The cane or other impact implement

Just something I was musing over. So many photos of Dommes on the internet show them holding a cane or crop up in front of their chests and bending it, when they are not using it. My muse was that this pose is rarely adopted by Dommes in my experience in real life. I guess such a pose can demonstrate to a sub that the implement is very bendy and therefore likely to deliver a considerable sting, but I have quite a bit of experience of two or more Dommes taking turns using canes or crops. The Domme at rest and watching invariably adopts one of three poses. (A) Lightly tapping the implement against her hip and the side of her thigh. (B) Holding the implement in both hands, one hand at either end with the implement horizontal behind her, just below the buttocks, (C) Holding the implement in both hands, one hand at either end, with the implement horizontal in front of her, at the top of the thighs. These three postures look very relaxed and comfortable. (It is not relaxing or comfortable to stand holding a cane in a bent shape in front of your chest.)

I therefore find images where the Domme is holding a cane or crop up in front of her chest and bending it, much less engaging than when the Domme is adopting one of the three poses I have described above. There is little point in showing how bendy a cane might be, if the caning is imminent because the sub will almost immediately be finding out just how much it stings! I guess if the caning is postponed and the sub has never experienced that particular cane, then the demonstration of bendiness might fill the sub with dread while awaiting the caning – which is always delightful, I admit. However, for me, observing that the Domme is utterly relaxed, calm and physically comfortable while she awaits delivering a spiteful caning, properly demonstrates her status, dominance and cruelty. Especially if the sub is being punished by another Domme and crying out and wriggling in his bonds all the while she patiently waits. (A scenario I am very experienced in!)

So, just a muse. I hope my blog followers do not find this post too boring.

PS. An extra comment. Holing the cane or crop between the lips! Why????????????????? I have never seen a Domme do that in real life.

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20 Responses to The cane or other impact implement

  1. andy says:

    Good Morning Ms Scarlet
    Thank you again for a most informative post, I find your view most interesting although on the few occasions that I have been in the presence of more than just my Mistress, I was blindfolded and tied looking away from the Domme in play. Which I guess in many cases is the situation.
    More to the point on this posting I find your insight into muse and thought ( your view and feeling) the most interesting aspect in the post, and the fact you demonstrate clearly that your subject is absolutely secondary to how Domme or Dommes feel in each others presence.
    Some subs can take more duration or count than others in the way of cane birch tawse or crop, and a sub with endurance gives their Domme a better session,hence, more pleasure or satisfaction on her or their part.
    For a submerge ring it out slowly so that they can only just manage to take it then given a rest so hat the Domme comes back to deliver more humiliation with random
    Time periods or whip counts is the tester for the sub duration is what breaks them
    Thf waiting , the anticipation thang there is no end in sight not thag each strike is had or marks but continuous light to medium hits that build this way with the right length tool
    The Domme does not have to work hard at inflicting 🙂
    Thank you graciously for your postings, in my experience of reading Exceptional work. a x

    • andy says:

      Sorry there are a few miss spells difficult on I phone.

    • Hmmmmm, I sometimes have a problem with the concept of a Domme enjoying a sub that can take more. What I want is for the sub to not be able to take any more – and then I continue. That is when the real pleasure starts. I would hate to be involved with a sub that was feeling himself to be a hero for being able to cope. I like your last paragraph a lot though.

  2. Tom Allen says:

    From a perspective of creating an interesting photograph, the curved crop presents a bit of visual tension; we know it’s supposed to be straight, so holding it with a bend demonstrates that tension by showing the strength needed. IOW, it’s artistic license. Or maybe artistic licentiousness. 🙂

    A while back, as a bit of amusement, I started a Tumblr blog with pictures and commentary about some of the “doesn’t make sense in real life” shots that you see in kink – mainly femdom – photography:

    Tiresome Sex Tropes

  3. harmony102402 says:

    Never Boring Ma’am. ANd I agree with you on this. This pose is strictly a pose meant to show that they are dominant, and in stead shows less dominance. One addition tho, I have also seen a Domme holding the cane down and tapping the top of her boot, tapping it quite hard enough to let you know it was going to soon be hurting myself.

  4. cronin says:

    Interesting comment—but my wife–if i have a paddling coming just does it right out of the shower on my naked butt—It is not often at all—and only for something really serious—I could not care less what she is doing right before–I want it over asap—cause my butt is going to be hurting-

  5. andy says:

    Good Morning MsScarlet
    In future I will check my work more thoroughly before sending it. Bow..
    I am most deffinately not in the hero category, but somewhere 1/4 to 1/2 way maybe, if assessing that is, of course you might measure differently.
    There are several tools availible to my Mistress .
    M never poses with them, merely selects them from “The box”,but will usually require I tell her from the first stroke what the implement M has used is, a false evaluation will increase the number of lashes so I will know better next time.!!!
    The really painful ones are ones I have made . Of which there are several.
    A five trailed Martinett, this has a handle about 20mm dia 450mm long, with five tapered leather fronds 280mm long split at the ends with 2 or 3 splits.
    A cruel weapon that needs little effort to use it. But the sub knows its a serious punishment with not much tissue damage or bruising but incredible stinging.
    Thank you most graciously for your postings and responses.
    a x Bow.

    • andy says:

      Addition please to my post.
      It is not often in pictures you see a Mistress holding or proposing to use a Martinett for discipline and if they do it’s generally held with the implement vertical at their side.
      Thank you. a

  6. Sweep says:

    I remember a good while ago,a band called Echobelly had in their sleeve art a photo of lady’s bottom and she was holding a crop exactly as in (B). You wouldn’t think it was possible to convey relaxed self-confidence with just a single grainy, black and white shot of a bottom, but you can. Ah, the things that make an impression on a young mind…

    Not a boring post.

  7. andy says:

    Good Morninb Ms Scarlet
    Your PS
    Whilst Dom’s have wide ranging desires many like to have their subs dressed in a way that pleases them 😉 with make up and attire underware etc ( although they will make them a mess)and also like the sub usually female to present themselves provocatively with toys or impaments of cruelty. Ready to be mistreated at the Dom’s disgression.
    I think the pictures you identify are female subs for Dom Males , not as in your case Domme’s themselves.
    Just my observation I can think of some very nice pictures of female lips and crops 😉 and that is how I perceive the picture.
    Bow. Thank you. a x

  8. westfalen says:

    Agree MsScarlet as those poses do seem to be mostly for male porn-citement effect!

    Re your second point though, i have had some Dommes pop their crops into my mouth with the order to hold it while she went at me with another instrument, retaking the crop back when she was ready to use that.

  9. Miss Raquel says:

    I have only been caned once – by my wife’s friend – Liz. Six strokes. I had to count each stroke, thank Miss Liz and request another. I was crying by the third stroke. I had to kiss the cane, Liz’s hand and her feet after my caning. Liz swung hard enough to raise welts. The sound of the cane before impact is a part of the experience and…the cane hurts unbelievably.

    I served tea in my maid’s uniform minus panties. After serving I stood in the corner and held my skirt and petticoat up so they could see the welts. The welts lasted for a few weeks and the next day I sat down with great care.

    Spankings are a great ritualistic part of my wife and my relationship. A caning? Something I hope to never repeat.

  10. sissyjamieanne says:

    Mistress Scarlet…I believe there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than the image of a strong, powerful, dominant Woman holding a cane…in preparation to use it on Her sub. The poses You describe are indeed the poses of a Goddess…my favorites being seeing a Woman holding a cane horizontally just below Her bottom and the same from the front.

    This clearly shows that the Woman/Disciplinarian is in a relaxed and comfortable pose, whilst Her sub is bent over a caning bench or dining room table (in Your case) awaiting his pain! Such a clear display of the Mistress/submissive differential…She, relaxed and comfortable…he, bare bottom presented and fearful! Thank You for sharing this delightful visual, Ma’am…I’m sure You’re gorgeous with a cane in Your capable hands (or at any other time)…

    Humbly and respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

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