Humiliating Leading

Its interesting how leading a sub to somewhere can be enhanced for the Domme. It’s easy just to say ‘follow me bitch’, or ‘get into the bathroom pansy-piece’, but the Domme’s pleasure can be increased, and the humiliation of the sub increased, by some physical leading.

A leash (especially when the subs hands are secured behind its back) provides a great enhancement to leading. The leash can be secured to the sub’s collar, or to the sub’s genital piercing, or chastity device, or nipple clamps or scrotum strap.

Then there is leading by a firm grasp of an ear – especially if the Domme then lowers her grasping hand down to chest height and the sub must walk bent over. The nose can be grasped instead of the ear as an alternative.

Then there is a frim grasp of the male sub’s flaccid penis, especially with long fingernails dug in. Or the male sub’s balls. Or a sub’s hair, especially if it is long. These three though, are perhaps not as elegant as those listed before.

And during enforced infant role play, the sub when dressed as a little girl, can be led by the forearm, as mothers sometimes do with poorly behaved infants.

Finally, not leading but following. bitch-boy has some adult sized baby reins. Pale yellow baby reins with cuffs attached to the front of the reins. The reins were very expensive and are of superb quality. Pale yellow leather on the outside and sheepskin fur on the skin contact surfaces. The breast plate section has a picture of cartoon ducklings and four building blocks on which are the letters – A, B, C and D. The Dommme can hold the leash to the reins and instruct the sub (dressed as little girl) where to go while she follows holding the reins- tugging back occasionally. Very amusing!

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One Response to Humiliating Leading

  1. westfal says:

    Yes so true what you say above as my former Domme loved to use the collar lead on me during our times out at local kink clubs……was enhanced with my hands shackled especially as you say behind the back as that makes it all the more submissive.

    Oh my, such ouchies with that ear pulling leading also!

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