Play-toy tortures bitch-boy

I received a wonderful email from play-toy yesterday. She had by pure chance on Facebook come across an adult colouring-in book which, on examination, would clearly take hours to colour-in each page. She asked if she could buy one to gift to bitch-boy on her next visit. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book. I responded that, of course, yes she could. I did point out that on the one hand, the book play-toy had found is not as humiliating as the six identical books bitch-boy already has, as these are designed very specifically for little girls and each page shows fairies engaged in one activity or another. However, the fact that the woman his Mistress cuckolds him with, is so minded and so mean as to buy him a very challenging (tedious!) colouring-in book which will ensure hours of humiliating boredom and submission, will absolutely crush him. The thought that she had making him miserable – in her mind, and now has the power to do so, will make him feel very vulnerable and insignificant. I love it!

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3 Responses to Play-toy tortures bitch-boy

  1. westfalen says:

    Interesting as before this blog i thought i knew of just about every type of humiliations one could inflict……learn some things every day i guess:)

  2. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    Just a thought with the little girl humiliation punishments. There was a Darcy Bussell documentary on last Friday about ballerinas, She said that most girls loved the idea of being one. It went on to show a ballerina demonstrating classic posses and a little on the history of tutus. Thought of You and BB at the time.

    Darcey Bussell Star Tutu – Darcey Bussell Direct

    Every young girl’s dream is to become a star ballerina… With this star sequin pink ballet tutu, beautifully layered netting, pink studded velour bodice and delicate …

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