Careful what you wish for ……..

Followers of my blog will have read in the section with the tab above, marked ‘Advice‘, of the progress of Mistress Serena and her sub Tiffanymaid. I thought the evolving regime as currently described was worthy of a blog post. So below, I set out the recent report to me.

I replied to what is reported below. One of my comments was as follows.

‘I think regretting what you wished for is an inevitability when dominated by wonderful Mistresses such as Mistress Serena. As is being bored. The slightly paradoxical combination of boredom and humiliation is a current favourite of mine for bitch-boy to endure which is why he has to spend hours playing with his dollies while I virtually, but not quite, ignore him.’



MsScarlet curtsy
As ever W/we trust You and bitchboy are well and all is pleasurable.
Following a very active Sunday i thought it correct to update You accordingly, indeed, prior to leaving for a midweek break with Her lover, Mistress Serena instructed me to do precisely this.
i have often read & heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for”, and whilst appreciating its meaning, i have rarely had occaision to experience this…until now.

Once again taking Your guidence as inspiration, Serena had me, following a 50 stroke whipping, in extended TSD bondage. She took massive oral pleasures before applying the muscle rub and funnel gag (ice block pee). Further into the session She applied the nettle pouch which worked more efficiently than previous. ( This maybe due to the transplanted nettles becoming more mature and firm).
After three to four hours Serena replaced my TSD with an evening and overnight as “tiffanykins”. She double diapered (nappied) me and dressed me fully in sissy pink babywear, (bootees, plastic pants,frilly diaper cover panties, bib, dummy, bonnet and dress ). She led me down to lounge and set me the task of colouring in the same Princess colouring book bitchboy has, my first attempt ( the bride & four bridesmaids pic 2/3 into book) was not wonderful, and i found it most humiliating and somewhat boring, but Mistress maintained Her dominance and after over two hours i completed the colouring in.
My night was spent dressed as described and inevitably after 12 hours in diaper/nappy, i was very wet, but the double nappy did it job.
This morning i have spent tidying and cleaning throughout, with addition of bells attached to my chastity cage beneath my skirt, no panties. Again, i was surprised at just how humiliating having bells jingle aloud as i move could be. Serena loves it, i hate it. So She has set off with Her lover and i have a long list of chores to work through (including this message) which will keep me occupied throughout.
Mistress Serena sends Her grateful thanks for Your continued support, and in turn i hope this message is of interest.
Yours respectfully and in obedience,

Omitted to add, prior to Her departure, Mistress administered a strict paddling and cropping to keep my focus.

Mistress Scarlet curtsy

In my haste to update You on recent “tiffanykins” session, i omitted several points that may have been of interest. Most significantly was the introduction of the inflatable sheep.
Serena introduced me to “Sophie the Sheep”, and had me nurse and kiss her (Sophie) with affection. Serena has yet to introduce dollies or soft toys, so i was instructed to tuck Sophie under my arm and sat her next to me throughout my colouring in and the evening. ( i have yet to show Sophie my “affections” further ! )
Several baby bottles containing cold tea on one occaision and Serenas Golden Nectar on another were consumed before bedtime.
i shall try not to forget things when i update You next Mistress Scarlet.

Obediently, tiffanymaid/tiffanykins



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14 Responses to Careful what you wish for ……..

  1. dan says:

    who ever is that slave he is very lucky,i wish i was that slave

  2. lee anne says:

    That was great to read, I’m a sub male (37) hoping to meet mistress Scarlett’s (from Blackpool) this wkend. I can’t wait to be sissyfied and humiliated. What a great blog, mistress Scarlett’s and mistress sienna, your both amazing

  3. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet….. it may interest You, and your followers to know that during the latest TSD Bondage session (yesterday), Mistress Serena introduced the use of a Wartenberg Pinwheel to the prelude, alongside hot flannel and toothbrush. It goes without saying that the application of Muscle Rescue (Deep Heat Rub) was even more agonising than usual.

  4. Peter says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    i have read almost all of your books and am amazed by the modest response they get on Amazon. Your books are absolutely amazing and deserve a much wider acclaim from the femdom community.
    This may sound strange to You but the best piece You have ever written is, in my opinion, a short story titled THE WEB OF THE SPOILT SPIDER. It’s kind of different from Your Real Female Domination books but it is by far the most realistic and psychologically precise piece of femdom literature i have ever come across. Would love to see more of this and wonder if You plan on writing more along these lines. i used to read quite a few books by James Penderg….s. His focus is also on the psychological aspect of femdom and, together with this story of Yours, is the best in the genre,
    Thank You!
    PS. Sorry about posting here, not sure where it fits…

    • For my published material I do receive a great deal of very kind commenting on this blog and there are a few reviews on Amazon and on I think there is a problem for most people in attaching their Amazon email for all to see on the Amazon website by posting a review. (If that is to what you refer when you say ‘the modest response they get on Amazon.‘)

      Thank you for your kind words. Many readers have said they think my published written material is up there with the very, very best of other published femdom literature and I find this very rewarding.

      Who is the author you refer to as Penderg….s?

      • Peter says:

        Thank You for Your response, I agree about the email thing. The author mentioned is James Pendergrass, mostly his early novels (his most recent ones are not that good, imo).
        Would love to read more stuff along the lines of THE WEB OF THE SPOILT SPIDER. Please consider ! 🙂

  5. Serena says:

    Dear Scarlet,
    As I write, tiffany is fettered, awaiting punishment. Following a period of vast improvement (following O/our renewed regime), the weekend sadly saw a step backward. Due to work and social commitments, tiffany and I had little or no time from Friday to Sunday for her to maintain her duties and respect. Sadly, it only took these few days for her to forget her place and by Sunday evening usual standards and more relevently, respect, seen to have been forgotten. To say I am livid would be an understatement.
    It would appear lack of punishment and humiliation have spoilt the slave, so a period of correction is called for. I have yet to decide what I am going to do with tiffany, but my paddle and crop are prepared.

  6. westfal says:

    What is that old FemDom saying ‘spare the punishment and humiliation’, spoil the slave especially a male one!’.

  7. sissyjamieanne says:

    Humble and respectful greetings Mistress Scarlet…

    It is indeed a good reminder for us slaves to be very careful what we wish for…this advice should be heeded, but as You know, we male submissives don’t always remember that, as is clearly proven by the painful and humiliating predicaments we often find ourselves in!

    I just want to add that I am at about 30% through volume 8 of Your journals and it is most certainly not disappointing!!! I’m thrilling to and loving each and every adventure, Ma’am! Thank You so much for sharing Your lifestyle with us.

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

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