Link to a video

Yesterday, on my Tumbler site, bitch-boy reblogged a video. It is one of my absolute favourites on all the net!

Her absolute power over him, her utter pitilessness. The tone of her voice. Her relaxed, amused style. Just fantastic.

Although I have no link, there is out there somewhere a video of her whipping his cock with a leather strap and another of her masturbating him with a harsh bristly toilet brush.

Perfect relaxed sadism and wielding of absolute power.

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2 Responses to Link to a video

  1. Pig says:

    You can find more of her at a web site called her user name is wannabesissycuckold, if you search that name you will find many pegging videos. Her verbal asult is amazing. Many times the verbal humiliation is soooo much better than phicial pain. There is nothing better in life than a true Dominate Female that really enjoys what she is doing, and that shows every time. What a lucky Pig to be able to suffer for her every day of his life.

  2. sissyjamieanne says:

    Oh my! So very humiliating for him…and She ensured he had VERY little chance of cumming/relief! No pre-stimulation, numbing cream, two condoms…and yes he WAS given his chance and blew it! Of course I’m sure Mistress gets all the orgasms and pleasure She desires while he waits another month!

    Thank You for sharing this video, Ma’am!


    sissy jamieanne

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