Photo from Mistress Jane’s last visit

One of the many things to which bitch-boy was subjected during Mistress Jane’s last visit, at her suggestion, was he have his fingernails painted like a proper sissy. The fingernails of each hand a different colour, just to make sure he looked as ridiculous as possible, and little gems stuck on for good measure.


His little fingers then looked especially ridiculous in his fingerless lace gloves (one of his Christmas presents). Within half an hour of his ‘manicure’ he had lost two of the gems (possibly because of the frequency his hands were tied behind his back – who knows,) and he was punished very severely for this ingratitude and clumsiness. Just one of the many times that day that his sore bottom was subjected to cane and paddle and tawse. All the next day his bottom remained red and bruised and sore. What a perfect way to pay homage to Mistress Jane’s visit even long after she had gone home and got on with her own full life.

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7 Responses to Photo from Mistress Jane’s last visit

  1. Rebecca says:

    Aww doesn’t she look pretty!!

  2. sissy terri says:

    humiliations that last awhile are more worthwhile, even for the submissive.

  3. fluffy says:

    how about BB’s boys toes too?

  4. sam says:

    I am wondering how Mistress Jane is dressed when facing sissy bb. Feminine or more leather- clad?

  5. westfalen says:

    Fun how you both make it well neigh impossible for poor b.b. to not disappoint , for which of course he would be punished:)

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