Ball strap enhancement

As much as I have always adored playing with his boys bits as explained in this post. I enhanced the experience for me this Christmas – also making it worse for bitch-boy. The two things inevitably go hand in hand.

In addition to the usual bondage and sensory deprivation while he is on hands and knees on one end of the sofa, I secured a ball strap very tightly around the base of his scrotum. I then secured a chain so it was very taught, from the D ring on the ball strap at his perineum, to the D-ring on the collar at the back of bitch-boy’s neck. This pulled all his boy’s bits package firmly through the back of his thighs and out behind him providing even more excellent access than normal. I also clipped his wrist cuffs to the chain high up at his shoulder blades. So I had the extra, easy access to tickle and play, and the additional visual stimulation of his genitals in bondage and his wrists even more seriously secured. And he had the additional feeling of restraint as even his genitals were now pulled firmly and bound, and his wrists were not just secured together but were also pulled higher up his back. Absolute helplessness and vulnerability, AND sensory deprivation. Of course he had already taken a Cialis.

So each day at home over Christmas, bitch-boy suffered me playing with his sensitive shaved balls and his SO hard little erection, bound utterly immobile and controlled, sexually frustrated and desperate, blindfolded, gagged and with ear plugs and ear defenders. I watched foreign language programs (just in case any sound penetrated his ear plugs and defenders! – no audio plot for him to attempt to follow), and each day he spent between one and two hours like this. Just about every time I had him like this, I had to stop fiddling with him for a while and fiddle with myself – it turns me on so. I am sure he gets to feel my masturbatory movement and possibly hear my cries of gratification, or at least sense the culmination. So, no doubt, the difference between his sexual desperation and my excessive sexual satisfaction further keeps him subjugated to my will.

I had such a wonderful Christmas!

8 thoughts on “Ball strap enhancement

  1. You are a very good story teller. It would be so easy to show a picture of “BB” tied up as you describe and still remain anonymous. How bout a pic with you showing 3 fingers near his tied boy bits. Thanks in advance.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience of your new enhancement.

    It’s of little consequence of course but from the perspective of this sub, I feel having my bits firmly pulled through the back of my thighs to have a powerful effect.

    Firstly it helps transition me from work to my sub space because I find the presentation of my bits somewhat humiliating especially as it’s very hard to walk with any elegance without inflicting a lot of tension.

    Secondly as the chain is shortened by clipping it to links progressively closer to my bits it becomes quite painful – concentrating on anything else is very hard.

    And thirdly. I respond twice to any sensory input, firstly I might flinch or jerk from the initial touch/tickle or impact of a cane/flogger, and secondly my flinch or jerk inevitably causes a great deal more pain as my bits are stretched even further as my body reacts.


    curiously anxious.

    1. Please forgive me but I forgot to add something.

      Part of the game is to see what kind of touch or impact provokes the bigger bodily response and thus greater tension and pain.

      Obviously a cane of flogger can cause a big reaction, but sometimes simple things like ice are very effective. Perhaps the most intoxicating is an orgasm while wearing a vibrating but plug, because the reward is spoilt by the subsequent pain. We’ve not yet tried going a step further and ruining the orgasm, but as you might imagine it could heighten the impact even further.


      curiously anxious.

  3. Wow as strict bondage genitals included, plus sens dep and sexual torment combined makes such a potent combo for you both!…..sounds like you had fun:)

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