CBT Flogger

In an entry in Volume 8 of my journals which will be published before Christmas, I make reference to a penis flogger I own. It is quite difficult to describe (although I have tried my best), and I therefore provide a photo in advance of publication. In the journal entry, I promise to publish this photo this month.

p flog

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10 Responses to CBT Flogger

  1. angelo says:

    Mistress Scarlet
    I write from Italy and ask forgiveness if my english is not good. About 3 months ago I have found your blog surfing on the web and, after subsribed it, I have read all that You have written.
    After i have begun to download Your books and now Iā€™m at the end of fifth. Your kind of life is really amazing and a real dream for me that envy bitch-boy. But in my country there is not a real culture about Femdom, sissyfication and cuckolding so is very difficult (perhaps impossible) to find a woman who shares this type of relationship and wants to marry a man submissive.
    I would have thousands of questions to ask but one more at all is in my head, in these nights spent reading the chapters of his books.
    I am sure that no love is higher than what a slave feels for his Mistress, but You, Miss Scarlet, what really feels for Your husband? If one day he become ill, You suffer for him and with him or bitch-boy is now really just an object, a toy, that when it breaks is thrown and forgotten? Forgive me if I ask this question but it is one aspect of a so deep D/s relationship that it scares me to think, though I want more than anything to live a similar experience.
    I should be very grateful if You would have the patience to answer me and I apologize again for my bad English but really felt the need to write to a person who has so profoundly influenced and enriched my mind.
    And, if You will allow me, I will return to write, for many questions that fill my thoughts now.
    Thanks for the beautiful books and for having wanted to share an experience so intimate with everyone.
    Greetings from Italy

    • Looking at listings for Italian Dominatrix. There appear to be plenty – which might suggest there is a hidden Femdom culture in Italy and you need to look harder – or move to another country?

      I have a deep bond with bitch-boy. In the vanilla world he is assertive and strong and wise. He is my knight in shining armour whenever needed. I have also invested over a decade in his training and conditioning – making him the main source of pleasure in my life. Does that answer your question.

  2. harmony102402 says:

    Just looking at this picture makes me weak in the knees. It looks like it could deliver some serious pain, and god help me, I wish that I could be on the receiving end.

  3. fredsmick says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett,

    i can only imagine what it would be like to be tightly bound to a St. Andrew’s cross, having ben given a Viagra and having You use that on my cock and balls!

    Sincerely and Respectfully submitted,

    fred smick, aka Oralslave4Tng

  4. Sadie Cruella says:

    A pinwheel is also very good. Why there’s almost none femdom pinwheel cbt videos, only on the “gay side” of cock pinwheeling ? Isn’t “ethical” to show a men squealing and begging for mercy when a passionate torturess rolls a pinwheel on his cock tip, after pulling down the foreskin ? šŸ˜€

  5. fluffy says:

    woohoo for us – Vol 8 out before Christmas!!!

  6. westfalen says:

    @SadieCruella point about the pinwheel torture of le cock, i have been on the receiving side of that quite a few times by my last two Dommes and for my current Goddess, it is a favorite activity of her’s as you are right, it does really bring out the squealing side of the male sub/victim/moi:)

    And yes kudos MsScarlet for pointing out an important weapon/toy in the FD/SM arsenal as the cock whip is such a particular type of torment, it is both delicious and so subjugating more so than for example a back whipping or ass flogging:)

  7. fredsmick says:

    Mistress Scarlett did You make this CBT Flogger yourself, or did you buy it somewhere and if it was bought where can we find it?

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