Female play-toy

Well the date is set. My new young, attractive, female play-toy will be visiting and experiencing domination in which she has no say, and poor bitch-boy will be thoroughly cuckolded and pushed even further down the food chain. My new play-toy obviously has a lower status than me, (she says she’s kind of in awe of me), and bitch-boy’s status is much, much lower than hers, given she is a woman.

It’s been a while since bitch-boy has been cuckolded. He timidly begged me not to cuckold him and informed me it makes him feel marginalised, of virtually no worth to me, insecure and vulnerable. Obviously I answered that – him feeling all those things was a great pleasure to me and also that he absolutely should feel all those things. As a cuckold he is marginalised and of virtually no worth to me. And I also told him that he is right to feel insecure and vulnerable because who can predict what the outcome of me getting together with a new female, young, attractive play-toy might be? How sad, dejected, and indeed vulnerable he looked as he looked up into my eyes and then slowly walked away. I felt a lovely power rush and a complete bitch – which I am!

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11 Responses to Female play-toy

  1. michael lehardy says:

    may i wish you every happiness with your new toy pity i am not there to be of service

  2. Amazon says:

    Nice! I would like to ask this boy to describe us his feelings.. It would be..amazing too.!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I hope she realises how lucky she is, and bitch-boy for having such a cruel Mistress.

  4. I wonder what you do with all of her colour in’s ? It seems as if you were to shred them the moment she presents them it would marginalize her further?

    • At the moment, one book is slowly being completed. I like leafing through the book, going past the completed pages (which I adore represent hours and hours of tedious humiliation), and looking for the next un-coloured page I wish him to colour-in. So, though I like your idea a lot, I will not be doing it. I am however left with the issue of what to do when the first book is completed? My kneejerk is to store completed books so that, over the years, we end up with a shelf full of completed books and he can grieve (and I can relish) that they represent hundreds of hours of tedious humiliation for him and cruel amusement for me.

  5. sissy terri says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    i follow Your blog regularly and enjoy it very much. My Wife also reads it once and awhile and She’s commented that it never fails to “amuse” Her. This post, though brief, is packed with so many of the dynamics, emotions, feelings and even the ultimate results of cuckolding. Marginalization really is a feeling we cuckolds endure and it goes hand in hand with vulnerability. i do wonder however about a “cuckold’s worth” as You describe it here. While any cuckold’s “worth” may indeed be temporary, i believe they do provide some utility or worth to their Dominant, if for no other reason than to serve as “entertainment” for them. If a cuckold, submissive or slave were of no worth whatsoever, they would be cast away and removed from their Dominant’s life. Of course, that is always our greatest fear. Of course, that could also happen if they don’t provide enough worth or utility to their Dominant. The constant fear can serve as a powerful motivator. Thank You for such a wonderful post, and an even more wonderful blog!


    sissy terri

    • In relation to a reduction in worth, I had in mind in particular, that bitch-boy’s worth as sole oral provider for me would be reduced as another oral provider would remove that role from him so his worth to me would be reduced. Even then, he still has worth, as you point out, as an amusement, as a recipient of pain, as a skivvy doing chores. As a knight in shining armour when I have a difficult vanilla world problem that needs resolving.

  6. ravi says:

    y not have him in the same room with a lot of colouring to do while u enjoy urself.

  7. westfal says:

    Re the reduction in b.b.’s ‘worth’ you describe above MsScarlet, my sense is that he brings in the majority of the income to your household, so his reduction in worth in that sense would seem to have a strong lower bound given that real world consideration.

    • He is able to earn plenty of income without putting in many hours. His business ambition was always to reach that position. That is how he has set up his business now.These businessmen that do not aim at that position and then find themselves in their 50’s and working all hours (and earning a fortune) lack the wisdom of what life is all about. A benefit of running your own business is to design to move to that position. We would be comfortable with me giving up work and him working one day a week. I am also thinking I might to some ‘phone-sex’ work when I give up my well paid job. For fun and to top up income. I think lots of sweet subby males would pay to have me, live, on the other end of the line.

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