Very Strictly Controlled Ejaculations

I noticed, in answer to a question to bitch-boy on his Q&A section of this blog, that he answered as follows:

“I do not know the exact date of the last time I had sexual intercourse. Once I was in chastity, Mistress Scarlet began gradually reducing the frequency of me penetrating her, the times became longer and longer apart until one day it just never happened again. Because I know which house we lived in at the time, I do know it was at least 7 years ago.

My last wank without another person present was even longer ago, as soon as the first chastity device was introduced.”

bitch-boy’s answer got me thinking about the evolution that has taken place regarding his ejaculations. Regular readers will know that (unless he is undergoing a serious punishment period for a serious infraction), he gets to ejaculate between once every ten days to two weeks (sometimes three weeks). I make his ejaculations forceful and powerful for him. I do so because he then knows just how much pleasure I am withholding from him on a daily basis, just because it amuses me to do so – and its cruel and controlling. And I take great pleasure from being cruel and controlling.

Something I had not really thought about was the degrading attributes that now accompany each of his ejaculations. I am amazed how these attributes moved from an occasional special torment, to become the normal state of affairs – without me thinking about this evolution. Attributes as follows:

I think it is probably three years since he ejaculated free from a session of dickie-discipline first. Probably in the last two years there has been at least one application of Deep Heat embrocation cream as part of every dickie-discipline session. He has been in serious bondage during every single ejaculation for about two years. Even if we are away staying in a hotel on a long holiday, the Deep Heat and his wrists secured to his collar, have been in play. It must be two years since he ejaculated free of the taste of my piss or his semen in his mouth, thanks to the ice chunks and funnel gag. Even on holiday he will have been pissed on in a walk-in shower, and into his mouth, before moving to the bondage/ejaculation stage.

And it is unimaginable to me that , in the future, not even a single one of his ejaculation events will ever be any different, unless I have found ways to make them even more degrading or controlled. This evolution thing, over the years – is hard to keep tabs on. What starts as a special twist, ends up as an integral part without one realising it. Its interesting.

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8 Responses to Very Strictly Controlled Ejaculations

  1. locked120 says:

    Mistress Scarlet..
    It is very kind of you to allow bitch boy to ejaculate so frequently.

    It wasn’t that long ago that it occurred to me that it had been over 4 years since i have had my dicklette inside a woman.
    it occurred twice and the head was heavily covered in electricians tape so as to reduce or eliminate, my feeling, any corona/clitoris sensation.
    Still all in all, it was wonderful 😊.
    i further realized that those had been the only times in the last 7 years.
    It is amazing indeed,how time fly’s along.

    As of yet,
    have you considered while continuing his treatments, provide far less spurting?

    Best regards,

    • I do not rule out extending the gap in the future but at the moment I feel happy with the current situation. He is sexually very frustrated for I suppose all but 2 days a month, and yet he is in awe of me for providing the orgasms I do give him. And of course I get my supply of semen with which to make semen/water mix ice chunks for his funnel gag.

      I have noticed that an orgasm for him after say two weeks denial does not eradicate the frustration that has built up – he has confirmed this under interrogation – so I would never allow him to cum twice in a day, which I think would fully eradicate the sexual frustration which has built up during denial.

  2. Dean Davis says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    In your recent discovery of cialis have you considered experimenting with continuing Bitch boys dickie stimulation after his ruined ejaculation ?

    I have found that cialis will keep the erection quite hard with continued stimulation after ejaculation and for a while the penis is very very sensitive and continued stimulation may prove to be extremely painful for a short while. Of course there would no second coming as it were.

    This would have the

  3. zacary says:

    dear mistress Scarlet
    If i may ask is allowing bb ejaculate with the tast of your pee in his mouth is that consideed a turn on for him , in other words is allowing bb to drink your urine considered a privelage for him..? because i can only imagine that to be allowed to drink the sweet urine of his goddess is considered a generous giving from you, add to that being allowed to ejaculate during the so. He must be in heaven…

    • No. It might, in fantasy land, be imagined that the nectar of a cruel goddess is sweet and a turn-on, but in reality the taste is bitter and sour and his emotion is revulsion. bitch-boy would much prefer to orgasm without the taste of my piss having thoroughly, and for a long period, invaded every taste bud in his mouth. (I know there are submissives who are turned on by the taste of a Dommes piss, but bitch-boy is not one of them.)

      • zacary says:

        Dear Mistress Scarlet

        My deep thanks and gratitude for taking the time to answer a question from a worthless sub like myself , If i may make a new suggestion to further torment bb.
        As bb hates the taste of urine , u can use a p-ez urination device with inserting the narrow end of the funnel in his mouth , this way you can deliver the pee directlly to him freshlly without any spills or mess while u relax watching him on all fours before you , maybe on weekends that may be the only fluid he is allowed to drink all day with a promise that if he became a good toilet and does not let the funnel flood he may be allowed a glass of tap water in the evening ( i know how kind hearted you are that you dont want him to get dehydrated). On the other hand if he does not gulp down the pee fast enogh and as much as 1 drop is flooded that’s an extra week without cumming…

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