Cruel Christmas Presents

I don’t think I ever set out on this blog all of the presents I bought bitch-boy for Christmas. Before I begin I will mention that he bought me two items of exquisite expensive jewellery and a number of other perfect gifts. All wrapped divinely.
His presents were wrapped in old newspaper.

Half a dozen drinking straws in a range of colours which had the top end in the shape of male genitalia. A little cock and a pair of balls. Produced for hen-nights. I extracted the blue straw from the pack and told bitch-boy to throw it away, explaining that blue is a male colour and sissies do not get to use male things; no things coloured blue. (The other colours were pastel shades of pink, green, mauve, yellow and orange.)

Six colouring-in books, mentioned and pictured in an earlier blog post. They have 64 pages each and it takes forever to colour-in one page! I reiterated that he can be in no doubt he has hours and hours, for years and years, ahead of him, dressed as a little girl, colouring-in with the help of his dolly Suzette Simperkins – the tedium of the same little girl fairy themed pages, again and again and again, while I, and any guests, enjoy grown-up pursuits. He looked so forlorn and helpless and wretched staring down at his six new books. I am sure his mind turned to the fact that I will be giving up work in the not too distant future, a future which he must feel is rushing towards him.

Pink Exfoliating gloves. A suggestion from a reader of my blog. I posted a link to a retail site for these on my blog on 3 January 2015. Later in the day, (as described fully in my draft Volume 9 Journal), he came to know the pain these gloves would bring him – twice – even though I only used them once.

Fingerless white lace gloves. Perfect for a sissy maid and a little girl to wear.

A small, red, weighted, leather strap. About 12 inches long and, at the business end, a little wider than a 12 inch ruler. Sewn into the business end is a flat piece of metal, giving the strap a lovely weight. I explained it appeared perfect to use for smacking naughty little clitties and we would find out if that was the case, later in the day. It certainly was! And remains so.

A pair of pink and white ruffled satin and lace, elasticated ankle cuffs on each of which are sewn six, large, spherical bells. Oh the tinkling has to be heard to be believed when he walks while wearing the cuffs.

A large pair of pink PVC lockable plastic pants which can be secured with padlocks at thigh and waist to go over diapers. Expensive and wonderful! They are soooo humiliating and work as a chastity device too. Mistress Jane has expressed much interest in them for her impending next visit and bitch-boy is so miserable about that.

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2 Responses to Cruel Christmas Presents

  1. fluffy says:

    what a lucky BB, I hope he wrote you a thank you note
    respect from

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