Mistress Jane’s third visit

Well Mistress Jane visited my place for the third time yesterday. I find her as thoroughly adorable as bitch-boy finds her frightening I think. His humiliations included me returning from the station with Mistress Jane to a bound bitch-boy, in a nappy with padlocked, pink, PVC, lockable plastic panties over the top. Mistress Jane found the panties so amusing and bitch-boy was so humiliated. He had to wear them for quite a while before eventually being allowed to remove them. That did not really bring him any relief from deep shame and bitchy, derisive comments though, as it meant his shaved, diminutive genitalia were then on show with the hem of his pink, frilly little girl dress sitting above that bundle of exposed, useless sissy-man-flesh. Obviously the removal of the PVC panties also meant his bottom and genitalia were properly vulnerable to punishment. Several session with cane, paddle, tawse and other items followed through the day (as well as lots and lots of other fun things!). Given how sore his bottom was already, the last punishment session may well have given him the most sore bottom he has ever had. The tears were a joy. I am already writing up a detailed journal entry on Mistress Jane’s visit for publication in Volume No.9. It will include the application of an idea from Mistress Jane which was a variation on the concept of detention line-writing. An idea that I rank as one of the very, very best ideas for subjugation of a slave that I have ever come across! Innovative, demeaning for the slave, rewarding for the Domme – perfect in every way – just like Mistress Jane. By the time I had got home from dropping off Mistress Jane at the station and then finished my personal fun with poor bitch-boy, I have to say he was absolutely and totally shattered and completely cowed. Not that I felt any guilt – he had spent 5 hours plus in the presence of two beautiful, cruel Mistresses. A submissive’s dream – surely?

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5 Responses to Mistress Jane’s third visit

  1. knut says:

    thanks for that I can follow your blog Mistress
    in need Femdom in my life.

  2. tiffanymaid says:

    It sounds utterly wonderful Mistress Scarlet, and oh, what a tease your post is ! I am sure I am not alone in longing for the publication of your Journal ( No.9) to be released.
    In the meantime, please keep your posts coming, they remain a huge influence for both my Mistress and i. Thank you.

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  4. westfalen says:

    Sounds like Mistress J. has become quite the lovely terror for b.b. in those good FD way!:)

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