Punished penis and more

Just a very quick post on how successful yesterday was. To quote from a thank you email I had bitch-boy send Mistress X this morning, she was ‘very beautiful, frightening, astute, eloquent and very cruel’. bitch-boy was so utterly subjugated and shattered by the end. He had a very, very sore red and bruised bottom and such a SORE LITTLE CLITTY. Oh dear that little sensitive tube of flesh came in for a great deal of much deserved (as its so small) torment! Multiple applications of nettles, of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue, of the ruler and of the plastic penis flogger. The Sildenafil worked perfectly. I had just the most fantastic time and I am fairly sure that Mistress X did too. She certainly was in no hurry to leave when bitch-boy was strapped down on the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups holding his thighs wide apart and the funnel gag strapped into his mouth.

Of course, much of the time involved such deep humiliation in his little girl outfit too.

I am busy writing a journal entry for Volume 8 of my journals as I don’t want to forget anything and there is so much detail to include.

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14 Responses to Punished penis and more

  1. sam9white says:

    Wonderful Ms Scarlet, I am always pleased to read how much you truly enjoy yourself, and of course your girlfriends too…aiming your punishments at bitch boys poor little penis. I can picture you girls laughing and joking together as he whimpers and whines in real pain, purely for your amusement! If I may ask you a question Ms Scarlet, do you or other Mistresses ever aim your punishments at bitch-boys testicles? I ask because my girlfriend does enjoy giving mine a beating.

    • I have a bit of a quirk. (One of many!) I really like all the torments to be focused on just the penis. I simply love that – what should be the source of lots of pleasure can be made the source of pain, humiliation and frustration. I guess because I like this psycho-dynamic I do not want to hurt the balls etc. as I don’t want to dilute the theme.

      • sam9white says:

        Yes Ms Scarlet, I understand, the very part of us that craves and gives us pleasure, used by superior women to punish and humiliate us!
        Having said that I would be surprised if you haven’t been tempted to smother that Deep Heat on his poor vulnerable little scrotum sac!

        • Actually not tempted so far. You may have read I that like to leave room for escalation. The level of pain he feels from what I do now meets my needs. However, I imagine were he to require a very serious punishment, so escalation was required, then yes his scrotum would get liberally coated too.

          • sam9white says:

            Yes of course, another day you might decide to punish his scrotum… a new area to concentrate varied punishments on! My girlfriend enjoys her ball beating games, but this as I well know does not do the sperm count any good!

          • tiffanymaid says:

            Mistress Serena does apply the heat rub/muscle rescue to my scrotum sac whenever She applies to my clitty. In truth it hurts as much, if not moreso on scrotum than clitty, possibly because the cream absorbs into the sac.

            • sam9white says:

              Ah, so Mistress Serena likes to apply liberally to your scrotum as well, ouch…I can feel the burning…but the ladies must have their fun!

  2. westfalen says:

    Double teaming poor bb must have sent him even deeper down into his sub-space:)

    • There are two wonderful elements to double-teaming. The first is that the psychological overpowering is far greater so the sub feels even more desolate and helpless. The second is that the Dommes egg each other on – increasing intensities and durations and humiliations beyond the level that either might do on their own. bitch-boy has said to me that two Dommes are not twice as bad as one, but ten times as bad as one.

  3. westfalen says:

    Ha ha……yes i can believe that exponential increase in dominance that bb says from you and your colleague in Domination MsScarlet!

    I would imagine that some of that depends on the specific interaction and how you ‘click’ with that other Domme, as i have heard and seen how sometimes pair-ing up can glitch things up also, as it is in fact a form of teamwork and as we know from work and sports, some teams/duos work better than others.

    Seems as though you have found a great Domme team-mate there though as bb has found out!:)

  4. westfalen says:

    Also so intriguing how you possess that little quirk as you say of focusing all your torment exclusively on poor bb’s penis while ignoring his balls……does make sense for focused and singular purpose and appreciation!

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Mistress Scarlet…You make clear that bb’s “little sensitive tube of flesh” is so very small and inadequate, but there seems to be just enough surface area to amuse You…and just enough skin to punish, torture and torment…how very fortunate for You, Ma’am! Afterall, it exists for Your entertainment!

    Most respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  6. sissyjamieanne says:

    I just re-read this entry Ma’am. What strikes me as quite impressive is Your requirement that bb send a Thank You email to Mistress X! Having to thanks someone who was cruel to him and inflicted pain and suffering upon his little penis and buttocks is indeed humiliating and a very clear reminder of his place in the world! You set a most perfect example of Female Dominance, Ma’am…

    Kneeling humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

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