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Sensory Deprivation Bondage Made Worse

Well bitch-boy has spent many, many hours in Total Sensory Deprivation (TSD) bondage this holiday. So relaxing (for me), while I watch TV, deal with emails, or read.

I had heard of using white noise to block all other sound from the slave’s awareness but suggestions of finding an old analogue radio or a Dictaphone on a loop setting, all seemed a lot of hassle. But I found a simple solution, partly thanks to a suggestion from an acquaintance.

I had an old smart phone, not connected to a network, but still connected to my WiFi. On the YouTube App there is a 10 hour (yes 10 hour!) audio file of celestial white noise. So with the Audio file playing on the smart phone via the Wifi, and the ear plug ear phones inserted into bitch-boy’s ears, with the volume quite high, and the industrial ear defenders over the top, he has now been experiencing TOTAL audio blackout. He hates it!

I am so perverse to take such pleasure in leaving poor bitch-boy in his TSD bondage for a minimum of an hour, and often soooo much longer, with a urine ice chunk in his funnel gag and a fresh coating of Deep Heat to his cock, before I walk off and leave him to endure his TSD. So perverse, but I just can’t help myself. What a full-on Christmas holiday poor bitch-boy is having. Easily his most ‘challenging’ ever. There will be several more posts and some journal entries to capture all that has been happening.

Evil Blindfold and Humiliator Gag

Well, neither blog readers nor bitch-boy (on pain of punishment for failure) could find a UK stockist of the Humiliator Gag System. Extreme restraints in the UK sell the toilet brush attachment, but no other attachments and not the gag itself!

So I think I will be going to the source. The US makers, who do ship to the UK. (JT’s Stockroom in the US sell the items too but for twice the cost as the makers.) I love many of the attachments and I fear a good amount of bitch-boy’s hard earned cash will get spent when I place my order! The floor brush is a definite, the toilet roll holder too, and the toilet brush is, of course, a given.

The site has so many interesting things. The evil one-way blindfold looks superb! If it works as advertised, well what a joy for me and my cruel friends and what a horrific experience for bitch-boy that will be. Does anyone have experience of this one way blindfold?

Slave Husband Mistress Wife Roles Defined

Well I read the definition and thought to myself, ‘With just the smallest of tweaks, its perfect.’ It read :

‘Coercive and controlling behaviour can include the abuser preventing their victim from having friendships or hobbies, refusing them access to money and determining many aspects of their everyday life, such as when they are allowed to eat, sleep and go to the toilet.’

I thought – just amend it to read (as follows) and it will be perfect. ‘Coercive and controlling behaviour can include the abuser preventing their victim from having friendships, hobbies, free time and a normal sex life. Refusing them access to their genitals and money, and determining many aspects of their everyday life, such as when they are allowed to eat, orgasm, sleep and go to the toilet. Constantly humiliating them and often subjecting them to hours of sensory deprivation bondage, AND keeping their little submissive souls thoroughly contented.’

The original definition comes from the UK’s new addition to domestic abuse definitions so that they now go beyond violent physical abuse to cover psychological and emotional abuse. Of course, I thoroughly support this change in the law – EXCEPT where the ‘victims’ are submissive males who got themselves into their situation by requesting experimentation with their own fantasies!

The whole thing reminded me of something I read sometime ago, written by a Domme. She set out a descriptive list of abuses at Guantanamo bay produced by amnesty international, and her comment – ‘Hmmmm, sounds devine’!

No doubt, I will now receive abusive comments branding me a hypocrite and much worse. AS IF I CARE! I always respond to criticisms of me over the lot of bitch-boy in the same way. If the commenter is so concerned about the rights of others then stop reading my blog and start taking global action over female genital mutilation, forced marriages, the right of all females to be educated and the starvation of children through the unequal global distribution of wealth and assets.

Mistress X is visiting again, this weekend

Mistress X, (or Mistress Jane for those of you who have bought Volume 8 of my journals and read the final entry) is visiting again this weekend. Poor bitch-boy is fretting delightfully and with good reason. Mistress Jane is wonderfully haughty and disdainful towards him, shows zero mercy and is quite the sadist. I am looking forward to a very thrilling and enjoyable time.

It has been three weeks since bitch-boy last had sexual release so once I have had him take a Cialis pill, I predict his little clitty will be rock hard repeatedly and it will be so sore as he regrets what happens to each erection. Of course I also predict that his striped red arse will be very sore as well and his humiliation will be very deep. I doubt even sucking on his cock pacifier and cuddling his favourite dolly, as he stands in front of us will mollify his suffering.

Link to a video

Yesterday, on my Tumbler site, bitch-boy reblogged a video. It is one of my absolute favourites on all the net!

Her absolute power over him, her utter pitilessness. The tone of her voice. Her relaxed, amused style. Just fantastic.

Although I have no link, there is out there somewhere a video of her whipping his cock with a leather strap and another of her masturbating him with a harsh bristly toilet brush.

Perfect relaxed sadism and wielding of absolute power.

Volume 8 is now published

Volume 8 of my journals is now published:

on as a paperback and an ePub book.

For Kindle on Amazon
UK     USA      IN     DE     FR    ES     IT     NL    JP

BR     CA      MX      AU

I hope all my submissive followers enjoy its contents and it might enhance their Christmas break. More importantly, perhaps a few dominant women will take new ideas from it and it will enhance THEIR Christmas break (at the cost of their submissive)!