his whole body is too impractical. Where would that task be undertaken?

      A bell hanging from a septum piercing I LOVE! My issue would be how to ensure the piercing did not close up when he had to remove his nose jewellery for reasons of work, particularly during the healing phase.

      Real Life Domination is full of practical issues!”

  3. westfalen says:

    Ginger in his urethra= ouchie!

  4. FootSlaveE says:

    Does BB ever put on clothesline duty in the rain? Would seem to make it even more ridiculous and useless.

  5. tiffany says:

    Nettle Pouch mastered…… Mistress Scarlet, You will be delighted to know I’m sure, that on return to TSD bondage, Mistress Serena has indeed mastered the art of the Nettle Pouch (using the stems as much as the leaves). Following several applications of the Muscle Rescue Deep Heat to my clitty and “sissy peas”, and the use of urine ice block in my funnel gag for the first time, She applied the nettle pouch for 30 minutes. As i write ninety minutes later, my clitty is stinging furiously inside my “Punishment panties” as it rubs against the hessian material of said panties. i am to wear them overnight !

  6. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*
    Further to above post, Mistress Serena wishes to ask a further question, but has directed me to ask it as She considers it more demeaning i ask on Her behalf…
    Having gotten used to recieving the nettle pouch on many occaision now, (not to say without due suffering ) and progressed from minutes to near an hour, how long do You consider an adequate period to leave the pouch in place, and do You ever replace with fresh leaves immediately after such a period?

    • To answer this question steps me back to the fundamentals of the reasons to inflict pain. For me, I think there are three. The first is for a punishment. For punishment, the pouch use period and potential refreshing should fit the crime. The second is to ensure bitch-boy is in awe of my merciless cruelty and therefore subjugated and conditioned to my authority. In general I think an hour would suffice for this I think. Perhaps occasionally longer as a special reminder. The third is for my sadistic pleasure. I have to admit that when a torment I inflict produces genuine, pitiful begging with all his heart, then the sadist in me is normally satisfied. However there is a strange sense of very contented tranquillity when I leave bitch-boy upstairs in TSD bondage and suffering for a long period, while I am downstairs relaxing. So, I could see in excess of an hour may occasionally be good for this.
      Then there is the issue of escalation. As I have mentioned before, my general rule with all punishments and torments is to induce genuine, pitiful begging with all his heart and then desist so that I have room for worsening whatever I am doing in the future, should I need or want to. So in conclusion, I guess I think an hour is enough apart from special occasions when both longer, and replenishment, would be appropriate.

  7. westfalen says:

    That is a nice comprehensive outline MsScarlet of the three reasons for inflicting pain on bb: for punishment, to enhance your authority via your capricious cruelty, and to feed your sadism…….nice roundup of great rationale for his difficult treatments!

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh! I have mentioned that You are a Goddess haven’t I?!?! Of course I have!

    As I read this, I’m reminded that “non-slaves” might use their extra time off to play golf, enjoy fishing, engage in or view sporting events, enjoy the great outdoors, etc…and then there is bitchboy (and many fortunate males, pansies, sissies like him) who don’t have to be bothered trying to decide how to spend their time! Wonderful Ladies like You fill their time with discipline, torment, pain and humiliation…reminding them of their inferior status…You’ve certainly given Your bitchboy a well-rounded weekend, Ma’am…and he certainly can’t complain of having nothing to do! I’m sure he was aptly grateful for the extra effort You put into ensuring he had plenty to occupy himself!

    In deep respect,

    sissy jamieanne

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