bitch-boy answers a question

I am not sure how many readers of these blog posts read the comments that get posted. I found a recent couple of comments worthy of posting for those who do not normally read all the comments. The first, from the Q&A section, where bitch-boy responds with my permission to questions asked of him. The question asked was:
Ms Scarlet seems to delight putting you in sensory deprivation a lot. However do you deal with the many hours of confinement and sensory deprivation, it must get so mind numbing?

His answer:
I do not deal with it. I hate it but I cannot get out of it. It is mind numbing as you say. It just fills me with a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability and makes me feel exactly like a toy that has been put back on the shelf until I am needed to play with again. Mistress Scarlet has made it plain, and it is obvious when I have looked at her while begging for this particular torment to be dropped, that Mistress really, really enjoys it. Mistress says it makes her feel so very powerful while Mistress is downstairs relaxing and engaged in things she enjoys, that I am upstairs, blind, deaf, immobile, vulnerable and constantly tasting piss or semen for two or three hours. It is something she really loves. Very often after, I later discover, around two hours have passed, I can sense her laying by my head and after a while the bed shudders a little and I know Mistress has bought herself to climax because she has been so turned on downstairs with her mind occasionally turning to my predicament, she has had to come upstairs to satiate her arousal. I have to say I do not deal with it. I hate it intensely.

The second unrelated comment from a sub to an apparently cruel, exploiting, Mistress described her state of being regarding her sub. I very, very much liked the words and saw myself reflected in them. I paraphrase them below:

Completely selfish and self-indulgent, no bottom to my greed. I will take and take and take until there is nothing left. I destroy something beautiful, that being my sub’s worship and submission – abused and siphoned until the sub is a broken human being, moulded in the image of my destruction.

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11 Responses to bitch-boy answers a question

  1. I am wondering what you do with all of BB’s colour in’s ? Make a wallpaper for the sensory depravation room? I was thinking how crushing it would be, to him, to shread them right after he completes them.

  2. BitchBoy says:

    I love your blog and the stories you post. However, I am really interested in knowing how you guys actually met. Were you both in the kink scene and noticed each other at a munch or so? Or did you have a vanilla relationship before Bitch Boy told you about his secret fantasies?

    • Vanilla when we met. The early days are detailed in the introduction of each of my published journals and I think are available to read in the ‘Look Inside’ function on the Amazon Kindle site.

  3. Callum says:

    You might like to experiment with tiger balm on bb, I currently can’t stop crying. It’s probably not too dissimilar from the heat rubs you currently use though.

    • The beauty of the ‘Deep Heat Muscle Rescue’ product I use is that it has an applicator so I can use it without getting it on my fingers/hands. It is also stronger/nastier than ‘Deep Heat Extra Strength’ for some reason. Is there a Tiger Balm product with an applicator?

      • Callum says:

        It’s supposedly a muscle rub however it contains mainly oils and menthol, so it’s weak enough to apply with your finger, and also subsequently forms a vapour which dissipates upwards. Due to it’s harmlessness and menthol-containing vapour, applying it under the eye would have bb crying for between 30 minutes and an hour or possibly just blinking a lot. Mainly just a novelty usage to cause minor hindrance to him, you never know when you might like him to cry and sniffle uncontrollably with no effort on your part. (Applying it under the nose also causes the nose to run)

  4. gflyer says:

    I have enjoyed each of your journals. I do understand how you can both love and respect BB, while at the same time thoroughly enjoy demeaning him. I’m in a similar relationship, although not nearly as intense (yet).

    • That’s supportive to hear.

    • Scott says:

      I too am in a similar relationship. Clearly Mistress Scarlet is very harsh with BB, and many of us enjoy hearing about her exploits (and BB’s exploitation), but I have found that what really matters is the power dynamic and not the physical behaviors that go with it.

      You can go to a fetish club or BDSM shoot and see people inflicting horrible torments on each other, but they are still equals. They can say no. When my wife sends me to fetch a cup of tea–which isn’t particularly sexy–she is dominating me because I don’t have the option to say no. What matters is that she holds all the cards. How she chooses to express that now or later in our relationship is her choice (of course). It could be through extreme play, or not.

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