A new device

I have just come across The Kitchen Safe. A neat, large, locking device with a timer. I am just thinking about potential uses in the subjugation and torment of bitch-boy and if I should purchase one. I wondered if others who read this blog may have used it as part of a regime. And if so, how?

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24 Responses to A new device

  1. rudysroost says:

    I’ve had a Kitchen Safe for about a year. It is handy to hold keys to chastity devices. Mistresses no longer have to worry about the key being misplaced or found. Once items are placed into the safe (get the clear one so the contents are visible), The timer on the safe can be set for any amount of time from one second to ten days. Press the button and you have five seconds to change your mind. After five seconds the contents cannot be removed until the timer counts down to zero seconds. There is no workaround to remove the contents, the remaining amount of time is continually displayed. I would suggest setting it to open at a time when Bitch Boy will not be around, you then can decide if you’d like to re-lock the keys for another time period.

  2. rj says:

    put the key in there and then…

  3. rocka says:

    does msscarlet ever fantasize or wonder about how it would feel like to be topped by a man?

  4. Secretarygoddess says:

    I lock up the remotes to the TV whenever I leave the house and hubby is at home. He has chores to do, and his watching TV takes time away from his tasks

  5. canuck says:

    A few ideas..

    – Lock the key to escape some humiliating form of attire and set the timer for the day. Have a friend “unexpectadly” call and announce their arrival within the safe’s locked time. Play out his now vulnerable situation.

    – Set the key to his chastity device inside and set the timer. Inform him that when it unlocks, he may have release. Obviously you wouldn’t make the timing possible.

    • One good idea, one yet to be thought through!

      He does have a lockable maid’s dress and lockable little girl’s dress.

      Raise his hopes and dash them somehow because the lock opens too late – still need to know how to cause it to be too late, given he can see the programmed unlock time.

  6. Fluffy says:

    His daily feed, in the see-through one, for days when you leave BB home alone doing his chores

  7. ravi says:

    Put the key to his chasity device inside and set the time.All this while he standing blindfolded.He gets his release if he is able to guess the time right,if he gets it wrong he waits till it unlocks to try his luck again.
    or u could lock up one oh his privileges . Like he can’t piss till the safes open again.The ticking clock will make it harder and u couldd always have him drink a lot of water before doing it.

  8. roger says:

    Lock him into place for some sensory deprivation torture, and put the keys inside the kitchen safe for your desired time. His knowing that he won’t be released even in the event of a severe panic attack should intensify his feelings of vulnerability and subjugation

    • This is a very good suggestion which I like a great deal. Thank you.

      • r says:

        Mistress Scarlet,

        I love this idea, but if you try it you might want to get a set of spare keys cut (without bb knowing, obviously), so that in the event of a fire or similar emergency you can easily release him. You could still increase his fear by deliberately telling him that there are no spare keys, so he (thinks he) knows that in the event of an emergency he still has no escape……

  9. rocka says:

    — You could lock his meal in there and put it in the middle of the kitchen, while he does his chores

  10. william bierkens says:

    Put him outside at night, chained or handcuffed to a tree. Maybe have him smear some honey on himself to make sure he won’t get too lonely. Have him simulate intensive gay sex with his man dolly, describing in detail the things he will do and wants done. Have a little light and the baby monitor going. You can keep him engaged for hours in the dark and meanwhile he doesn’t even know whether you are still monitoring him or have gone already to sleep. Him suffering lonely in the dark backyard and you already dozing off, not having to worry about releasing him. He just has to suffer and wait till the lockbox opens up.

    • Another prize winner! The principle of locking him outdoors dressed as a little girl (with the gates unlocked) and him not being able to come back in until the box opens to give him the key is fantastic. I am thinking perhaps, just as I am going to bed for the night. Or on a sunny afternoon when I wish, not to be disturbed for some reason. I am also thinking perhaps when we are on holiday abroad.

      BTW, the wonderful video baby monitor has night vision.

  11. Sophiebaby says:

    You have had many excellent suggestions for your kitchen safe but here is one that has not yet been made. In one of your books you tell of the time that B B was sent off to a cheap hotel whilst you enjoyed yourself with a lesbian friend. If you have another occasion to send him to a hotel on his own you can continue to exercise control in the following way. He obviously has to take the safe with him and as soon as he is in the room he places in it his trousers, the room key, (I’m assuming here that he doesn’t lock the door for obvious safety reasons) his wallet, money and credit card and perhaps the TV remote from the room.

    As soon as is possible and you will know how long it will take him to get the hotel and get into the room he must send you a photograph on his mobile phone of the locked safe with these items clearly visible as contents. You will have told him how long he has to set the safe which will be for some time at the following morning. This of course forces him to stay in the hotel room, he has no trousers, no money and no room key and he can’t very well go down to reception and get another one.

    He is therefore alone, incommunicado and with nothing else to think about except his lowly position and to wonder how you’re enjoying himself coupled with the vulnerability of someone coming to the room. I assume that he will still be wearing his decorative panties. The only disadvantage to this is that he would have access to a smart phone which could provide him with some entertainment I therefore suggest that you make sure he leaves his charger behind and has only enough battery power to send you the photograph. This little game might also pander to your “partially ignoring” pleasures.

    Do you have a good quality framed full length photo portrait of yourself, perhaps discretely risque for him to admire during his solitude?

    • There is a hint of a good idea here. But it still needs a lot of work. Too much fantasy and not enough based in reality. For instance, it simply would not be possible to manage a phone charge level as you suggest and I would not want him having access to a smart phone. Also if there was a fire alarm, I would not want him going out of the hotel in some panties. He has a business to run to earn money for me.

  12. jamesmiller104 says:

    Thanks a lot, My wife is coming up with nasty ways to use the safe!

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