Shoes for fun!

I saw these shoes in a window of a shop which unfortunately was closed. If the spring compresses so that the top sole can come close to contact with the bottom sole, what great cock crushers the shoes would make. (even if the cock would have to be flaccid to fit into the gap.)

I had to depart the town in which the shop was situated, so I will never know.

IMG_0491 copy

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10 Responses to Shoes for fun!

  1. Stephen996 says:

    Personally, I was quite surprized to find they have lots of similar here……………….

    being 6′ 2″ not my bag at all!!!

  2. fluffy says:

    and like any other Lady’s piece of footwear – good to lick clean too 🙂
    or in the case of this type of sandal – to put in a corner for an hour or more to sniff each divine toe print, left by one’s Goddess, while contemplating how luck a slave boy the slave is, being permitted such intimate moments with his betters

    respect fluffy

  3. westfalen says:

    oh my:)

  4. ravi says:

    U could consider buying a infrared heat lamp.This can be used along with the deep heat gel to make his experience much more painful.However it can get almost too painful within 10 minutes.

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