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Nastiest Nettles Ever

Among other trials and tribulations for bitch-boy today was nettles to his clitty while he was utterly helpless and legs spread wide in the gynaecological stirrups on the BDSM bed. Well, it has to be said the nettles were the most venomous I have ever used. Each and every light touch to his hard (Cialis hard) clitty brought forth the most pitiful and heartfelt cries and the sobbing just went on and on! Squirting my pure urine into his funnel gag from a large syringe didn’t take his mind off of the stinging at all, it seemed.

I would love to know what made these nettles so special. They are from the patch normally harvested for this purpose. Perhaps it was that they were only about 12 inches tall and sported the first large leaves of the season. Perhaps it was the wet, warm winter? Perhaps the cool spring we have had?

Six hours later and bitch-boy is still whimpering about the soreness he is feeling. Poor thing. LOL.

Humiliating Leading

Its interesting how leading a sub to somewhere can be enhanced for the Domme. It’s easy just to say ‘follow me bitch’, or ‘get into the bathroom pansy-piece’, but the Domme’s pleasure can be increased, and the humiliation of the sub increased, by some physical leading.

A leash (especially when the subs hands are secured behind its back) provides a great enhancement to leading. The leash can be secured to the sub’s collar, or to the sub’s genital piercing, or chastity device, or nipple clamps or scrotum strap.

Then there is leading by a firm grasp of an ear – especially if the Domme then lowers her grasping hand down to chest height and the sub must walk bent over. The nose can be grasped instead of the ear as an alternative.

Then there is a frim grasp of the male sub’s flaccid penis, especially with long fingernails dug in. Or the male sub’s balls. Or a sub’s hair, especially if it is long. These three though, are perhaps not as elegant as those listed before.

And during enforced infant role play, the sub when dressed as a little girl, can be led by the forearm, as mothers sometimes do with poorly behaved infants.

Finally, not leading but following. bitch-boy has some adult sized baby reins. Pale yellow baby reins with cuffs attached to the front of the reins. The reins were very expensive and are of superb quality. Pale yellow leather on the outside and sheepskin fur on the skin contact surfaces. The breast plate section has a picture of cartoon ducklings and four building blocks on which are the letters – A, B, C and D. The Dommme can hold the leash to the reins and instruct the sub (dressed as little girl) where to go while she follows holding the reins- tugging back occasionally. Very amusing!

Even More Heartless

Well in my post of 13 May 2014, I wrote about how evolving as a Mistress creeps up on you. You become more extreme, more selfish, more pitiless and do not notice how much you change year on year. Last weekend, I did notice another step change of, to me, some significance. (to you, dear reader, you may find it insignificant.) What was the change?

Well, up until last weekend, when bitch-boy has been ill, I have always let up on him quite considerably. I have remained in charge and he has to fetch and carry and serve, but physical and mental torments (pain and humiliation) have been light and his list of chores has been light. I think it was a mixture of compassion and of wanting him to get well quickly so I could resume my usual regime. BUT last weekend was different. We had a vanilla event to attend on the Sunday, but on the Saturday, although he was really quite under the weather with a heavy cold, bordering on influenza – although it was not influenza. I just felt like using and abusing him to the extent I would if he was well. Which is what happened. His chores list was light, but that was the only concession. I felt no pity. I was a cold hearted bitch. Playing with his boy’s bits on the sofa, then him in his sissy maid’s attire for over an hour, prepping a very elaborate evening meal in the kitchen, then him in his full little girls outfit playing with his dollies for a couple of hours. First colouring-in his Fairy Colouring-In Book, then playing his Disney Princess Board game – again and again and again. Finally TSD bondage for over two hours and a nasty session of dickie-discipline involving the ruler and some very nasty stinging nettles!

I had lots of very, very powerful orgasms throughout the day. I think I felt even more perverse and cruel (and powerful) knowing I had evolved yet more. I have no idea why this sliver of compassion, after all those years, just evaporated overnight? But it was gone. He was very under the weather and yet I used and abused him nevertheless. And, of course, that is how it will be from now on. The process of evolving is like a ratchet turning. Once it clicks over a notch, it never goes back again.

On the Sunday, in a slightly sulky manner, bitch-boy questioned me over this change. I could tell it had shocked him. When I replied that I had changed and did not know why and I felt no guilt or compassion, AND that is how it would be from now on – he looked a little shocked and wounded and helpless. But I also saw a hint of awe hidden away in his expression. His submissive soul could not help but marvel at the yet more extreme heartlessness of his cruel, selfish Mistress. Such is the lot of the true submissive!

My Tumbler Femdom site

My Tumbler Femdom site now has over 5000 followers. I am impressed by that, but then I have no idea what is impressive for a Tumbler site. Such are the mysteries of social media. It could be that 5000 is quite pathetic. Anyway, I still set bitch-boy a weekly target of a chosen number of images that he must post or re-blog onto the site. I must find each image he does post or re-blog to be arousing and / or amusing for it to count towards his target. He knows me well and almost never gets it wrong. Of course, given he is locked in his polycarbonate penis tube, through his frenum piercing and he only cums once every 10 days to 2 weeks, AND, given he is a submissive – aroused by images of dominant women – I think he finds his Tumbler duty rather frustrating. LOL.

I think my tastes are revealed! CFNM, dicky-discipline, tease and denial, partial ignoring, degradation with nectar and spit, oral slavery, licking the soles of mistresses shoes and boots, enforced petticoating and sissyfication, male slaves being cuckolded with lesbian lovers. No doubt there are other things that have not immediately sprung to mind.

I do enjoy use and abuse of females by other females too, (as you know), but I decided that my Tumbler site should not include images of females being used and abused as I consider female slaves of so much higher status than male slaves that the tribulations of female slaves should not be published for males to see – on my site.

Play-toy tortures bitch-boy

I received a wonderful email from play-toy yesterday. She had by pure chance on Facebook come across an adult colouring-in book which, on examination, would clearly take hours to colour-in each page. She asked if she could buy one to gift to bitch-boy on her next visit. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book. I responded that, of course, yes she could. I did point out that on the one hand, the book play-toy had found is not as humiliating as the six identical books bitch-boy already has, as these are designed very specifically for little girls and each page shows fairies engaged in one activity or another. However, the fact that the woman his Mistress cuckolds him with, is so minded and so mean as to buy him a very challenging (tedious!) colouring-in book which will ensure hours of humiliating boredom and submission, will absolutely crush him. The thought that she had making him miserable – in her mind, and now has the power to do so, will make him feel very vulnerable and insignificant. I love it!

Cuckolding with play-toy

I forgot to post about my new female play-toy’s first visit a couple of weekends ago. For a first interaction between Domme and sub it was excellent. There is a bedding-in phase whenever a Domme and sub begin a relationship, so not everything was perfect. I have to say play-toy has an amazing tolerance of pain. I was quite shocked by what she could take without a murmur or whimper! We are planning her next visit now and I am very much looking forward to it. It will of course be fully detailed as a journal entry in the forthcoming Volume 9 of my journals.

Once she and I had concluded our mutual fun for the day, I took play-toy in to where cuckolded bitch-boy had been secured on the BDSM bed. He was actually secured to the bed for 6 hours in all – poor thing. Play-toy and I used nettles, the ruler and Deep Heat Muscle Rescue on his little clitty. The Cialis worked wonders keeping him rock hard despite the pain and humiliation. (And the 10 days without cumming. LOL) Oh he did sob! Play-toy picked up the techniques with fantastic speed, using the ruler like a pro, although perhaps not quite as hard as I do. She showed no mercy at all, and very considerable pleasure – just perfect. Bitch-boy was blindfolded the whole time, so he has yet to see play-toy in the flesh. He will next time though, probably dressed as a little girl and holding his big dolly, so I am sure he will wish he had been left blindfolded and bound for 6 hours instead – but subs don’t get what they want do they?