A sissy friend for bitch-boy

I just had to post two photos of bitch-boy’s new sissy friend. This is an unashamed copy of an idea of my wonderful friend Madame Victoria. A copy of a doll she made for her male slave, Stephanie-Jane. Bitch-boy’s new dolly even has the same name as the doll Madame Victoria has gifted to poor Steffie – she had come up with such a good name. (Madame Victoria is featured in the published Volume 6 of my journals, and is also in the half completed Volume 8).

I will leave it to your imagination to envisage the sort of humiliations bitch-boy (and Steffi) has to suffer with his new sissy doll friend!

dolll  Untitled-1

Some shopping on Amazon and eBay, and for under £20 for all the items I secured a pink Barbie ball room gown which I chopped down with scissors so that it was ridiculously short. Another purchase of some Barbie doll frill topped socks and of course the purchase of the male doll. Two small ribbon bows stuck to the doll with glue, red nail varnish to depict the red punished bottom and there we have it – a little sissy friend doll for lucky bitch-boy! I’m afraid he did not seem very grateful. LOL!

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12 Responses to A sissy friend for bitch-boy

  1. PinkPantiesonMe says:

    I guess you could have bitch boy call it sissykins ! Lol

  2. melissajane says:

    Seems somehow how appropriate that the sissy’s sissy doll doesn’t have any male genitals and is just flat where they would’ve been. Maybe they are less significant or diminished as can tend to happen with sissy’s?

  3. fluffy says:

    wonders what on earth BB and sissy sidney do together?
    not sure this slave gets the point of gift to BB, but am probably missing something quite obvious?

    respect from

    • Well one thing they do is stand next to each other, facing the wall, nose touching the wall, arms folded behind their backs, red bottoms on display. Perhaps I am even more weird than I thought, but I find that sooooo funny to observe while I watch TV or read! There are other little things too of course. The most important thing is bitch-boy seems to hate the addition to his dolly collection. I think because of the potential ideas that might arise as much as anything else.

      The comments of MelissaJane are a wonderful case in point. I have already talked to bitch-boy on how his new sissy dolly friend has no cock at all which is quite similar to bitch-boy himself.

      • sissy jamieanne says:

        Oh my! Standing nose to the wall next to his sissy friend, both of their reddened bottoms on display must be horribly embarrassing! I don’t find You weird at all, Ma’am…just delightful! I can imagine Your fun and amusement as You laugh in pleasure at bb’s humiliations!

        Deep curtsy to You,

        sissy jamieanne

  4. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet. Just a thought if your still giving BB little sewing tasks.


    • Thank you. He does not have a Barbie doll, but the idea is delightful. When all his sewing tasks for his own outfits are completed, I will have him sew something for one of his dolls.

  5. westfalen says:

    Yes well wall standing nose touching is such a Dommely way to watch your bb relax!

  6. Bitchboy says:

    My wife is my my dominatrix. I have totally submitted and take care of all house chores. I have recently started wearing sexy women’s panties at all times and nightgowns picked out by mistress to wear at night. Mistress has recently purchased a big 10″ cock and is stretching me for it. I take a 7″ cock already b

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