Cuckolding with play-toy

I forgot to post about my new female play-toy’s first visit a couple of weekends ago. For a first interaction between Domme and sub it was excellent. There is a bedding-in phase whenever a Domme and sub begin a relationship, so not everything was perfect. I have to say play-toy has an amazing tolerance of pain. I was quite shocked by what she could take without a murmur or whimper! We are planning her next visit now and I am very much looking forward to it. It will of course be fully detailed as a journal entry in the forthcoming Volume 9 of my journals.

Once she and I had concluded our mutual fun for the day, I took play-toy in to where cuckolded bitch-boy had been secured on the BDSM bed. He was actually secured to the bed for 6 hours in all – poor thing. Play-toy and I used nettles, the ruler and Deep Heat Muscle Rescue on his little clitty. The Cialis worked wonders keeping him rock hard despite the pain and humiliation. (And the 10 days without cumming. LOL) Oh he did sob! Play-toy picked up the techniques with fantastic speed, using the ruler like a pro, although perhaps not quite as hard as I do. She showed no mercy at all, and very considerable pleasure – just perfect. Bitch-boy was blindfolded the whole time, so he has yet to see play-toy in the flesh. He will next time though, probably dressed as a little girl and holding his big dolly, so I am sure he will wish he had been left blindfolded and bound for 6 hours instead – but subs don’t get what they want do they?

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2 Responses to Cuckolding with play-toy

  1. jen smith says:

    What delicious fun you have Mistress Scarlet! The extent of your dominance is inspiring and I love to read your blog!

    Bitch-boy must have been so curious as to what was going on!


  2. sisbella says:

    To be your cockold all the way I hope you would thank of having meon hormones and having big boob emplants and even being casterated to thank you

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