Governesses and School Teachers

Ahhhhhhhhgggh! So many photos of dominant, femdom Governesses and School teachers on the internet. Nothing wrong with that at all – in principle. I like to put bitch-boy through a few hours of gruelling, humiliating school girl detention form time to time. Dressed in his ridiculous uniform, he writes lines for hours, or copies out pages and pages from a girls fiction book, or does a spelling test. Lots of tedium, caning, strap to the palms and sitting on coir matting.

But Ahhhhhhhhgggh, why do the women in the photos have to wear glasses – and much, much worse still, when they do – here is the really infuriating offence – HOLD THE GLASSES BY THE FRAME AT THE SIDE OF THIR FACES!!!!!! I don’t think I have ever seen a glasses wearer do this. On reflection, I actually don’t have a problem with the glasses at all. The problem is HOLDING THE GLASSES BY THE FRAME AT THE SIDE OF THIR FACES!!!!!! It looks posed, unrealistic and ridiculous. It is such a farcical, puerile pose. Like some jokey sea-side postcard from the 1940’s. What do the photographers think they are playing at?

Well, irrational, fanatical rant over. I’ve got that off my chest.


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4 Responses to Governesses and School Teachers

  1. Stephen996 says:

    Haha!! What a fabulous photo!!!

  2. Jarrod says:

    Totally Agree! It looks so silly. I am glad that the Dominant females like yourself mention things like this as us Subs feel the same way. I felt the same opinion as you re CFNM too. There is nothing more worse than a staged photo! We want more natural please! 🙂

  3. 11754 says:

    I agree. This image is ridiculous.

    I think it is brilliant that you dress as a sexy female and not a pro-dominant. By doing so, I believe you make it known that you are engaged in a real life experience, not a play session.


    • I do it so that bitch-boy knows I am not dressing in any fetish gear of any sort to titillate him in any way. So he knows it is all about MY PLEASURE and sexual fulfilment and not at all about his. Paradoxically, him knowing this and him being deeply submissive means this dressing strategy goes towards keeping his submissive core content, even if he would love to see my beautiful body in some fetish outfit of his choosing.

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