Different Remote Domination

Well I am out all day in London with some girl friends. A coffee shop, then late lunch in an expensive restaurant, then cocktails in an expensive cocktail bar. Normally this would mean a good few hours of cotton bondage for bitch-boy, BUT, I want to have quite a bit of alcohol today so I need bitch-boy to drive me to the station this morning and pick me up later tonight. So what to do with/to bitch-boy so that he suffers some abuse and provides even more pleasure for me through the day than I would get anyway.

You may recall, one of his Christmas presents was lockable plastic panties which go over diapers. Well, I have just dressed bitch-boy in diapers and the lockable plastic panties and he is padlocked in with plastic padlocks each with a unique number. I have also used a plastic padlock to secure a thick rubber collar around his neck and I have used more plastic padlocks to secure his baby reins around his chest and shoulders. (The cuffs at the front and long leashes at the back are removable.) I had him look in the mirror before I allowed him to dress. I just laughed and laughed at his appearance and the thought of the likely 12 hour day/evening ahead of him. I am such a bitch!

He found some old trousers that had a waistband two inches bigger than those he now wears. They fitted although he whined that the bulging underneath was obvious – which it was. As was the creaking of the PVC when he moved. I simply informed him that that was not my problem. A polar necked sweater hid the collar. So he is ready to drive me to the station, (after he has licked me to a huge orgasm – I am feeling so cruel I know it will be!).

What a sad face! I have given him a long list of chores to attend to and informed him that as all the chores will be done today, he can spend all of tomorrow dressed as a little girl and playing with his dollies. Amazingly his face became even sadder – I thought that was impossible!

(Unlike the panties in the photo in the link, his plastic panties are pink and do not have access holes.)

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6 Responses to Different Remote Domination

  1. Jarrod says:

    I just have to smile at the way you seem to get pleasure from bitch boys missery in every situation possible. Even when your out enjoying yourself! :):) BRILLIANT! Have a wonderful day Mistress Scarlet. 🙂

  2. sissy terri says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    i would think he would have been delighted that tomorrow will be such an “easy day” compared to today!

    sissy terri

  3. Carla Thomas says:

    Not sure you need suggestions given the creativeness of your cruelty but you may want to consider using burlap diapers on bitch-boi. When the burlap diapers get used, you will find bitch-boi developing a wonderfully miserable case of diaper rash which in turn will be made more miserable by the feel of the wet coarse scratchy burlap on his bottom and front.

    • Its a lovely idea. I guess burlap panties under the diapers would do the job, with plastic panties over the whole thing.

      • Carla Thomas says:

        Hi MsScarlet,
        Yes panties under the diapers will work but as the diaper covers a wider area, the burlap will cause more discomfort and itching, which is the goal right? Plastic or rubber panties will work fine with the idea to trap heat which will make the body sweat making the burlap diaper panties even worse. I can assure you a wet filled burlap diaper pressing against the front and back for a few hours will provide much entertainment for anyone watching.

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