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Golden Showers

Readers of my Journal No. 6, among other things I have written, will know that I had a walk-in shower included in a refurbishment of my bathroom a while ago. Pissing on bitch-boy is one of my favourite things. However, the workmanship was poor, the contractors were cowboys. (Real life I am afraid.) So I have been without a walk-in shower for some period of time while I had the bathroom again refurbished, this time to a very high standard. The purpose of this post is to announce that my new walk-in shower is finished and will be christened this weekend. (Or I could say, bitch-boy will be baptised in it this weekend, but not with holy water.) Although you might say for him, my nectar is holy water.

I can imagine him enduring a special shower being virtually a daily occurrence from now on.

Stinging nettles for his cock – its Springtime

Well the nettles are only poking up three inches out of the ground in my garden, but, this weekend, that was tall enough for me to test out on poor bitch-boy’s little clitty. The first since last Autumn. Oh I do love Spring for so many reasons. He was secured on the BDSM bed, legs wide apart, ankles and thighs in the gynaecological stirrups. He was very hard after a minimal amount of stroking from my expert fingers. (good old Cialis) and he was whimpering – I love that whimpering before I have even started. Then on went my leather gloves.

Stroking his hard clitty with a sprig of the nettles only caused a couple of stings although the whimpering increased in panicking intensity in a very amusing way. So then I changed my approach to a whipping motion. This brought excellent results. Inspection revealed lots of tiny red bumps of pain and bitch-boys whimpers had turned to those of pain and sorrow rather than anticipation. The sequence of events and his sounds were enough for me to have to stop seeing to him and to see to myself! So that was it for the first session. Short, and sweet (for me). The small fresh leaves will be ideal for filling a pouch, which will be bitch-boy’s next encounter with the nettles. That will be a much more intense, drawn-out affair. He is fretting already – and he is right to be.

Mainstream Femdom films

First a correction. In my last blog post I made reference to a film version of ‘Venus In Furs.’ It appears it was incorrect to append the words – ‘La Vénus à la fourrure.’ to the title. So to fully identify the film to which I was referring, it is called Venus In Furs – it is a Dutch film made in 1994 and released in 1995, starring Anne van de Ven and is in black and white. My thanks to Martin who emailed me a copy, dubbed in English which I look forward to watching. I will watch the film with bitch-boy on the floor at my feet and he has been locked in his penis tube without sexual relief for quite some time so I hope he finds the film arousing as well as me, although that will mean sexual frustration for him, but not for me! LOL.

On the subject of mainstream FEMDOM films, one I have seen which does have some very good scenes (for a mainstream film) is called – ‘My Normal’ released in 2009.

There is also a recent Australian film released in 2014 called My Mistress which looks pretty good going by the trailer on the film’s website. It is not available on Amazon UK yet but I thought I would mention it for any blog readers with access to Australian film releases who did not know about it.

‘Mainstream’ Femdom Film – Venus in Furs

Many of you will know the first published work on male submissiveness and female dominance and sadism was a novel entitled Venus in Furs, written by Sacher Masoch. And from it the word ‘masochism’ was born. There are many films entitled Venus in Furs. Most are rubbish. I have noticed one film which is called Venus in Furs – La Vénus à la fourrure (dated 1995). It looks, from the trailer, like it is a very good film. Copies on Amazon are however very expensive. Has any blog reader seen this version all the way through and would they recommend it. Particularly female readers of my blog.