Slave Husband Mistress Wife Roles Defined

Well I read the definition and thought to myself, ‘With just the smallest of tweaks, its perfect.’ It read :

‘Coercive and controlling behaviour can include the abuser preventing their victim from having friendships or hobbies, refusing them access to money and determining many aspects of their everyday life, such as when they are allowed to eat, sleep and go to the toilet.’

I thought – just amend it to read (as follows) and it will be perfect. ‘Coercive and controlling behaviour can include the abuser preventing their victim from having friendships, hobbies, free time and a normal sex life. Refusing them access to their genitals and money, and determining many aspects of their everyday life, such as when they are allowed to eat, orgasm, sleep and go to the toilet. Constantly humiliating them and often subjecting them to hours of sensory deprivation bondage, AND keeping their little submissive souls thoroughly contented.’

The original definition comes from the UK’s new addition to domestic abuse definitions so that they now go beyond violent physical abuse to cover psychological and emotional abuse. Of course, I thoroughly support this change in the law – EXCEPT where the ‘victims’ are submissive males who got themselves into their situation by requesting experimentation with their own fantasies!

The whole thing reminded me of something I read sometime ago, written by a Domme. She set out a descriptive list of abuses at Guantanamo bay produced by amnesty international, and her comment – ‘Hmmmm, sounds devine’!

No doubt, I will now receive abusive comments branding me a hypocrite and much worse. AS IF I CARE! I always respond to criticisms of me over the lot of bitch-boy in the same way. If the commenter is so concerned about the rights of others then stop reading my blog and start taking global action over female genital mutilation, forced marriages, the right of all females to be educated and the starvation of children through the unequal global distribution of wealth and assets.

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16 Responses to Slave Husband Mistress Wife Roles Defined

  1. Downlow says:

    Your treatment of bitch-boy is the stuff of dreams for a submissive guy like me. I wonder if the difference between abuse and submission isn’t desire and willingness on the part of the bottom. If I give money to a person on the street, it’s charity; if they take it from me against my willingness and desire, it’s robbery.

  2. cronin says:

    Abusive behavior as mentioned here is a crime—I hope anyone so controlled will get out asap of any such relationship—I have a great wife and a happy marriage of many yrs—Once ia while fpr horrendous conduct on my part—I take a bare ass paddling from my wife—and it hurts I totally deserve it as she [uts up with alot—It settles things real fast–no lingering anger –when i have had my paddling things are back to being good—-We may be rare—but it works for us and is not in the least abusive or controlling—Its just how we handle certain things

  3. fredsmick says:

    So now i don’t feel so dumb… the email that i received has the word bandage, but Your blog Mistress Scarlett has the word bondage. i thought i had forgotten how to read or that my vision was just messed up! It turns out i did see bandage where it should have read bondage! :-)–>

  4. fluffy says:

    wonders if you have the descriptive list of abuses at Guantanamo bay that you could post please?

    respect from

    • I do not, but I recall it was things like- hooded for a full day or two, sleep deprivation, continually chained at the ankle, kneeling for long periods, straightjacket use, not allowed to speak.

  5. westfalen says:

    Yes with all the torture revelations coming out of Guantanamo and all, such comparisons are inevitable but with the proviso that relationships like your’s and bb are consensual or at least initially was anyways…..and does fulfill his sub soul:)

  6. Mathaius says:

    If you’re gonna belittle Guantanamo Bay’s ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ (that’s just me being politically correct), then at least spell divine properly. There’s not much point pointing out that what you’ve cited is way outside the realm of suggesting it’s comparable to sexual deviancy and/or BDSM fetishes but then again there’s not much moral clarity in the mind of a true domme. Either that or you simply have no idea what captives at Guantanamo Bay endure in which case your shriveled and scrotum of a brain should be relieved of its duties to think and you deserve nothing less than to be put down just like the common ‘obsolete’ dog. Good day.

    • I made no comment whatsoever on the activities at Guantanamo Bay so your comment makes no sense. (I simply reported the comments of another person.) Try reading what’s written before running off at the keyboard.

    • Rebecca says:

      If you don’t like or disagree with what is written on here then stay off the page and keep your negative and pointless views to yourself. You clearly have no idea how a D/s relationship works, so in your words “good day” you jumped up prick.

  7. jamesmiller104 says:

    I am floored by some of the comments. The negative ones seems to come from wannabes or persons that is not really into the Female Domination lifestyle. I was once married to a very ruthless dominate wife. I experienced most of what your slave have experienced. It was a forced marriage and life style. I learned to love it.
    The worst time I had is when I smart off the My Sister in law’s 14 yr. old daughter. We were at her house in the country. They had an very old well still usable with a hand crank. Her husband install an electric hoist to hoist me down and up. I was bound like a mummy in a sleeping bag. Gagged and blind folded in that well for an month. Only to be hoisted daily for liquid food and bitter water containing urine. Believe me, I was a better man and respected Women better after that experience.
    I miss the lifestyle after my wife died of cancer. I was willing to stop the lifestyle, but my late wife said no. she enjoyed it very much and wanted to die living it. She had her sister take over my ownership up to the day she died living the life she wanted, not what others like some of your viewers wanted.
    What I cannot understand, is why they are reading your logs. They have to know about you. You state it like it is. But they take time to comment. Its like an atheist saying he does not believe in GOD, but want to celebrate his birth partaking in Christmas celebration.
    I am married now to a wonderful wife but she is vanilla. I love her but not the lifestyle I now live. She is now disabled, I will not abandon her.
    I would not even post their comments. I love you the way you and husband are and Hope you will not change. I am jealous, Yours truly, James Miller.

  8. westfalen says:

    Agree with what DownLow said in that it is the consent initially of the sub-male, here bb, to such a relationship and arrangement which makes it completely different than anything resembling Guantanamo, etc………which makes what jamesmiller104 says above about his own experience as being a forced marriage and lifestyle a bit -?- if true, never mind the challenge of being sleeping-sacked in a well for a month as he says his former Domme wife subjected him to!

  9. sissy jamieanne says:

    May i humbly submit that Your treatment of bitch boy is commendable, Ma’am…in my humble opinion, what You do is not abuse, but discipline…You set very clear boundaries for bitch boy and keep him firmly in place. I would suggest that if more relationships were similar, there would be far less unruly males roaming the planet committing crimes, getting into mischief, harming women, etc. You are a wonderful example of how things ought to be, Ma’am!

    Most Respectfully,

    sissy j

  10. jeep g says:

    Its just when all of understanding our servitude eclipses what is trying to be accomplished that mystifies me. Boys want to serve and give us any acceptance, we’ll do as you want.

  11. sissy jamieanne says:

    My humble respects to You, Ma’am! Your definition clearly suits the lifestyle that bitchboy truly deserves and You consequently give to him…he rightfully kisses Your feet and supreme arse each day and thanks You for the “abuse” You so generously provide…as he should!

    Most submissively,

    sissy jamieanne

  12. westfal says:

    Yes as that is a good way to view MsScarlet’s treatment of BB as one not abusive, but one with very strict and demanding discipline—- big difference, as she never threatens his safety and it all as she says helps him sleep better at night:)

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