Very Cookie Cutter Like

I am very fortunate and grateful that I have had so many generous comments about my published writing on Amazon and in comments on this blog. I can recall only two negative comments and there must be hundreds of positive, generous comments. I however seek the advice of United States blog readers. I always wish to ensure my writing is of the best quality I can muster and the choice of subject matter from my life is interesting to readers. One of the two negative comments I have ever had, which is on the US Amazon site, gives a two star rating to my Short Stories publication and I do not understand the comment which I think must be a US phrase not used in the UK. The phrase of criticism is ‘VERY COOKIE CUTTER LIKE.’ I have no idea what this means and so cannot take the criticism into account in future writing. I am intrigued as to what it means. The publication has been 5 star rated on Can any US readers enlighten me?


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13 Responses to Very Cookie Cutter Like

  1. sissy subby says:

    Hello Mistress, presumably the negative comment is in some way related to this:
    Have to say that it seems a bit unfair; this subby has always considered you rather ingenious and creative.

  2. Ms Tammy says:

    It usually means that something is the same all the time , but I disagree with that statement I think your writings are fantastic and have given me plenty of ideas for my bitch boi. Keep up the good work.

  3. Downlow says:

    I love what you write and never find it “cookie cutter”, which to me often means predictable. What you write is fresh.

  4. Carla Thomas says:

    I agree that the comment is unfair-I love seeing my sissy husband beg when he knows he is going to be subject to a dreaded punishment that he has suffered before. And you do add so many new twists.

  5. -best boy says:

    The above is all correct. The term also implies a “manufactured” connotation, meaning not real. How anyone could think what you do to bitch boy isn’t real is beyond me 🙂

  6. mike lehardy says:

    i lve to read about your bitch boy and your blog in general it is a pity I can not be your bitch boy as well I hope you continue to write about your adventures mike

  7. I made that comment. I refer to assembly line , like, production of a publication. I don’t find this character in your journals however.

    • Although each short story came from only my own imaginings of different lives I might have led, those lives and stories felt quite different to me in the nature of the content. I can not deny that I am perplexed as to how you reached your opinion regarding that collection of short stories, an assembly line production. I wonder if you would do me the kindness, to satisfy my curiousness, of setting out your reasoning which led to your opinion.

  8. westfal says:

    Another American connotation would be ‘formulaic’ as many romance novels over here tend to be criticized for…….but from what i have seen of your posts, i really doubt that’s appropriate for your work……will check out for myself as i plan on purchasing some of your works soon.

    • Let me know your view. I am always interested in constructive criticism. Especially as I have another volume of short stories in me, and two Femdom novels are plotted in my mind.

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