Mistress X is visiting again, this weekend

Mistress X, (or Mistress Jane for those of you who have bought Volume 8 of my journals and read the final entry) is visiting again this weekend. Poor bitch-boy is fretting delightfully and with good reason. Mistress Jane is wonderfully haughty and disdainful towards him, shows zero mercy and is quite the sadist. I am looking forward to a very thrilling and enjoyable time.

It has been three weeks since bitch-boy last had sexual release so once I have had him take a Cialis pill, I predict his little clitty will be rock hard repeatedly and it will be so sore as he regrets what happens to each erection. Of course I also predict that his striped red arse will be very sore as well and his humiliation will be very deep. I doubt even sucking on his cock pacifier and cuddling his favourite dolly, as he stands in front of us will mollify his suffering.

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3 Responses to Mistress X is visiting again, this weekend

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  2. westfal says:

    Zero mercy is such an asset for the true Mistress imo.

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