Perverse Participants Proliferate

Well my sybarite desires look like they may well be reaching very high satisfaction levels in the coming months. Next month Mistress X (referred to as Mistress Jane in my published Journal No.8) is visiting for the third time. bitch-boy is, of course, fretting delightfully over this, and so he should be. Mistress Jane is an absolutely divine Domme. She is young, beautiful, completely heartless, very cruel and huge, huge fun. Given she has only been dominating her own slave-boy for around a year – I can hardly imagine what she will be like after 10 years of dominance! (I am approaching 15 years of dominating. Where does the time go!!??) I visited Mistress X and assisted in a session subjugating her sb just before Christmas – great cruel fun. Mistress X and I have agreed to continue reciprocating visits to each other to double-dome our respective subs for the foreseeable future. A very long future I hope. (Her second visit to me and my first visit to her are both journal entries in the part-written Volume 9 of my journals.)

But there is more. At the end of the month I am having lunch with a young, attractive submissive lesbian and if that goes as well as I imagine it will, I will also subsequently be visited by a new play-toy, having my wicked way with her and cuckolding poor bitch-boy in the process. (Visited often I hope, if all goes well.) And it gets better! During my email exchanges with play-toy, she has revealed a very cruel streak when it comes to bitch-boy and has already listed the things she would like to witness being done to bitch-boy – once she and I have together satiated our own mutual needs. Including seeing him be reduced to tears. So bitch-boy is seriously fretting about this too. Life is good.

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10 Responses to Perverse Participants Proliferate

  1. mike lehardy says:

    thank you for an excellent blogg i try and read it as often as possible it is a pity i am not your bitch boy lol wishful thinking

  2. subbie4goddessL says:

    Hello dearest miss scarlet

    I have a serious question which i would hope to get answered by you,because i could possible need some guidance from a domme like you.

    First of a bit about me : i have been in a d/s realationship for 7 years (14-21) with a very cruel mistress and 24/7 domination. One fav. Of her was to let me rub my clitty to orgasm with sandpaper. As hard as she said by command and after that applying salt to my clitty to be reminded of how bad an orgasm is.
    And things like that.

    Now i found an even better mistress but the problem is she might be masochistic and sub at some point,too…
    At least she says she wants to try it. And i as a sub (transgender) slave give it to her…

    Do you think she can learn to better dominate me throuh this ? I don’t want a switcher realationship because i see and feel real-women as superior. but i don’t think i could cut her ever off. Shes just a to superior goddess

  3. subbie4goddessL says:

    To my first post : she( the real and only goddess i want to serve ever ) seems to be cruel but we’re just beginning our journey..

    She seems cruel in some way (loves to see others cry because of her in normal life since she can remember) and surely will be to me… im locked up since a few days and tomorrow she gets the key as she orderd.

    Not long ago she told me she was never treatened as a real goddess she is. So maybe it evokes? I’m 100% sub since we first met and will stay. Tomorrow i buy her some flowers and some other small presents. I thanked her to be allowed to serve her the last time and make her happy in those ways she likes (domme most of the time i knew that). I so hope and am afraid she treats me later like you treat bb now. Btw i take estrogenes because she loves men/trans with breasts and i’m happy to be able to do so…

    Btw i’d be really thankfull for an answer,even if you think i might not be worth it because my lack of englisch. I’m a non-native speaker miss.

    And an advice from a real sadistic lifestyle domme would help me a lot like i maybe said before. Thank you miss

    • I think you run quite a risk. In my experience, Switchers, as you call them, sometimes remain Switchers all their lives but sometimes they evolve to be 100% submissive and sometimes they evolve to be 100% dominant. So your new Domme could end up 100% submissive.

      You should also know that you will not be able to influence this evolving. She will become what her sexuality moves her to and that will be that. One suggestion which I have seen work for some couples, is the Switch maintains being a 100% Domme with her sub male and finds another partner for occasional get-togethers where she can be a sub for a while. The other partner who dominates can be a male or a female. Best of luck. (I have to say I do not much like the way you seem to have dumped your first Domme.)

      • subbie4goddessL says:

        Dearest miss scarlet,

        First of all i wanted to excuse me,if i suggested i dumped my domme… she had a mental illness and dumped me for no reason i could explain…

        Well your comment made me a bit unhappy… but since the last time we had our first short session… i hope you don’t mind if i tell you about this…

        First of all i’m a smoker,she allows me now only to smoke the half from what i had before.. she waited 3 days. I smoked 20 more than allowed. and got a stroke with the cane for each one. I had to count the strokes before i got them.. after the first round she said she thinks i hadn’t understood yet. And round two began. After that i was near crying and she enjoyed it a lot. I had to thank her and after a short break i was allowed to touch myself till she gets bored (60 hard strokes) i stopped touching myself during the heaviest strokes and she said in her seductive voice that i had to continue… than she locked me in my cage and left…

        We speak a lot about that theme and she loves the controll and my submissivness. Maybe she will be 100%domme sometimes or not. I love the sessions with her and adore her more than anything.

        Thank you for reading and maybe answering this.

        • subbie4goddessL says:

          And one thing,if i might add, since my first domme an my new one theres a time span from two and a half. I don’t “jump” around or would dump my domme for no reason…

          The thing is (i know it might be to personal) my ex had boarderline,which at some point made things frightener and realer… but you have to be carefull what you say… one day i had my “chill”break and said something “wrong”. She punshed me in the night when i was almost at sleep with a very hard vibrator and kicked me out…

          I have to admit my vanilla life wasn’t the same like before… she was manipulative till the end.. and as i got real problems she worked them to get worse… i was at some point just frightened i guess..

          So what is the clue behind my post? If you start (at a young age) look for a sane person you can trust…
          I knew from the beginning something was different at my ex gf/domme but yeah… i was horny or so i guess :/

        • She does sound very cruel and dominant. I think I like her a lot from your description of her behaviour with you.

  4. Jarrod says:

    Having read this latest blog entry it is obvious you are so very happy with your lifestyle πŸ™‚ I am so pleased to read this. No one deserves it more than you Mistress Scarlet. Your creativity, honesty and desire to have exactly what YOU want and get it is really showing dividends. Its also very encouraging to see so many others want to share this with you and that again is down to you sharing all this with us. From the last few entries on this page I am relishing volume 9 of your journals!!!!! You must be having such a fun time writing about your relationships. You must feel extremely pleased with yourself. You can only be described as a TOTAL success and a benchmark for other women.

    • You are very astute, Jarrod. I must admit that I do think that life could not be better (except when I give up work, soon) and I feel quite smug. An unattractive state of being I know. Thank you for your praise. It is interesting that it is how I changed a good few years back that caused a step change that brought all of my good fortune to me. One day, I stopped caring about what things bitch-boy wanted to satisfy his submissive desires, and what he did not want, and to paraphrase you- I focused only on exactly what I wanted. At the same time I decided not to hold back on my cruelty levels because he was not made of porcelain and I wold not damage him physically. The result is extreme, consistent. albeit perverted, pleasure levels for me. And for bitch-boy – well, while he seriously hates so much that happens to him and is so saddened by what he is no longer allowed (like fucking my beautiful body), I am convinced that his submissive core is at the deepest peace it is possible to experience.

  5. westfal says:

    Yes porcelain is best used to describe pottery, not us male maso subs!

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