Nastiest Nettles Ever

Among other trials and tribulations for bitch-boy today was nettles to his clitty while he was utterly helpless and legs spread wide in the gynaecological stirrups on the BDSM bed. Well, it has to be said the nettles were the most venomous I have ever used. Each and every light touch to his hard (Cialis hard) clitty brought forth the most pitiful and heartfelt cries and the sobbing just went on and on! Squirting my pure urine into his funnel gag from a large syringe didn’t take his mind off of the stinging at all, it seemed.

I would love to know what made these nettles so special. They are from the patch normally harvested for this purpose. Perhaps it was that they were only about 12 inches tall and sported the first large leaves of the season. Perhaps it was the wet, warm winter? Perhaps the cool spring we have had?

Six hours later and bitch-boy is still whimpering about the soreness he is feeling. Poor thing. LOL.

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14 Responses to Nastiest Nettles Ever

  1. fluffy says:

    wow – lucky BB 🙂 could we please see a close up of the red pimples he is left with Ms Scarlet? is his little cocklet covered in the red hurting stings?

    respect from

    • Too late now. His clitty was not covered because all I did was one whack on each of the four surfaces of the shaft – top, underside, left and right, and he was absolutely beside himself. (It was all that was needed to produce agony!) I left him for twenty minutes and then came back and repeated the four whacks. Oh goodness the fuss he made!

  2. Regular says:

    I spent a little time looking at alternative plants to nettles which may cause either more discomfort or evoke different reactions. The nettles that you use are covered in trichomes which inject histamine into the subject which provokes the stinging reaction. It seems that the pain is directly related to what chemical the plant injects and also how much of it is injected. There is a plant in New Zealand which causes stings so severe it has even killed a human once, but even with moderation the sting can last years so I figured that this is bordering on too extreme, however there is another plant called the Mucuna prurie which has stings that make the recipient itch horribly. There are also other plants which can sting and hurt however I haven’t looked at them all. Nevertheless, it could be time for you to expand your horizons and experiment with some new plants!

    • An excellent idea. Obviously, I need UK plants. Causing a terrible itch sounds fun. I think I read somewhere that itching from itching powder combined with Viagra causes a very uncomfortable erection that just won’t go down. LOL. So you now have me thinking about itching powder. I wonder where I can get that from. I will look into plants and powder.

      • Sissy bill says:

        It’s available at Amazon Mistress.

      • regular says:

        Interestungly, itching powder is actually made from the chemicals in said plant. And I must say I agree, it’d be hilarious for him to have such an itch; the question lies in allowing him the freedom to vigorously (and painfully) itch it, or having him strapped down unable to do a thing about it? Perhaps there are some cute mittens he can wear that might serve to stop him scratching so hard… Or at all.

        • I will need plenty of the powder. Then I can try it while he is bound for a couple of hours and on another occasion apply it and then release his hands – perhaps with an instruction, not to scratch himself no matter how desperate he feels the need to, or with his hands strapped into my exfoliant gloves. LOL

  3. submissiveguy says:

    Do you ever show any kind of affection towards BB (I mean like hugging, kissing, cuddling, saying that you love him etc.) or is it just constant cruelty and disdain towards BB 24/7?

    And do you love BB? I don’t mean to be rude but when you write about things like having zero sympathy towards him when his sick etc, that question arises. Do you still have any romantic feelings toward him or do you view BB as subhuman?

    I’m myself young submissive man, and although I am often in awe of your dominance, it also frightens me so much. I would like to submit to a woman who would still love and respect me and luckily most of blogs by dominant women so also that tender side, but yours show nothing like that.
    I hope that I am wrong about that (I mean you mention sometimes that you do have vanilla moments etc.), but I am just curious so that’s why I am asking about it.

  4. westfal says:

    Yes bondage and ichting powder sounds wonderfully devious!

  5. fluffy says:

    I hope your sister Ms Sarah gets to hear that the nettles are really nasty right now 🙂

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