Oh and I forgot to mention…….

Regarding the post below: – On each day of last weekend, his lunch was a yoghurt, spooned a bit of a time by me onto the white porcelain of the toilet rim. His hands were bound behind his back while he licked it up.

I did allow him to clean the toilet first but of course that did also mean cleaning a toilet every morning!

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9 Responses to Oh and I forgot to mention…….

  1. Doc says:

    WOW!!!!!!! That’s humiliation!

  2. FootSlaveE says:

    I’m sure you now have the cleanest toilets in England!

  3. westfalen says:

    That’s a sure way to get a clean toilet!

  4. slave says:

    Relish the humiliation and dedication of this slave. my envy

  5. makotch says:

    Out of curiosity ,why do you allow bb to clean the toilet before his lunch..?
    have you ever urinated in the toilet and didn’t flush then spoon out the youghurt on the porcelain where your urine splashed ( should add some flavor and aroma) and after he finishes he should know that it’s time to drink your sweet urine that lies at the bottom of the toilet.
    Thank you mistress for taking the time to read my post.

    • It is a matter of practicality. Real life female domination instead of fantasy. Fresh urine is sterile providing the donor does not have a urinary tract infection. Old urine and toilet water which has contained faeces is not sterile and could induce a nasty bout of illness. I do not want my slave to be ill. I need him to be fit and healthy in order to best undertake his role as my slave and play-toy. After he has cleaned the toilet, I do urinate in the toilet and then not flush it, before feeding him his yogurt from the rim, so he does get the sweet aroma of my piss.

  6. westfalen says:


  7. sissy jamieanne says:

    A most delightful treat from the Mistress!

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