Curtseying to shoes

Presentation1A small amusement I have made reference to in one of my journals, I thought was worthy of a mention in my blog.

The context is that if bitch-boy is dressed as a sissy maid, or little sissy girl, or schoolgirl, there is a default rule that he must curtsey to me whenever entering or leaving a room I occupy. However I sometimes utilise his curtseying to even further remind him of his inferior status.

I will set a pair of my shoes by the wall at the entrance to the room I am likely to be occupying for some time. bitch-boy is then reminded that, as a pair of my shoes has a higher status in the world than he does, then – as well as curtseying to me whenever entering or leaving the room, he must also curtsey to the pair of shoes by the wall, whenever entering or leaving the room. So, on entering the room, he has to turn to the side and curtsey to the shoes, then turn to me and curtsey. And on leaving the room he has to turn to me and curtsey and the turn to the side and curtsey to the shoes. He does find this very humiliating and I find it particularly amusing. Obviously if I have a female guest present, he finds it even more embarrassing!

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27 Responses to Curtseying to shoes

  1. tomilina says:

    Might i also suggest that he be required to curtsy to your favorite chair or at least the one you normally sit in when entertaining visitors, relaxing, lecturing him etc. He, of course would not be allowed to sit in it ever.

  2. vimal kumar says:

    my be treated like such.

  3. Downlow says:

    Love this! How humiliating to have to curtsey to an inanimate object like shoes! I love that even the shoes have a higher status that he does!

  4. cinderella says:

    I totally love this! Shoes are such a powerful thing for us little subs! I need this in my life! Wonderful!!!

  5. tiffanymaid says:

    Agree with above comments. my Mistress (Serena) has long used a similar scenario for me to observe. She has always left Her collection of heels aside Her wardrobe and i am frequently required to worship each pair in turn in any manner She so demands ( oral worship, cleaning and curtsying ). When She is away from home and i am in the presence of Her heels it gives me a strange, submissive perception as i clean and tidy room. Her heels echo Her dominance.

  6. FootSlaveE says:

    I love this. BB is clearly a very lucky boy. Have you ever tried having him curtesy to other objects that are his superiors, for instance the rubbish bin, a dead bug, the toilet, etc?

  7. westfalen says:

    Interesting ideas.

  8. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    I have read about something similar to this several years ago by a Lady who controlled her husband / maid. On the wall in Her home was a photograph of Her Mother, when in playing roles as Her maid, he was required to curtsey to the photo every time he passed it. I believe this was terribly humiliating for him he didn’t have the best of relationships with his Mother-in-law.

  9. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    My pleasure to have been of use to you. If I may be so bold as respectfully suggest, it could be more than one photo of different Ladies, obviously your Sisters spring to mind. Thinking about this myself I would be mortified to have to curtsey before a photo of a Lady from my side of the family.

  10. Khaled says:

    May i suggest that You extend it to require him to curtsey to Your shoes any time he passes by a pair of them, whether or not they are at the entrance to the room You are in.
    he should always treat Your shoes like this.

  11. Fatedcucksub says:

    This is brilliant in my opinion, but as previous comments have suggested, I do NOT think curtsying to a multitude of objects (like bugs and trash cans) is ideal as it takes some quality away from the actual act of curtsying to a pair of shoes..There is something very alluring and special about a pair of women’s heels and submissive men will never truly experience this effect, though they may be fortunate enough to have the privilege of cleaning and organizing a woman’s shoes. But having his admiration kept in check and limited to simply curtsying to them is great at solidifying his inferior place in life…
    Keep up the great work, love this blog! I hope to find myself in a marriage to a woman that is modeled just like yours.

    • I do agree with you overall. But perhaps that is because both bitch-boy and I have a fetish for high heels. Me wearing them, him – images and real life – a beautiful woman’s foot in a very high heeled shoe. I do also like to see a shoe crushing a cock and this affects bitch-boy a lot despite the pain and humiliation.

  12. westfalen says:

    Yes i also can certainly appreciate your bb’s fetish for an attractive femme in high heels……also seems to help make taking the punishment much more bearable for me.

  13. maid angela says:

    Honoured Mistress
    I do like the idea of a husband having to curtsey to a photograph of his mother in law but I think even better would be that he should be made to visit his mother in law’s house at least one day or evening a week in his maid uniform and have to do some housework for her under her supervision.
    maid angela

  14. westfalen says:

    Yes feeding the boi’s healthy hh fetish can help strengthen his masochism.

  15. Dave Power says:

    Remaining in the lowered Curtsey position with head bowed until permission or a click of the fingers i find a perfect reminder of one position.

    Curtseying to soiled panties could prove ali title difficult when carrying out laundry duties ma’am.

  16. sissyjamieanne says:

    Good day Mistress Scarlet!

    I think the requirement to curtsy to Your unoccupied shoes is delightfully humiliating and yet another apt reminder of bb’s lowly status in Your world…even Your shoes are superior to him…I wonder if being required to kneel and kiss them upon his first encounter of the day might add to this?!?!

    Most respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  17. Brian Greed says:

    What a wonderful idea. I would definitely love to be humiliated in this way

  18. Florence says:

    That sounds like a great idea ma’am, curtsey.

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