Evil Blindfold and Humiliator Gag

Well, neither blog readers nor bitch-boy (on pain of punishment for failure) could find a UK stockist of the Humiliator Gag System. Extreme restraints in the UK sell the toilet brush attachment, but no other attachments and not the gag itself!

So I think I will be going to the source. The US makers, who do ship to the UK. (JT’s Stockroom in the US sell the items too but for twice the cost as the makers.) I love many of the attachments and I fear a good amount of bitch-boy’s hard earned cash will get spent when I place my order! The floor brush is a definite, the toilet roll holder too, and the toilet brush is, of course, a given.

The site has so many interesting things. The evil one-way blindfold looks superb! If it works as advertised, well what a joy for me and my cruel friends and what a horrific experience for bitch-boy that will be. Does anyone have experience of this one way blindfold?

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7 Responses to Evil Blindfold and Humiliator Gag

  1. fluffy says:

    Festive greetings and goodwill to Ms Scarlet

    How nice of you to treat you very own Cinders to the equipment he needs to be a better Cinders! Does he know, how his doing of his chores is going to be augmented for the better or are you keeping it as a nice surprise?

    Are these belated Christmas present for BB or did you provide him with festive chills with other devious delights?

    respect from

    • I never give him surprises. As soon as I have decided on a course of action or purchase, I tell him. That way he has the most time to fret and be anxious.

      These will not be belated Christmas presents. He has had those and I will post later on about what he got.

  2. fluffy says:

    Just checked out the one-way blindfold looks awesome – the opportunity it will provide to you and your friends and sisters seeing just how BB is responding to his ordeals will certainly enhance the provision of such tormenting 🙂

    respect fluffy

  3. housework boy says:

    Ms Scarlet

    If your ever over in Amsterdam the attachments are on display and for sale in the windows of sex shops.

  4. clique2 says:

    A very distracting sound is the Tetris 10 Hour on Y**T***. I have been on the receiving end of 2+hrs and it is mind numbing!
    There is a music editing programme-“A*dacity” which can produce MP3’s of white or brown noise, as well as be able to make seamless loops of sample, such as the tetris theme. Once loaded onto a smartphone, without SIM, etc one is not restricted to wi-fi coverage.

    The One way blindfold uses a flexible sheet fresnel lens, I made one, using plastic fresnel lens to replace the plain glass of a pair of welding goggles. The effect is like wearing a strong pair of reading glasses but the down side is the “pulling” effect because the lens axes make them an instant headache generator. I am uncertain if this would happen with the “shop bought” version.

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