Poor bitch-boy. LOL

Following up on my blog post of yesterday, bitch-boy actually ended up being locked in his diapers and plastic pants, (and heavy rubber collar and baby reins) for over 13 hours. He was so sorry for himself. I laughed and laughed as he answered my interrogation questions about his day as we drove home from the station. (There was a slight whiff of ammonia in the car.)

After only around 4 hours the diapers became too inundated and his plastic pants began leaking. He tried wearing a second diaper over the top of the original diaper and plastic pants. LOL. He also had to put a large bin liner on the chair with towels over the top if he wanted to sit down (once all his chores were finished.) In addition, the buckles at the rear of the baby reins had made very deep indentations into his shoulder blades. Oh he did feel sorry for himself!

He has an extra pile of laundry to do this morning as a result of his ‘situation’ yesterday. He also has a serious caning to start the day with because, amazingly, he failed to do one of the chores on the list. (He had obviously got into such state with his tribulations.) I texted him often yesterday – I could not stop thinking about the awful time he was no doubt having while I was having such a pleasurable day. I did feel very, very powerful and very cruel. I like to feel those things.

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12 Responses to Poor bitch-boy. LOL

  1. zacary says:

    Dear mistress Scarlet
    During my reading of your great blog i noticed that during the many hours of total sensory depriviation of bb he had to endure all through the years you never deprive him of his sense of smell , so if you permit me i would like to make a suggestion to make the sensory depriviation total literally. You can place your worn stocking or the insoles of your shoes on his nose and leave him enjoing the aroma for hours , or you can use any sourse of pungent aroma according to your cruel artistic and creative imagination.
    Thank you mistress for reading my post , bowing down and grovelling at your feet for a reply.

    • Shoes would not work because the funnel gag takes up the space. But soiled panties or hosiery could be good. I will think about that.
      I have in the past smeared under and on his nostrils, from my finger, a deposit of my feminine arousal juices but that is to worsen his sexual desperation rather than your idea, being for his increased degradation.

  2. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    Just a thought, could you not have put the key for his locked pants in your timer box, perhaps released a hour before you arrival time, then you wouldn’t have to put up with that ammonia smell.

    kindest regards
    housework boy

  3. sissy terri says:

    Ms, Scarlet,

    This was indeed a very humiliating and degrading scenario devised! Your post made me wonder if the level of pleasure a Domme receives out of a situation might be directly correlated to the amount of suffering, humiliation, etc. that their submissive experiences. Further, if You Yourself are having a great day while bitch boy is enduring one of these severe tribulations, does that “difference” make it even better for You? i would think it would. At times, Diane seems to enjoy my predicament even more when She Herself is having a good time, either in my presence our out of it!


    sissy terri

  4. Rebecca says:

    Mistress Scarlet, just a thought, maybe bitch-boy should start keeping a diary of how it makes him feel after every task/punishment. It would certainly be entertaining to say the least for you to both look back and reflect on!

    • I will think about that but I fear it would quickly become very repetitive.

      Very humiliated, very anxious, very sorry for himself, very sore, very helpless, very degraded, very sexually desperate, like a toy, like a doll, like an item of household equipment. Repeat, repeat repeat……. LOL.

      • jmv0405 says:

        You could always just make it clear that it won’t become repetitive or there will be consequences. I personally found his writing in the page you gave him to be very interesting. I did notice there were some errors (spelling grammatical) in it at first that have been cleared up since. Was always curious if you caught them and he got in trouble for them.

        On a totally unrelated note, and I know this question may be none of my business so feel free to ignore it, as fascinated as I am with your lifestyle, I always worry if I were to show this to my fiance (soon to be wife in less than a week) that the love element would erode. I guess my question is a) are there ways you show bb he is loved that are difficult to glean from reading this blog or b) is he so submissive that these things are actually all that’s required to show him that he’s loved? Or is there perhaps something else I’ve missed? I hope this question came off as honest and polite rather than rude and hostile. When I read the blog I alternate between being really jealous of bb and really happy that I’m not bb, so I think that’s where the curiosity comes from.

        • I think he feels absolutely loved. He is, and knows he is, 90% the source of all my decadent pleasures. Even when I am cuckolding him, having sex with another woman, his existence as the entity cuckolded – even though he is not present, increases hugely my pleasure from what I am enjoying. Being cruel to him brings so much pleasure. He is therefore very precious. Does that answer your question?

  5. Callum says:

    I think I love you. If all women were like you, and could turn all men into bitch-boy facsimiles, the world would be a much, much happier place.

  6. westfal says:

    Great description MsScarlet of that key point that bb is the source of 90% of your cruel pleasures so that in a fundamental way, he is the focus of your attentions and so should be so pleased just for that alone:)……kind of addresses the pulsating and seeking sub’s ego-centricity percolating beneath his submission and masochism.

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