Full control of his little penis

Well Cialis is a great success. (Viagra substitute) Like Sildenafil, it still needs about half an hour to become effective but it does not seem to matter whether the stomach is full or empty. I had bitch-boy take a 10mg pill in the morning while I laughed, telling him how much I love that I can even control the extent of erections of his little clitty. The Cialis lasted over 24 hours! (Sildenafil lasted about five hours)

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17 Responses to Full control of his little penis

  1. sam9white says:

    OMG! I can only begin to imagine the discomfort of being forced to have an erection for so long and the total humiliation of having a woman controlling it purely for her amusement! Wicked but wonderful Ms Scarlet…I can picture you laughing as you had him take that pill.

  2. donald says:

    Ok ” now when you give him a pill put his plastic panties on with some Moisturizer cream
    (take his chastity off)!! And just watch him go crazy. He’ll be as hard as a brick.

  3. Dean Davis says:

    Cool Mistress Scarlet. Cialis works so well.

  4. andy says:

    Good morning
    Ms. Scarlett
    Have all three of these stimulate variants come from Lloyds Pharmacy? With all of them is the erection he’d got say an hour and hen starts to subside to 90% or does it remain rock hard for like 3 hours then start to drop off slowly?
    Thanks for posting up about the use of them .
    Regards a

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  6. sunnyms says:

    Hey, thank you so much for this blog, i think i have much to learn. I would like you say me how the process for reducing penis.
    I look forward to your response.

    • I am assuming English is not your first language, so respect to you for leaving a comment in English, however I am afraid I do not know what you mean when you write, ‘process for reducing penis.’

      • sunnyms says:

        Hello dear Scarlet
        Yes, apologiesfor my bad english. Well, my submissive and I want permanent chastity, he has been locked in chastity for almost two years and we talked about see his penis as a button, small and useless. I need to know what that process, what we have to do to get smaller.
        I appreciate your valuable time to read me. Kisses

        • I don’t know how much knowledge you have on this. Just in case you do not know, regarding permanent chastity, males must ejaculate fairly often to keep their prostate healthy. My bitch-boy cums between once every ten days and once every three weeks. Occasionally he may go a month or a ‘bit longer’. LOL. Of course, ejaculations do not have to be pleasurable, or reduce the sexual desperation. I understand that milking, through prostate stimulation, provides an ejaculation which keeps the prostate healthy but provides no pleasure, or sense of climax and no reduction in sexual desire and desperation. It can be done without removal of the chastity device.

          On the topic of making the penis smaller, the only way I have heard of is through surgery, and only a few countries have surgeons prepared to do this.

          • sunnyms says:

            Yes Ms Scarlet, he´s been without ejaculate over a month and I enjoy it very much, but You think that the smaller cage for a long time, it helps reduce the size? obviously without erections. Sorry to insist but it’s important for us.

            • I am not sure you have understood my point about the importance of regular ejaculations for prostate health.

              I believe that the penis being constantly locked in a confinement that is so small it prevents erections can eventually make erections very difficult to achieve, but I do not believe it shrinks the penis, no.

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  8. jiselle says:

    If you want to shrink a penis use Estrogen.

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  10. westfal says:

    Good point re maintaining prostate health for b.b., though it does seem there are different research views on the necessity of regular releases for optimum health, but best to be on the safe side of that calendar.

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