A new Domme for bitch-boy to endure

I have a wonderful new Domme visiting my home tomorrow to assist in making bitch-boy feel very sorry for himself and be reminded yet again how inferior he is to dominant women and how he must suffer for our amusement and pleasure. Mistress X (as I will refer to her in this post) is young and very attractive which makes it so much worse for bitch-boy. She is also highly intelligent, articulate, creative and stern. She has been experimenting with dominating a part-time slave for around a year. I believe she is very cruel. In an email to Mistress X, I explained how fretful and miserable bitch-boy was contemplating the forthcoming event and the things I had planned for him. I mentioned to Mistress X that he may well be reduced to tears just by the humiliation I intended him to suffer at our hands, let alone the painful aspects I planned. Her emailed response to this truly could not have been more perfect! Mistress X wrote – ‘It would be an absolute dream to watch him break down and cry.’ I am very excited I have to say. Despite the recurring visits of my sisters and Madame Victoria, for some reason, bitch-boy finds his exposure in all his finery to a NEW Domme to be the end of the world!

I will be reciprocating her visit to me by visiting her in London soon and assisting in an evening of abusing her sub.

I have absolutely no doubt that, with Mistress’s X’s permission, my written account of her visit will be included as a long entry in Journal No. 8 which is already three quarters completed.

On the agenda for Saturday is bitch-boy dressed as a little girl, performing nursery rhymes with actions, playing with his dollies and probably doing a short, very little-sissy-girl dance. Of course, he may have to do his dance a good number of times! (He has a new little girl dress which, by good fortune, arrived this week. It was made to measure and cost a lot of money. As you may expect it comes down only to his hips, it is pink and has incredible frills. (I will be posting separately in due course with a photo of the dress.) Mistress X has asked to try out my leather two-tongued tawse, a leather paddle and a wooden paddle. This will happen with bitch-boy strapped face down over the dining table. Mistress X has also asked that we use nettles on BB’s little clitty. I have decided to demonstrate the use on his clitty of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue too. I have purchased some Viagra (or more accurately – Sildenafil) to make sure he is very hard for this. I have already tried out the Sildenafil. It is so amusing! (There will be a blog post on the technicalities of Sildenafil too in due course.)

There will be a demonstration of TSD bondage on bitch-boy – with the use of the funnel and urine and/or semen ice cubes and also the gynaecological stirrups, although his clitty abuse will probably be in the sitting room, with him hanging from the ceiling beam.

So much for bitch-boy to look forward to – he is a lucky little sub!

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12 Responses to A new Domme for bitch-boy to endure

  1. Serena says:

    Sounds absolutely adorable Scarlet. I look forward to hearing the outcome with relish, as well as details of the Sildenafil and his girly dress.

  2. rocka says:

    any chance, you would post pictures of you holy mistresses for visual support

  3. fluffy says:

    what a lucky boy indeed, BB gets to have a non stop ecstatic dancing penis for the amusement of his betters – how generous of you Ms Scarlet. Have you ever let your sister Ms Sarah loose on him after taking such help – bet she would delightfully go to town in delicious tortures on a peni that doesn’t go down!!

    does he need such help, I would have thought all the denial and serving you would keep him pretty frisky

    respect from

    • I have not involved Sarah since purchasing the Sildenafil as the pills only came this week. In my blog post on the subject, I will explain why they are of benefit despite the denial and the feminine beauty he is subject to.

  4. tiffanymaid says:

    All day today (Sat 25th) my thoughts have turned to bitch-boy. i have been thinking constantly “What is bitch-boy doing now”, ” i wonder what Mistress Scarlet & Mistress X are doing to bitch boy” etc.
    i truly hope Mistress X enjoyed Her visit, and i trust bitch-boy bought You both flowers before the start of proceedings.

  5. cgrim says:

    So very encouraging to know there are Women who truly understand & embrace Their Superiority over the hapless male. This phenomenon seems to be growing as more Women become aware of Their innate Power to control and manipulate men. This is the Natural Order & cannot be ignored or denied.

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  7. westfal says:

    Such a good way as you say to remind b-b of his inferiority to Dominant women and his place in serving and suffering for their pleasures and entertainments.:)

  8. sissyjamieanne says:

    Oh my! This quote from Mistress X ‘It would be an absolute dream to watch him break down and cry’ leaves little doubt as to why bb dreaded Her visit so profoundly…he certainly had reason to fear…the Lady is obviously a sadist…and there are soooo many sadists in poor bb’s life! I have not yet reached the episode with Mistress X in journal 8…but I can’t wait to get there.

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

    • slaveboij says:

      i hope you read it. i am halfway there and already pitying bitch-boy. the shame is real and can not imagine anyone but only ’it’ going through all this just to pleasure it’s Superior.
      the power and control MsScarlet has over ‘it’ is just so mesmerising beyond my imagination.


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